Why students prefer living in separate accommodation than hostels?

Why students prefer living in separate accommodations than hostels?

Students are one of the parts of education without whom nothing can b completed when it is about school and colleges.

Student accommodation needs a special concern and has to be high in demand if the students’ accommodation is near the schools, colleges, or any universities. Investing in such property is surely going to help you reap the best profits. 

Student’s accommodation is an investment. 

There are abundant benefits of getting a fantastic investment in student accommodation which involves the property market go up and so owners can offer attractive yields for students who wants a cozy place to live. It is not that all school and colleges can offer you the best comfort and luxury you have been seeking when you are away from home. 

A home away from home feeling

There are ample paying guest’s accommodation and single occupancy places that are actually available to allow students with a feeling that gives them the vibe of being in a home away from home. The food also is a matter of concern when students are going out for the first time. Let’s discuss the benefits-

The numbers of students are soaring.

There are a heavy increase in the number of students in no matter every country and every state. Young people are marching towards higher education, so they have to go out and take classes in the universities providing the course of their desire. 

More than 60000 students every year come for acquiring higher education in almost multiple disciplines. 

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Universities cannot accommodate all students

The universities are not able to keep pace with the demand for the student’s accommodation. This is because the students are coming down from different countries and sometimes a different state also. It is not possible to return back every day. This will incur to more expenditure and tiredness altogether. 

So people who have homes near the universities are giving their accommodation to help the student take accommodation as required. 

Universities cannot provide accommodation to all the students coming for education. 

Accommodation is a recession proof

Accommodation for students sometimes appears to be recession-proof. Even during the time of recession, people will not be ceasing from pursuing the course. So they will be coming down to the schools, colleges and universities to continue their course. Thus accommodation will be needed. This is where the student’s accommodation is highly recession-proof. No homeowner will feel the downfall in the recession-proof. 

Thus it is a source of greater income opportunity. 

Yields well than just gross genuinely

Net yields are higher than many gross yields as the student’s accommodation is a genuine and confirmed investment with return in every month. When you provide with the renting system to students you will definitely get the rent every month and your investment is a confirmed return. If you give to three to four students in a bigger space, you will receive 3-4 different rents from them separately. This gives a thought of security also.

Attractive yielding from hostel facilities 

Student accommodation is for attractive yielding away from hostel facilities. The facilities at hostel in the amount taken are not at all fulfilling. Apart from that the food also is not at all good at some hostels. 

Students who cannot adjust to the hostel accommodation facilities are likely to take help from the ones who offer PG accommodations and a separate 1BHK accommodation for a better staying away from home. The local market, shops and other essential facilities are available in the surrounding. 

Some places are highly economical 

The price is also not too high at some places in comparison to the facilities the students are provided. In case you invest in purpose-built accommodation, you will be able to eliminate many of the disadvantages while retaining the benefits of the higher yields in a shorter void f period. The purpose of built yield allows student accommodation running with the best yielding of the investors that are certainly not craving for loss of money. 

Rent every month is guaranteed.

Rent is guaranteed with the development of course. The world of investment considers the difficulty level of the tenants. This is due to the rental defaults they offer. The experience always varies, and in almost 95% cases, it has been found that students are good payers. It might take some time but within the months they pay their rent. It is that the maintenance needs a better expense; otherwise it is absolutely ok with students. 

Building and apartments highly dedicated.

Buildings and apartments dedicated to student accommodation are highly managed and put under custom control. 

The building administrators benefit from the boots-on-the-ground through investment management which is active and sometimes turns out to be proactive in urgent cases. Students become long term tenants depending on the consistency that the landlords continue to offer. 

Money of the rent keeps rolling every month.

The student pollution is growing high in number compared to the previous years of history behind the accommodation. The higher education is highly recession-proof, and so is the accommodation. Parents act as rent guarantors so the money keeps rolling every moment with the expense of the maintenance for long-term and short-term tenants. 

The demand for property investment among students is high in comparison to the ones that are kept for accommodation benefits. 


Th demand for student accommodation is definitely high, and it needs the best place to cover up when a student is looking for the places to stay and pursue their course. This is a guarantee that leads to steady flow of income in the form of student’s housing. Thus most of the people say that student housing is a guaranteed investment. You can call on the enquiry helpline numbers to ask about the rental policy, facilities, locations, or any moment or send an email with your enquiry. 

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