7 Saudi Destinations to Explore in Planned Budget

If you think about travelling to the Middle East, you cannot just omit the second largest tourist spot in there-Saudi Arabia. When you think about the name of this country, it might click to you that this is a country with some religious places to visit and explore the divine and spiritual nature of the places present in there.

However, it is about time that this typical mindset is changed. People travelling to the Western Asian countries probably know it by now how the countries have been transformed into tourist hotspots from being just nature hotspots.

With the rise and significant boost to the tourism sector of Saudi Arabia, people across the world are becoming more and more engaging and attracted to its sheer beauty and elegance.

Starting from Khamis Mushait, Sharorah, Tarout, Ushaiqer, etc. the list is endless if you want to taste the nature in its rawest form and connect your soul with it amidst all the city buzz and lights.

Also, how can you forget the very happening capital of Saudi Arabia-Riyadh?

In a nutshell and to give a brief outlook of how this mesmerizing country is, it can be said that if you are here, you will be taken aback by the diversity of the country in its various ends.

At times people cannot link the various parts of it because of the sharp differences in the multiple ends- from desert, beach, hills, pilgrimage spots, to the ever-growing city life, you will find all.

It might be although difficult for a tourist like you to know all the destinations worth visiting beforehand. Therefore, this article will present to you every destination you need to explore in Saudi Arabia in budget.

So without any further ado, let us get started!

Travel to Saudi Destinations in budget

Mecca to connect your soul with Allah

Mecca is also known as Makkah, and it is the purest and one of the most ethereal places in the entire country.

Islamics devote themselves to this place when on pilgrimages. It has gained its popularity due to it being the origin or place of origin of Muhammad, who was the founder of Islam.

If you are in Saudi Arabia, this s the first and foremost place to travel in a budget.

Medina to purify yourself

Right after you are done connecting your soul and mind with Allah, you should land next in Medina or Madinah, which is one of the holiest places ever known in Saudi Arabia.

If you are a religious person, there is no doubt that you will simply love the vibes all along your pilgrimage.

Dammam for the leisure time

Apart from soul and mind purification, you should also taste Nature at its best form when traveling to Saudi Arabia. Dammam is undoubtedly the place for you if you want to taste the same.

Despite it being one of the populous places in the country, it gives a unique sense of relaxation with its ever-changing skies and climate.

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Empty Quarter to study the diversity of Nature

This place is better known as Rub’ al Khali. You should definitely spend a day in this mesmerizing site of Nature.

You will be surprised to see how this vast area of about 650,000 square kilometres have been treasuring jewels in the form of natural elements for visitors and enthusiasts like you.

Visit Jeddah

Jeddah is also known as Jiddah or Jidda and is one of the busiest cities of the entire nation. If you are travelling to Mecca, you will have to pass by Jeddah, so it is already a part of your planned budget.

There are a number of Museums, Antique places and Exotic cuisines to explore in Jeddah. So give a try!

Relax at Jubbah

Jubbah is popularly known as Jubbah of Ha’il, and this city lies in one of the parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

This automatically increases the gravity of the place. Apart from this, it is a hub of ecologically rich regions and is home to many precious or valuable natural elements that are studied throughout the world by Paleontologists.

Riyadh for experiencing the city life

Lastly, if you want to experience the urban side of the country, keeping in mind the link of Nature, this is the place for you.

You will be able to end your itinerary on a good note if visited Riyadh at last. After refreshing and all the knowledge-rich experiences, this is what will fill your soul with utmost happiness.

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