10 best travel items that will help you on your holiday trip

Traveling is a unique experience that comes with moments of joy and relaxation. When we think about our holiday, these are often the moments we memorize.

However, do you recall waiting for that cab for over an hour in the sun? The smell of that dormitory you stayed in at that coastal village? Running out of power with your smartphone? Well, we have all been there, but these are not the moments that make our holiday.

Luckily, there are ten travel items you can bring on your next trip to make it go even smoother.

Power bank to get connected

Power Bank

This used to be a luxury item. Most people did not even consider taking a power bank with them. Nowadays it becomes increasingly normal and should be on the packing list of every traveler.

It makes sure you stay powered throughout your journey. Now, it is not necessary to make a trade-off between watching that series and being able to navigate to the hotel.

Charging can happen anywhere, and you are not dependent on the power supply of a local restaurant or hotel. Of course, you do need to make sure that your power bank is fully charged when you hit the road!

Portable fan to stay cool

Portable Fan

When the temperature is going up, you can get sweaty easily. This is okay if you are chilling on the beach, but not ideal in your dorm where there is no aircon.

The same holds for a bus or airport that is not providing you with the best climate. A portable fan can help you to get some freshness. The cool thing: there are even fans available that can be connected to a power bank. If you bring both, you will have a win-win!

Small portable room fragrances

Have you ever encountered entering a hostel or hotel room and thinking “what is this smell?!” It happens to a lot of us. Ranging from a musty smell to a dorm filled with sweat and beer, there are many reasons why we could not survive the night.

Luckily, it is possible to bring a mini perfume. This special perfume can be used to fragrance rooms, which makes it ideal to get a nice scent spreading through your room or dorm. Freshness is guaranteed when using such a mini perfume.

Another upside of bringing a nice scent with you? The mini perfume size is so small, it can even fit into your pocket. Officina Delle Essenze is offering perfumes like these in bottles of 25 milliliters that fit into your hand palm!

World travel adapter

Probably the most important element when you travel, and often the most forgotten one. Sometimes people travel to places without knowing another plug is waiting for them.

When you have a world travel adapter with you, you can be certain that you are prepared for any plug. This is especially helpful when you are traveling intercontinental. A simple purchase, and easy to pack: such an adapter should be in your bag.

Stick with the 100 milliliters!

Most airports restrict travelers to bring liquid containers with a maximum size of 100 milliliters. However, most of the packages are often larger, making them unsuitable for air travel. It then makes sense to buy special travel packs at your local grocery store. Downside? The costs can be significantly higher than the normal packages.

This brings us to the next helpful product: plastic containers you can fill with your liquids. You can buy them online or at a local store (often quite cheap). You can easily refill and reuse them, making it a sustainable choice as well. 

Airport tip: no large almost-empty containers

If you plan to take a package with you that is over 100 milliliters but probably has less content than 100 milliliters: do not try. They will not allow any containers over this size, even if it is almost empty.

Vitamins to the rescue

When going on holiday, some people tend to forget about their health. Dining out every day, it is hard to track your veggies and vitamin intake. Bringing some additional vitamins with you makes sense. For example, you can take some vitamins with you by substituting vegetables if you plan to go to a country known for mainly meat (or fish) dishes.

A cap to save you from the sun


Being out all day can easily get you sunburned. It helps to protect your skin throughout the day. This makes a cap your ideal companion: it not only helps to get some shadow-time, but it also protects your skin.

There are many types of caps out there. When you go to a tropical destination, a trucker cap can help. This type of cap has a net on the backside, allowing for air to flow through and keep your head cool.

Vaccination passport

Before you travel to other continents, you typically need to take a few vaccinations. For example, a common vaccination to take is Hepatitis A and B when traveling to Asia and other parts of the world.

Next to that, the COVID pandemic has added a new vaccination to the list that is crucial to take. You should not only bring your passport when traveling but also your vaccination passport. This can be helpful in case you need to visit a doctor or hospital.

Rain jacket for those unexpected moments

Rain Jacket

Planning to travel to a tropical paradise? Bringing a rain jacket is probably not the first thing you would think about. However, tropical rainstorms can be quite intense and a jacket would be very helpful. Luckily technology has advanced, and rain jackets have become very thin.

This makes it possible to fit one into your bag with ease. Now you know you are prepared for any type of weather when going to that sunny paradise!

The quick-dry towel

When traveling, not many people bring a towel with them. The idea is simple: the hotel or hostel will probably provide one. If not, I can still use my beach towel when needed.

You might end up with a completely wet beach towel inside your bag when moving to your next destination. This not only makes the contents of your bag wet but also leaves a terrible smell when staying closed for too long (luckily you brought the mini perfume with you).

A quick-dry towel can be the ultimate solution: they are small, compact, and dry very fast for the optimal travel experience. Once you bring one on your trip, you never want another towel.

We hope these 10 travel gadgets will improve your next holiday, wherever it might take you. Naturally, this list is non-exhaustive, and there are many other items you could consider.

Every traveler is different and has different needs depending on their interests and hobbies. Make sure you create a list before you leave to make sure that you have everything in place. Happy travels!

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