Understanding Sustainable Travel: What is an EcoLodges?

Ecolodges and ecotourism have developed, especially in the last few years. But, what is ecolodge, and what is ecotourism? Ecotourism is a type of tourism that focuses on the sustainability of nature.

It focuses on improving the local community. Accordingly, an ecolodge is an accommodation type like a hotel that follows the understanding of ecotourism.

Ecolodges are typically located in remote areas and may include activities, tours, and workshops using local culture.

Benefits and principles of ecolodges.

Criteria of Ecolodges

Some criteria for a place to be an ecolodge depend on the International Eco-Lodge Guidelines of 1999. One of them is that it must be located in a remote area to connect directly with nature.

It can be a natural or rural area and must not be affected by pollution, noise, or traffic. The system of the ecolodge must focus on the protection of the environment without changing or harming it.

Ecolodges provide energy-saving systems most of the time. Renewable energy technologies are also included in some of them. You can find guides in such accommodations, which provide information about the natural habitat.

They also describe the ways to enjoy nature without harming it. There are also maps, books, and photographs printed for this purpose. An Ecolodge also contributes to the local economy, so most gains stay with the local community.

rainforest eco lodge

What are the Benefits of Ecolodge?

An Ecolodge hotel or ecotourism can protect the local habitats of animals and plants. In this way, their ecosystems are preserved. 

The operations of ecolodges also raise awareness about environmental issues. They also help people understand that an eco-friendly holiday can be enjoyable.

Another benefit is that people also learn how to reduce the environmental impact while enjoying their vacation. At the same time, you explore the untainted nature while using renewable resources.

Learning about new cultures in ecolodges is always possible because you’ll be in contact with the locals. Through ecotourism, locals have a way of gaining income and becoming employed.

How Can You Follow Ecotourism Principles

There are many ways that you can contribute to ecotourism. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to the development of the local and global economies.

One of the steps you can take is to pack washable items while going on vacation. Reusing your clothes and towels for more than one day contributes to ecotourism.

Another step would be to spend less time in the shower and turn off the water when you brush your teeth or shave. While leaving your family ecolodge, turning off the electrical devices is another easy step.

Instead of throwing the brochures, you can return them to the host while leaving your ecolodge.

Some of The Best Ecolodges in The World

You may now be curious about the locations that offer ecolodges. You’ll be surprised when you see the list, but they’re worldwide! Each site offers different and sophisticated amenities. Still, all of them provide an unforgettable experience.

Find some of the best camping ecolodge and other ecolodges below:

  • EcoCamp Patagonia, Chile
  • Daintree Wilderness Lodge, Australia
  • Campi Ya Kanzi Eco Lodge, Kenya
  • Lapa Rios Lodge, Costa Rica
  • Garonga Safari Camp, South Africa
  • Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia
  • Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador
  • Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa, Philippines
  • Svart Hotel, Norway
  • Las Nubes de Holbox, México
  • The Green Hotel, India
  • Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort, Belize.


How to choose an Ecolodge?

There are some certification programs that you can check before you book an Ecolodge. The following are some of these widespread and trusted certifications:

  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria: Sponsored partly by the UN World Tourism Organization
  • Green Globe: Provides training for organizations, hotels and similar institutions, tourism industry suppliers, and
  • Green Key award: Follows the Foundation for Environmental Education’s criteria.

What is a good Ecolodge?

An Ecolodge provides natural cleaning products, energy-efficient devices, and eco-friendly toiletries. Solar panels and insulation are additional ways to keep en Ecolodge at a high standard. It also hires local people and represents the local culture and tradition.

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