Explore Valuable Lessons for Marketing Your Travel Business on Instagram

We understand that the travel industry is rapidly growing. Moreover, it is one of the most competitive industries worldwide. More and more people are interested in investing money in travelling.

Around 34 per cent of Millennials are planning to invest over $5,000 on vacations, as per Business Insider.

Browsing through https://www.entrepreneur.com, we understand that travel brands should focus on travelling to locations where Millennials are enjoying their time.

We all are aware that the most important destination is the powerful and vibrant Instagram, particularly while considering the fact that it has now become the default choice for travellers for posting their fancifully-filtered images. 

Travel industry professionals should focus on keeping up with the latest trends if they wish to win a competitive edge. 

Statistics reveal that 70% of travel buffs utilize Instagram to share their unique travel plans 67 per cent are using this platform hoping to get inspiration and encouragement for new travel plans. And 61% can identify productive things to pursue on Instagram even while they are travelling.

Irrespective of whether you seem to be a humungous brand, a travel blogger, or even a car rental agency, you need to rely on Instagram as it is an effective way of reaching your target audience, establishing brand awareness, boosting brand loyalty, and growing revenue, etc. Some lessons to be learned by travel marketers on Instagram are discussed below.

How to promote travel business on Instagram

How to promote travel business on instagram

All travel agencies aim to attract and gain new clients. You need to realize that if you can flaunt more followers, you can gain more potential clients.

If you wish to gain a competitive edge, you need to stand taller than the rest; you may pay more attention to your Instagram feed. You may focus on making it more attractive and truly eye-catching since 65% of users are supposed to be visual learners. 

Moreover, 72% of Gen X and Millennials share their pictures on social media platforms while travelling. Hence, it is quite natural for 67 percent of people to admit that the most critical factor while selecting a vacation destination is the Instagram ability of that place.

If statistics are to be believed 40.1% of young travel enthusiasts choose a vacation destination as per how Instagrammable the place will actually be. 

For coming up with a cohesive feed on Instagram, you do not necessarily need to flaunt too many pictures.

You may split pictures into tiles to create a mosaic impact that assists in organizing your feed, thus making it far more attractive and grabbing more attention.

You must focus your attention on generating amazing visual content, whether you are publishing user-generated content, repurposing royalty-free stock images, or taking your pictures. 

The chief idea is to utilize attractive visual content to create a great first impression on your followers to sustain their interest in your travel profile.

Sharing cohesive Instagram content is a tried and tested way of grabbing the attention of your target audience, converting casual visitors into dedicated followers, and inspiring travellers.

You may check likes on Instagram from a reputed and trustworthy digital marketing company to impress visitors and followers. 

Social Proof Leads to Trust & Loyalty

There are a plethora of choices available in the travel marketplace. Under those circumstances, trust and brand loyalty would make your travel agency stand out from the rest.

Moreover, you must realize that travellers depend on genuine social proof for validation and inspiration while planning a trip.

Travellers are in the habit of paying close attention to specific trust signals. Hence, they are in the habit of watching travel vlogs, reading customer reviews and testimonials, and seeking out personal recommendations just before making the reservations.

In reality, around 52% of Instagrammers and other social media users are known to be drawing motivation and inspiration straightaway from their close pal’s travel pictures.

Travel agencies should consider using social proof on this powerful social media platform. 

With more than 500 million accounts using Instagram Stories every day, Instagram is a fabulous place for reaching your precise target audience and it helps in providing social proof without congesting the chief feed up.

As people utilize various powerful social media platforms for sharing their client experiences with other clients, it takes no effort or time for contemporary clients.

If you wish to stay well ahead of your competition, you may focus on providing your Instagram followers and visitors with ample social proof for boosting trust and brand loyalty.

Whenever you are sharing a social proof on the powerful Instagram platform, it helps to ease the anxiety levels of potential travellers who help in establishing brand trust, adding credibility, and simplifying customer purchasing.


Contemporary clients are fond of and even keen on travelling and they constantly use Instagram for discovering new travel destinations, drawing motivation from Instagram niches, and making reservations.

As travelling is a profitable Instagram niche, travel agencies are keen on making the most of leveraging Instagram marketing.

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