How To Gain More Followers Using Instagram Reels


IGTV, stories, and now reels, it’s a lot to handle at once. Out of the three options, reels are fun to make and even view as your pastime.  Recently, Instagram introduced Instagram reels, a new and exciting feature unlike IGTV which is a long 5-10 minutes video or stories that disappear in 24 hours. Reels are 30 second short videos that stay forever and add to your feed.  

Since reels pop up on your customer’s feed, your potential customer might come across any of these every time they binge-watch.

If you want to unleash your creative side to the world of Instagram: use Instagram video editor for recording and editing. Though reels last only 30 seconds, it is proven to be the best way to share your ideas with the world, build an authentic following, and even promote your business

If you have used TikTok before, you might find reels exciting and easy to make, as it is very similar to TikTok but with a shorter duration. If you want to create highly engaging reels to trigger viewers to follow your account, you need tips and tricks to gain more followers.

5 proven ways to gain more followers using Instagram Reels: 

1. Leverage your Instagram reels  

Content is the king. Today, every content creator believes that your audience will not view it if you’re not posting valuable content no matter how popular you are.

People regularly look for new and exciting content that can relax them after a hectic day. It also means that there are higher chances that they will follow you, not to miss future reels. 

You might think a 15-second reel is too short; however, humans are extremely spontaneous and don’t like to invest time in a 15- or 30-sec boring video.

People remember what you posted a year ago and observe how you progress. Therefore, creating catchy content through instagram reels maker and making it a habit should be your absolute priority to position your brand. 

2. Do not miss post days  

If you don’t do it with all your heart, it might not pay off. Consistent reel postings may seem like much work; however, posting reels regularly plays a vital role in your business’s overall growth and development.

Every time you post a reel, the chances of you showing up on your customer’s feed increase, which means that they are more likely to click on your profile to view products. Post at least four reels a week to make yourself visible in every feed.

We understand that four reels a week might sound intimidating. But once you’re onto it, content creation is as enjoyable as meeting new people. Also, a report says that Instagram reels that have been uploaded from other sources outside of Instagram will appear blurry. 

Don’t just post anything, but follow the ongoing trends on Instagram, re-do the old challenges that were extremely popular, post-BTS or behind-the-scenes content, and more that attracts your users.

Before posting, edit photos and videos, blur the background, add appropriate frameworks to enhance your post’s reach.

3. Adding reels to Instagram Story boosts engagement 

How about adding your reels to your story for your followers to easily understand and join the dots? It’s almost like serving food on a platter to your customers. All they have to do is click, view, and enjoy. It might not increase your followers, but it does increase your engagement with your existing followers.

It increases the chances of people who follow you sharing it with their friends and family, which indirectly contributes to your overall follower statistics. So, we believe it’s a win-win situation. 

4. Do not forget to add relevant hashtags 

Hashtags are a big deal on Instagram and are capable of taking you a long way. However, you cannot afford to post anything and everything without thinking. Every time you post a reel on Instagram, the right hashtags present your videos to the right set of people that might be interested in your content.

For this, research the most used hashtags in your market and add relevant hashtags that suit your picture, posts, or video. Presently, Instagram reels allows 30 hashtags for use in a single Instagram reel. 

5. Choose captivating captions 

The next and vital aspect of creating reels is choosing captivating captions. Believe it or not, everyone does read captions. And if they find a caption exciting, it excites the viewers to browse what is in store for them in your profile, and the rest is history.

Exciting content with appropriate captioning can boost your numbers tremendously. You can choose to offer valuable tips, inspirational quotes, or even advice on almost any subject of your choice. Once you’ve given out the advice, there are  higher chances that your customers will visit your profile to look for more. 


In August 2020, Instagram reels first appeared in the United States and then in 50 other nations around the globe. Soon after its inception, it got immense popularity for all the right reasons and emerged as a popular way to market products.

Not just small scale business owners, even prominent brands create reel content to market products and gain Instagram followers.

In this article, we listed five tried and tested ways through which you can boost your Instagram following through making reels. We understand that creating content isn’t the most straightforward job, especially for a fully-fledged brand.

However, with adequate planning on a tangible goal, this is achievable. So, if you’re a brand owner or looking to generate a decent following on Instagram, using Instagram video editor and making content for reels will give you a good head start.

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