Best 10 Ways Students Can Travel For Free (2021)


10 Ways Students Can Travel For Free

Students Can Travel For Free, Everyone loves to have something in free. But many of us do not really appreciate most things that are given for free.

In many cases, “for free” can mean that you do not have to pay for it, but you can always pay with a smile, helpful advice, good humor, or other ways so that your counterparty sees that his efforts have not been wasted.

Students Can Travel For Free

Here are some tips to help you minimize your travel expenses, even if they are zero.

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Volunteer Programs

Make a reservation right away – it’s not totally free, but how budgeted your trip will depend on where you want to go.

Students Can Travel For Free

In most cases, you will need to pay for the passage to the project, membership fee, personal expenses, and, if necessary, a visa. The organizers cover accommodation and meals.

If you are new to volunteering, it is best to contact a local organization that works with international volunteer projects.

They will make sure that you are accepted into your chosen project and settle any questions. This is best suited for young people between the ages of 18 and 28.

While you can explore the sights, be sure to visit the most interesting city where you are: mysterious places and haunted houses where curiosity and mysteries take your breath away.

Study Abroad

Students Can Travel For Free

Students Can Travel For Free, Contrary to stereotypes, studying abroad is not always extremely expensive.

You can consider an online college, but tuition is free of charge in many countries, or students are charged a hefty fee for using the library and other university rewards.

Free education in Europe is available in the following countries:

  • Norway (entrance fee is not required);
  • Germany (be prepared to fork out for an administrative fee of € 150-250);
  • France
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • Belgium

Keep in mind that you will probably need knowledge of this country’s language to enter the universities of the above countries.

In addition, you can also win a grant for free study at a bachelor’s, master’s, postgraduate, or even completely engage in scientific research under the patronage of a reputed university.

Go Explore Your Ancestry

Students Can Travel For Free

Students Can Travel For Free, There is good news for different nationalities. ReConnect Hungary will assist in a cultural tour of Hungary and Heritage Greece in Greece.

And, if you are 21 to 32 years old and you may be invited to a volunteer project where sponsors can help you with your job search as well.

Almost Couchsurfing


Students Can Travel For Free

Here you can find ads from locals worldwide who are engaged in farming and need free labor. Another way to travel is working for a place to stay and eat.

Sudan Volunteer Program

Students Can Travel For Free

A charity from the UK sends linguistic students from their last two university courses and graduates to Sudan to teach Sudanese children English.

You can join a useful business and gain good practical experience. Applicants who speak English are preferred, but if you have hands-on teaching experience, they will consider your application as well.

Find a Crew

Students Can Travel For Free

If you do not have seasickness, you can join a cruise ship, yacht, or catamaran team and exchange your work for an exciting sea voyage (at your service Oceania and Asia). Another alternative is Vagabond Sailing (Asia, Oceania, Mediterranean).

Low-Cost Airlines

Students Can Travel For Free

Very often, low-cost airlines offer very cheap flight fares, making it possible to fly to another country for ridiculous money.

Do not forget about Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and other global budget airlines that will significantly reduce the budget for long or complex flights.

Teach English

Students Can Travel For Free

If you want to travel and develop new scary places and interesting unsolved mystery stories and make some extra money, then working as a teacher will be a good idea for you.

The main thing to do is find a school or university where they invite native speakers and share your knowledge and experience with them.

Find Free Accommodation

Students Can Travel For Free

If you are not afraid to spend a few dollars on a ticket to a neighboring city or another country, then there is some good news for you: it is easy to save money on a hotel. Or even better: pay nothing at all.

Couchsurfing is one of the largest tourist communities in the world. The idea is as follows. Residents take the travelers home for free, help when needed, and show their country, city, or village from the middle as perceived by the local people.

Thus the traveler (surfer) has the opportunity to dive into the area without feeling like a tourist, and the host part acts as a new friend and guide.

Both coaching surfers leave feedback about each other, allowing the whole community to remain tolerant and track black sheep.

And probably the main one. The purpose of Couchsurfing is to provide the opportunity to spend the night free of charge and actually improve the world through intercultural exchange and fostering tolerance between couchsurfers, people, countries, and nations.

Save On Transport

Students Can Travel For Free

Students Can Travel For Free, Hitchhiking is a well-known travel method that is common and popular with travelers traveling to Europe and the world.

Experienced hitchhikers can choose “fishing spots” on the roads, where they are instantly picked up by cars and brought in the right direction. It is not uncommon that it takes several hours to catch a car that goes to the right place.

For many people, hitchhiking is a means of transportation and an integral part of life. They get to know the country and its people, listen to drivers’ life stories, and delve into their own minds to find answers to many questions.

Free Attractions in Cities

Students Can Travel For Free

In almost every big or small city, there is something to look at. To visit the most popular places you usually have to pay, which is quite normal.

But there are so many opportunities to visit for free. If you want to find some free interesting attractions, you need to visit the tourist information center, which operates in almost every city, and find out what it has to offer for you.

Moreover, there is a free shuttle service in some countries that will take you to a certain point (reserve, museum) for free. The main thing is to find out at what time and where such transport departs.

Free Tours

Students Can Travel For Free

Students Can Travel For Free, Not too long ago, when the tourist market was over-crowded, companies offering free group tours began to appear. Just google – free tours _ city name, and you will find something for sure.

However, the quality of such a tour usually exceeds the paid service, since they earn a tip from tourists if the latter believes that the guide has done his job well.

By joining this tour, you will have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the city, get all the useful information you need and meet other travelers with whom you will be able to spend time.

We are sure you will also find an opportunity and some new friends who will join you in your journey of finding some creepy places and mystery museums.

Participation in Symposia, Conferences, Seminars, etc.

Students Can Travel For Free

Students Can Travel For Free, Due to many educational institutions, various foundations, and organizations in many parts of Europe, international cultural, political, or other events are often held.

It is not uncommon for participants to be provided with accommodation, meals, and participation in these events. In each case, it depends on the individual project and its budget.

At various congresses, you can meet new interesting people, share their experiences and get inspired to travel and develop further …

Students Can Travel For Free

Remember, your attitude to travel can have a huge impact on your finances. Can you bike to your next destination? Are there free campsites in the area where you can stay for free?

Are there any hostels where you can book a dormitory bed or a cheap single room at a hotel? Your thinking during the voyages can reduce costs at times.

The recipe for inexpensive travel is to have 3 ingredients: an inexpensive way to travel, a place to stay, and to save on food. All this will turn your dream of travel into a reality.


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