Tips To Travel Safely During Corona Outbreak

With more testing kits accessible and states reopening, air travel is possibly kicking up again. The majority of the air carriers are applying stricter safety and sterilization techniques.

Yet you are in the lap of risk because the coronavirus cases are still multiplying. Viruses can quickly breed on any surface that makes travelling unsafe.

Whether you want to travel by flight, train, or bus – it’s crucial to follow safety measures during this time. Stepping out is more than wearing a face mask in these hard times.

If you can’t hold back yourself anymore, follow these tips to travel without compromising your health.

Best tips to travel safely during coronavirus

Avoid Contracting Surfaces

This is the one of the best trips to travel safely during corona.

The virus can linger on particular surfaces for about three days. So, avoid contact with counters, knobs, doors, tray tables, etc. as much as possible.

You can either wear gloves or hold these things using tissue paper. Go to washrooms and lavatories only if extremely needed.

Besides, a mask should not be touched or removed throughout the journey. Additionally, avoid touching your face as much as you can.

Sanitize Almost Everything

Obviously, you can’t completely ignore touching certain things while travelling to be safe from Corona, such as the escalator or check-in machine. To be on the safer side at such events, use plenty of sanitiser after you touch any of these surfaces.

Keep a sanitizer handy.

Disinfect your belongings frequently to avoid any risk of contracting the virus. Before sitting, spray the sanitizer on your seat and headrest.

Don’t forget to sanitize your hands after deboarding. Also, do sanitize your baggage after checking-out. On reaching your destination, take a bath and wash your clothes to disinfect them.

Maintain the Distance at Airports

Etch down “social distancing” into your brain till the pandemic is going on. One of the most common regulations being implemented to limit the spread of coronavirus on flights is to practice social distancing.

Even if nobody around you coughs or sneezes, keeping a distance is a wise decision during the Covid-19 outbreak. It is ideal to maintain at least 6 ft distance at the airport to be at a safer side.

Rent a Car

There is a lesser chance of spreading or getting Covid-19 by renting a car than taking public transit.

You will be exposed to far fewer people in this way. In fact, in response to the fatal pandemic, many rental car firms establish their own more stringent safety norms like frequent sanitization of vehicles.

A driver will be wearing a mask and gloves throughout the journey. Some cars also come with drape covers installed between the driver and passenger seats.

You can further reduce the risk in a rental car by wiping out the areas before sitting. Also, there is an improved ventilation system in the car through the air conditioning.

Pack Your Own Meals & Snacks

Road trips are considered to be the safest options for many during the COVID outbreak. If you are going on a weekend getaway for 1 or 2 days, pack your own meals and other essentials and keep them on the roof rack basket.

It’s not just about packing meals. You can also carry a supply of healthy snacks for an upcoming tour. It will be especially helpful if you are traveling with kids.

This way, you don’t have to stop by unreliable eateries en-route. Moreover, you’ll be safe from unnecessary contact from others on the road.

Do not forget to wash your hands properly before having your food.

Read Local COVID-19 Restrictions

Protect yourself from troublesome situations by researching restrictions before leaving your destination. Travel restrictions during the coronavirus outbreak differ from one country to another. Hence, go through the local as well as state health department sites to track such changes.

Make sure you review the updates regularly as your tour time comes closer. You can also check visitor information for restaurants, parks, and other places you’re planning to visit during your stay at the place you’re going.

 Be Careful at Hotels & Restaurants

While looking out for a hotel, book the one that guarantees adherence to cleanliness and safety norms. A lot of hotels these days are offering phone key and online check-in options to make your stay as contactless as possible. Thus, go for such hotels to have carefree accommodation.

Avoid going to the pool, gym, and spa during your stay. Before dining at a restaurant, ensure that the staff is wearing protective masks.

Tables must be set far enough from each other, following social distancing measures. But I rather recommend choosing the in-room service than going to a restaurant.

Besides, try to pay online if ordering takeout at any restaurant to limit contact. Stay at about 6 ft away from the others while waiting in the pickup queue.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic will leave a mark on the way we travel.

Safety protocols while travelling is a new normal. Travel but with safety first! It is not merely about you but also others around you.

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