Top 7 Things To Do In Tasmania, for travel lovers

Many tourists may often overlook Tasmania to Australia. However, its pristine landscape will have any traveler fall in love with it immediately.

Perhaps the biggest problem you’ll have to face when you travel to Tasmania is that it can be hard to figure out where to go and what to do first because of the many attractions and activities that can be found there.

Tasmania is chock-full[RB1]  of pristine beaches, especially East Coast Tasmania, lush rainforests, epic mountains, and charming towns that provide excitement and fun for everyone. With that said, here are the top things to do when you’re in Tasmania:

Hike To The Top Of Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington
Mount Wellington

If you’re feeling slightly lazy or tired, you can opt to drive up to the top of Mount Wellington, which has a 1,271-meter peak.

This way, you can enjoy the magnificent views at the summit without breaking a sweat.

Although driving to the top may be the quickest, there’s no denying that the best way to enjoy Mount Wellington is to head to its peak on foot. Mount Wellington is full of hiking tracks and stops where hikers can rest or enjoy the natural surroundings.

Bringing some food with you is also a good idea since staying for a while in any picnic sites will allow you to better appreciate the scenery’s beauty.

The hiking tracks are always open, so you can come early to catch the sunrise or late to have an amazing view of the setting sun.

See The Bay Of Fires

The Bay Of Fires

No location in Tasmania is more iconic than the Bay of Fires. The bay is perfect for people looking for the best photo opportunity with its ever-enchanting orange-hued granite rocks matched with an earthy landscape, pristine white sand, and crystal blue waters.

The bay is located on the northeastern coast of Tasmania.

There’s plenty to do in this area, including bird watching, beach activities, boating, camping, fishing, swimming, and surfing.

Visit Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park

If you’re a nature lover or an explorer, Tasmania has a lot to offer you. Freycinet National Park has stunning views that’ll leave you breathless.

The lookout at Wineglass Bay, for instance, is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of the national park to explore with its white sand beaches that are hemmed by tree-topped mountains on either side.

You can either go hiking and be mesmerized by the scenery or snorkel in the crystal clear[RB2]  waters. But, of course, Freycinet National Park isn’t short on places to visit for foodies out there, either.

You can head to Bicheno, which is a fishing port and a beach resort. There, you can enjoy some delicious food prepared by a handful of restaurants in the area.

Explore Tasman National Park

Tasman National Park is full of geographical features you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Not to mention that it’s possible to see all of the national park’s beauty just by driving through the place.

But an ideal way to immerse yourself in the splendor of Tasman National Park is to hike through its epic landscape.

Unlike other national parks where you need to spend days just exploring them completely, Tasman National Park only requires a couple of hours for you to witness its scenic views, including cliff faces, waterfalls, and white sand beaches.

Among the most visited places in Tasman National Park are the Tasman Arch, the Blow Hole, the Tessellated Pavement, the Devils Kitchen, the dolerite cliffs at Cape Pillar, and the Fortescue Bay.

Spend A Day On Bruny Island

Bruny Island
Bruny Island

Bruny Island is considered the premier island destination in Australia because of its white-sand beaches. The island is located off the southeastern coast of Tasmania and welcomes local and international visitors all year round[RB3].

However, what makes Bruny Island famous is the jaw-dropping scenery that’ll make your one-day visit there absolutely worth it.

Join a day tour and experience the beauty of this magnificent island. In the span of a day, you’ll be able to experience a lot of things, such as taking a rainforest walk, relaxing on the island’s heavenly beaches, and visiting the Bruny Island Neck Lookout.

Visit The Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields

The cool, temperate climate of Tasmania makes it one of the best places to grow lavender. As a result, the lavender fields in Tasmania have been flourishing for many decades now. Lavender is commonly used in making perfume, and it also has culinary purposes.

However, the lavender fields in Tasmania are becoming known as one of the most photographed natural attractions on the island.

The most recommended time of the year to visit the lavender fields is when they’re in full bloom in December and January. There are many lavender fields to visit on the island, with Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Port Arthur Lavender, and the Lavender House drawing the biggest visitors.

See The Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis

If the northern hemisphere has the aurora borealis, the southern hemisphere has the aurora australis, which you can see year-round in Tasmania, depending on the weather conditions.

The aurora australis, also called the southern lights, works the same way as the aurora borealis or northern lights. We all know that auroras are more likely to occur around the earth’s two magnetic poles, so the further north or south you are, the more likely you’re going to see these impressive light displays.

You’ll be able to witness the southern lights in Tasmania, particularly on Mount Wellington. As you ascend higher up the mountain, your view will be less likely obstructed, making for a front-row seat for this impressive light event.


If you’re looking for reasons to visit Tasmania, this place is full of wonderful spots to visit and exciting things to do, and it offers awe-inspiring experiences for local and international travelers alike.

Even though it’s separated from Mainland Australia, millions of visitors visit this island state every year. And Also, if you are a horror places lover, Tasmania never disappoints you with Port Arthur Ghost Tours.

So the next time you visit the country, be sure to include Tasmania in your itinerary!

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