castle ghost hotel

Ballygally Castle, Ghost Room, Most Haunted Castle Hotel

Ballygally Castle HotelLocated in the village of Ballygally Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, just about 3 miles north of Barnes.Ballygally Castle is now...
Skinwalker Ranch

The Skinwalker Ranch – Movie, Photos, Documentary, and Evidence

The Skinwalker RanchSkinwalker ranch Utah: Have you seen the skinwalker ranch movie and wondered if anything like the skinwalker ranch stories exists?A skinwalker...
lizzie borden house haunted

Lizzie Borden house Haunted – A Mystery Remained Unfold

Lizzie Borden House Haunted StoryYou might be familiar with the Lizzie Borden story and must wonder- Is the story of Lizzie Borden house haunted real?It’s the foremost...

Shettihalli Church Hassan: History, Haunted, How to Reach

Shettihalli ChurchLocated 2 km from Shettihalli, Karnataka; the Shettihalli church is one of the ancient wonder of India by the French missionaries from the 1860s.
Ancient ram inn

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Adventures Story

Ancient Ram InnAncient ram inn is considered to be the most haunted places in Britain. Located in Wotton-under-edge, England. The area was a pub and a grade II...
Poveglia Island

Poveglia Island Ghost Adventures (Dead Island)

Poveglia Island Ghost AdventuresIn the Poveglia Island, Ghost Adventures team investigated the haunting in the island.Under the most illegal places around the world,...
Highgate cemetery vampire

Highgate Cemetery Vampire – A Place of Vampire Mysterious Story

Highgate Cemetery Vampire PlaceThe Highgate cemetery vampire place is mostly known as a “magnificent seven" burial sites of London. But the graveyard soon ruined in the 20th century...
waverly hills hospital

Waverly Hills Hospital Room 502 Haunted Story

Waverly Hills HospitalCan you imagine being covered into sickness and the treatment is ineffective or worse, ‘incurable,' and you’re just lying in the hospital bed praying to die...
Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall Mystery

Brown Lady of Raynham HallEvery town has its different story to tell, no matter what category the story is from my point is every town, city, place holds...
Top 10 Haunted Places In India

Top 10 Haunted Places In India & Story Behind Them | Mysterioustrip

Top 10 Haunted Places in IndiaIndia is known as the most diverse country in the whole world with its rich culture. The rich history and numerous tales...

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