Self-Defense on Vacations

How do you stay safe in your public and private spaces while playing tourist? We have rounded up the tips and tricks along with some best self-defense weapons that can give your life a breeze.

Everyone needs some time off to reset their mind and collect beautiful memories with their loved ones. However, one needs to be smart about the whole thing. What could be the more prized asset on earth than Life itself? Failing to plan is planning to fail.

But that’s why you have us! We will talk about the challenges you can face from a self-defense perspective and top non-lethal self-defense weapons you can carry.

Challenges You Can Face & How to Go About It

Situational awareness is a core aspect of self-defense. Knowing your own limitations and strengths, familiarization with the location, and important social and cultural values of the area you choose to visit.

So that you may not unintentionally disrespect them, all these factors and facets contribute towards maintaining situational awareness.

No Firearms Allowed

Most states do not allow carrying a firearm for tourism. And especially if you are in the United States.

That’s a big grey area for people who prefer to choose to conceal carry firearms as their self-defense weapons. It is not going to happen like every day, Joe. So, you might have to abandon the idea.

This Location Seems Unfamiliar

One of the greatest self-defense concerns is being unfamiliar with the locations you are about to visit. As cliché as it may sound, it makes you a fish out of the water. New environments bring new challenges in terms of cultural and social sensitivities and language barriers that could lead to misunderstanding.

Depending upon the area you plan to visit, you might unintentionally insult the customs and norms, religion, and culture important to the people.

You look like a Tourist

It’s not a hidden fact. In fact, every tourist gives a visual signature of a tourist. At least, I always spot one when I see one.

This cliché look can be used against tourists and preyed on because they are unfamiliar with the area, customs, and people. They can become a hot target for scams and pickpockets.

Do not let this discourage you. Instead, educate and equip yourself to mitigate these issues and explore the wonders of nature.

How to Stay Safe

Research and research

Self-defense is not always about weapons and fighting, it is a pure subject coupled with self-defense techniques that has to be learnt.

Having situational awareness and proper training to avoid conflicts is the best way to self-defense. 90% of the times you have a choice. A choice to control the situation, avoid conflict and let go of ego.

Learn a bit more about the places you want to visit, consult travel advisories and other information channels.

Pickup Some Maps

One of the invaluable piece of education is to acquire up-to-date maps and earmark important locations. Learn about major hospitals, Railway Stations, Police Stations, Emergency Service, not every country use 911.

Write down the local numbers of police and emergency service, so that they are readily available.

Situational Awareness

It simply means to know what’s going on around you. Paying attention to the surroundings helps you to detect and avoid trouble.

It is a must have skill for everyone. Pausing momentarily to allow your sense of sight, sound and smell, absorb some information about the surrounding. Stop, look, listen and smell (SLLS).

Be Proactive

If you are at an unfamiliar place, for the first time. Try not to grab attention. Try to stay humble and don’t wear expensive jewelry and clothing. Drop anything fancy that screams you are a ripe target. Become Jason Borne.

Top Conceal Carry Self Defense Weapons

Meanwhile, self-defense weapons must be discreet, portable, non-lethal, cost effective, and above all powerful enough to deter any threat. Having a self-defense weapon is the need of the hour for every individual and especially for women. Views the top 5 conceal carry Taser for women.

You can find a variety of self-defense weapons by Trade America. I prefer this company because it has the most economical prices on the market and free shipping. You may also need Gunsmithing Tools to maintain your self-defence weapons. There are many online options available for them.

Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun

Tactical flashlights stun guns are one of the best self-defense tools that can add to your collection.


Approximately 80% of human sensory input comes from your eyes and 60% of crimes occur at night, when the vision in low.

Tactical flashlight stun guns have a focused light beam that can distort visuals of an attacker. With 80% of his sensory input distorted, your attacker gets confused and panicked. And that gives you the time to take counter actions.

Couple that effect with the stun power. Even a test fire of a powerful stun gun in air can stop your attacker. And if it does not, the shock surely will.

Level up your knowledge of top 5 Taser flashlight or tactical flashlight stun gun under 40$ and their comparison to narrow down your choice of weapon.

Stun Gun & Taser

Stun guns are becoming more popular even than firearms. That is mainly because of fewer legal restrictions as compared to firearms and being lighter in weight. The terms Stun guns and Tasers are often used interchangeably but they are different devices.

Get to know the difference between stun gun vs Taser and best stun guns on the market.

Stun guns generate an electric shock through the attacker’s body and can potentially incapacitate the nervous system of an assailant. This gives you a reaction time of about 10 to 15 minutes, depending upon the power of batteries and power ratings of stun gun.

If you are women, here is a good read for conceal carry Taser for women.

Pepper spray

Even if an assailant carries a firearm, this basic yet powerful weapon has a range of about 3~5 meters and can easily incapacitate your opponent. I personally admire it because it is a legally protected non-lethal weapon and gives you the confidence to use force in self-defense

While pepper spray is a publically liked and most famous self-defense tool, it comes with inheriting disadvantages when used in public.

For example, if the wind blows, the mist can backfire in opposite direction and get into your eyes and skin. For that reason, it is better to use pepper spray indoors rather than outdoors.

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