The Most Haunted House in Ohio: Franklin Castle (Tiedemann House)

Franklin Castle is one of the most popular attractions of Cleveland’s Ohio City. It has many visiting sites that have some beautiful, inspiring features on local news stations and in documentaries, multiple books, assessments by paranormal experts and ghost hunters.

It is a frequent spot for photo ops. It is one of the magnificent places for those who love to know about the history and are interested in knowing all the facts.

A history of tragedy and a bundle of some natural and unnatural stories get related behind this Castle. The best part about this Castle is that it is not only a fun taking a trip, but it also provides some educational and interesting facts about history.

Franklin Castle Cleveland

Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle is a Victorian home which is located in Cleveland’s Ohio City. In the middle of 1961 to 1968, Franklin Castle had functioned as a home for the different cultural organizations of German.

The house was built by Hannes Tiedemann where he had shifted with his mother, wife, and children. After the death of his mother, his wife, and his three children he had sold this house. It has been found in the record that Tiedemann had done many crimes in this house.

Moreover, later in 1968, the Romano family had shifted in this house. There in the house, they had come across many scary things like inappropriate sounds of a baby crying, unofficial working of electrical circuits, some scary noises, and so on.

Even some of the human bones were also founded in the house. Moreover, because of all this stuff, now it is rumored as the most haunted house in Ohio City. In 1982, it was also added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Sand Castle Franklin Square

It has nearly 50,000 square foot facility. Moreover, the staff of Sand Castle is very experienced. Those people who had come for the first time will get marvelously impressed by the caterers. There you will find a doorkeeper who is standing outside to welcome the guests.

Moreover, if you are planning for an event here then undoubtedly your guests are going to impress by the outdoor gardens which will not only give a majestic view but is also best suited for photographs, ceremonies.

Omio Many Geos

There you will find a seafood sailboat center attraction where you get provided chilled seafood assortment and unlimited sushi. Along with all this, there is a live pianist, a veranda which gives a beautiful view of gardens with a pond and a bridge along with the hospitality lounge.

Franklin Castle Tours 2019

Franklin Castle

Many wonder what is new in this haunted place. However, when you are going to visit there, then you will find that this place is full of the historical tragedy which will provide you with information regarding the history of Ohio City.

Moreover, recently this place is known as the most haunted place in Ohio City. There are many more visiting sites in Ohio, but Franklin Castle is one of the best attractions. Many visitors visit this house in a year, and all get impressed by knowing the facts of the Castle.

People living in the neighborhood provide you with information regarding the history and ghost stories behind this house. However, many spread only fake rumors which sometimes make visitors scary.

Franklin Castle Paranormal Lockdown

Franklin Castle is located at Ohio City and is one of the most haunted houses in Ohio. It is not so surprising to know that there is the dark history of Franklin Castle of having a criminal activity also including prohibition.

Moreover, due to the spread of these rumors of crime in Tiedemann has made Franklin Castle a haunted house. Hannes Tiedemann and his wife, Luise had lost their four children in that house.

Franklin Castle

In 1968, the Romano family had moved to that house, and their children have seen Emma in that house who haunts the house.

Some exciting games like hide and seek were played with Emma and Katrina in that house where she knocked to make some noise. Even some of the criminal activities got also found in the basement.

Where Would You Find Franklin Castle?

Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle is also known as Tiedemann’s house. It is a Victorian stone house that gets built in the American Queen Anne style. It is located at the 4308 Franklin Boulevard at the Ohio City in Cleveland boasts.

It was made in the late nineteenth century between 1881-1883 by the architectural firm of Cordell and Richardson. The building has more than twenty rooms, four stories, and around eighty windows.

At the late nineteenth century, when it got built, it was one of the most reputed residential avenues in Cleveland’s Ohio City. It is known to be the most haunted house in Ohio City.

Franklin Castle Haunted

For many years, Franklin Castle gets also known as the most haunted house in Ohio City. It is not cleared yet that either it is a myth or not but it has found that in that house, lights turned on and off suddenly, doors open and closed instantly, even electric circuits also behaved arbitrarily, perplexing sounds of baby crying and even a woman in black got even spotted from a small window of that Castle in the front of tower room.

It should not be too surprising to know because the dark deeds, murders, and evil events have already happened in that house. According to myth, there have been ghosts for many years.

Franklin Castle

However, who knows the real stories behind these local tales. Some might spread these rumors to make this haunted house more popular and some might because they believe that this is true.

Franklin Castle Tahlequah

Franklin Castle is one of those ideal locations which one would easily prefer for celebrations. It is a best-suited place for weddings, receptions, reunions, company or club meetings, or private parties, retreats, small festivals, gathering, and so on.

The staff is so friendly that it will help you with every information that you want. Along with all this, Franklin castle is full of history. It is an excellent venue where you get much information about the history of Franklin Castle by enjoying a celebration.

White Castle Franklin Indiana

It is located on Fort Wayne Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is the third oldest building which is a restaurant in the White Castle hamburger chain in the United States.

Franklin Castle

Moreover, also one of the oldest buildings (White Castle) which got built between 1924 and 1929 in Indiana. This building features many castle elements like battlements, buttresses on the front side of the façade, and a corner tower.

Franklin Castle Ghost

Franklin Castle is a Victorian home in Ohio City and now has gained the widespread rumors of a most haunted house in Ohio. It got first built by Hannes Tiedemann. He had moved into this house with his mother, wife, and three children.

In 1891, his mother died, and then his younger daughter Emma died. In 1895, his wife died because of liver disease. After some years, he had sold this house, and later after some time, he also died.

Moreover, after his death, the house was sold to the German Socialist Party. Furthermore, during some investigation, some of the human bones were found in the corner of the Castle.

Franklin Castle

Along with this, some noises of baby crying got also found. However, no accurate information regarding all these rumors has not seen yet.

Franklin Castle Floor Plan

This building gets built-in high Victorian Eclectic style stone. The Castle gets located on the north side of Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland’s Ohio City.

There are many years gone that this building got built as now this explains the too much history of Cleveland. Hannes Tiedemann who was the German immigrant had become the first one who had made this house in 1881-1883.

This historic building got designed by the famed Cleveland architectural firm of Cudell and Richardson. Moreover, many years had passed in which rumors were spreading regarding this haunted building. So, the owner of the house had decided to capitalize on this house as the most haunted place in the Ohio city.

So, this was all about the history of Franklin Castle. However, when you go there then only you will find the low information about this curious place. It is a place full of history and excitement. So when are you planning to visit there?

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