Why choose a trip to Chernobyl? How to Visit in 2024

Covered with myths and legends, fake information, and science-fiction stories, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant and its nearby locations attract many tourists to start a trip to Chernobyl from all over the world.

And of course, the films, documentaries, and video games, inspired by this magnificent place, attract the attention of the different groups of tourists.

As for the truth, there’s one good news for those tourists who want to have a safe trip and a bad one for those who would like to challenge themselves and risk their health.

The real Chernobyl is completely safe to visit, and the radiation rate people face there can be compared to the radiation rate of the technologically developed modern cities.

The whole trip is as dangerous as the long-distance flight.

But still, there are age restrictions for visitors. People under age, younger than 18, and pregnant women are asked to avoid the visit to the Chernobyl complex.

To avoid any kind of suspicion, all the visitors keep dosimeters until the end of the trip to check the surrounding environment and make sure there’s no danger to their health.

Some locations still have a relatively high level of radiation, so staying there has some time limits. That’s why only guided tours are possible to take to Chernobyl.

Within them, local professional guides not only share great stories and facts about all the objects you visit, but they also control the time limits and keep their clients safe during the trip.

All the tourists need to have their passports during the journey to get permission for the visits of some objects, like the Chernobyl Power Plant.

In all the numerous articles about Chernobyl, it’s sometimes hard to define, what is true, what is false, and make a decision about the trip.

Potential tourists simply do have not enough facts and information about this mysterious destination. But there are really unique places and objects that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth, not only the Chernobyl Power plant, the ghost city of Pripyat, and Duga radar. Let’s analyse a couple of less famous, but still fascinating places in Chernobyl.

Start your trip to Chernobyl

trip to Chernobyl

Kopachi kindergarten

The village of Kopachi is one of the phantom villages around Chernobyl. All the residents were evacuated from there, after the nuclear disaster. In a hurry people left everything there, having taken only their documents and some limited personal belongings.

Every object from the catastrophe zone was considered potentially dangerous.

The kindergarten in Kopachi is the symbol of how unpredictable can our life be, and how dangerous it can be some of man’s decisions.

Many of the buildings in Kopachi were destroyed and buried under the tons of soil, but the kindergarten remained untouched. In the rooms with old yellowish walls, you can find the beads, pillows, and toys left there forever to be absorbed by time.

Cooling towers

The giant 90 meters high cooling towers were built to serve the fifth and the sixth blocks of the Power plant. They were under construction when the disaster happened.

Now, tourist can start there trip to Chernobyl and come close and even enter the partially built tower to get the general idea of how gracious and powerful this object could be if something terrible didn’t happen in 1986.

Abandoned cargo port

Tours to Chernobyl give an opportunity to see a lot of abandoned objects of different purposes.

Among the other exciting places to explore within the trip to Chernobyl, there is a cargo port by the river Pripyat. Harbor cranes, beaten by wind, rains, and corrosion, represent a sarcastic illustration of how far the plans of people could go.

This port was established to help the engineer build the new power-generating units.

But its mission was not accomplished. The cranes are still waiting for the building materials to be brought to the site, still hoping for the things that are never to happen. The location is very attractive and picturesque.

Red forest

Almost destroyed by the catastrophe, about 10 square kilometers of forest near the Chernobyl Power Plant was covered entirely with radiation dust during the first hours after the explosion.

The radioactive airwaves changed the lively green color of the trees and grass into red and dark-brown. Due to the danger of inflammation, a considerable part of the forest was destroyed and buried by the root dozers.

But fortunately, as more than 3 decades passed, phis place now represents the kingdom of free and healthy wildlife. Foxes, trots, bison, and raccoon gods are only a few representatives of the long list of the forest inhabitants. Green grass, beautiful flowers, and trees attract nature enthusiasts from different countries.

Visiting this part of the Exclusion Zone will be an unforgettable experience and a chance to renew the harmony with nature.

Catfish lake

Another natural attraction in the Chernobyl complex is the lake full of giant catfish.

During the days, they lie on the bottom of the lake enjoying their rest. But they also often come to the surface of the water, so tourists can even feed them and observe the beauty of these huge 3-meter long fish.

Catfish are quite popular among fishermen. So, as people left those places, nature managed to repossess all the abandoned areas. Keeping far from potential hunters, catfish in this lake feel free to grow and live a long life.

trip to ChernobylThe Death bridge

A short pedestrian bridge, previously used to connect the city of Pripyat and the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant, got its terrifying name due to the massive waves of radioactive dust that covered it after the disaster.

The radiation rate was very high so that people would say everyone immediately dies as soon as he passes the bridge. Of course, it was an exaggeration.

But now it symbolizes the death of the industrial gait, built in the 1970s to support the idea of the peaceful atom, and provide people with unlimited excess to energy, military, and political power. The old bridge is one of the most exciting and thought-provoking locations on the Chernobyl complex, so it’s certainly worth visiting.

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