Tibet tourism altitude sickness symptoms and preventive measures

Many people have various worries before their Tibet travel, and one of the most worrying is the plateau reaction! Do you get a plateau reaction?

What is high altitude reaction? What are the symptoms of a high-altitude reaction? How to prevent it? What should you do after high altitude sickness?

Let me help you answer one by one.

What is altitude sickness?

high altitude sickness
high altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is a series of natural physiological reactions that occur when a person reaches a certain altitude. The body functions to adapt to the difference in air pressure, low oxygen content, and dry air caused by the change in altitude.

There are many symptoms of high-altitude reactions, and the symptoms and degree may vary depending on individual conditions.

The main symptoms are chest tightness, shortness of breath, dry cough, headache, toothache, dizziness, weakness, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, insomnia, and other symptoms! However, not everyone will have altitude sickness. Some people are milder, some are severe, and some are not.

How to determine if you have high altitude sickness

Symptoms of high-altitude reactions: headache, shortness of breath (not enough oxygen), sleep at night, serious vomiting, vertigo, insomnia, this kind of advice to take medicine to absorb oxygen.

I have high altitude sickness, what should I do?

When you first arrive at the plateau, please do not run and jump excessively even if you are excited and love sports. But, of course, it is not a big problem for most people to record a jitterbug dance, and a happy mood is good medicine to prevent high-altitude reactions.

General headache, dizziness, and shortness of breath are normal phenomena; these symptoms will disappear a day to three days through adaptation. Therefore, there is no need to be too nervous, and instead, if the burden of thought is heavy and too nervous, it will aggravate the high reflexes.

There is a phenomenon of high reflex is nosebleed, mostly men, first of all, it is caused by the dry climate of the plateau, so that the nasal mucosa blood vessels rupture, you can apply a little erythromycin ointment, and at the same time try to drink more water to prevent dryness.

Oxygen can quickly relieve the symptoms of high-altitude sickness, but to keep the right amount, because it will produce dependence, a tank of oxygen can not solve your problem once there is dependence.

Add a little glucose oral solution to your essential medication, and drink a little to increase your body’s sugar when you are not acclimatized. It works for some people.

Another way to prevent high altitude reactions is to withdraw to places with low altitude, such as Linzhi.

Common anti-anti-hyperalgesia medicine mainly includes plateau security, Omer blue raising tablets, Rhodiola, glucose, etc.

Tibetan net red card places

The Potala Palace is located in Lhasa, the city of sunlight, and is the calling card of Tibet. Maybe you don’t know Tibet, but you must know the Potala Palace.

Take out 50 RMB, we can see it.

The palace-fortress is built on the mountain, standing proudly in the mountains, and standing upright on the ridge, which is more noble and elegant but with the unique flavor of Tibetan architecture.

Namucuo lake altitude of 4718 meters, more than a thousand meters higher than the elevation of Lhasa city, no wonder it is called the sky lake.

Namtso has the north and south shore, and the south shore is often we go to the Zhaxi Peninsula, the north shore is the holy elephant gate. The sacred elephant heavenly gate is known as another secret place in Tibet, these years go here very many people, but the road is more difficult to walk.

The blue ribbon scattered on earth Yangchuoyuntso.

The most important thing is that it is the most important thing that you can do. It is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. Every year, many Buddhists spend a month riding around the lake to express their pilgrimage; there is also a saying that Yangchoyuntso can help Tibetans find the reincarnation of a spiritual child and therefore called the holy lake.

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