What is an end cutter?

End cutters, or nippers, are pliers that are used for cutting close against a surface. They are constructed of very hard steel and have a flat-bladed head and a lightweight return spring. Molded PVC grips help technicians control the pliers as they are used to cut wire, nails, and other applications.

Flathead Cutting

The shape of the end cutter head and the mechanical advantage of the design enables the tool to cut cleanly and effortlessly without leaving an edge when cutting nails or wires.

The end cutter is also used for twisting and snipping binding wire or removing electrical staples. Each jaw of the end cutter is sharpened to create a clean slice when severing the nail or wire with little effort required. 

Who uses an end cutter?

End cutters are often referred to as concreter’s nippers. When working with reinforced concrete, the flathead is ideal for tightening steel mesh knots and cutting steel wire next to the spot it has been twisted.

During the construction of wire fences, the end cutter is used to cut chain link mesh and tension wires. The hard steel construction and close cutting technique also make the nipper ideal for working with bolts and rivets.

Florists and designers who use wire and strong fibers make full use of end cutters to twist and cut the wire as they create their designs.

Types of End Cutter

Flush Cutter

A flush cutter is used for less frequent jobs that require a delicate touch. It is less durable than other end cutters but avoids leaving a spike or angel in the wire and is less likely to risk damaging components.

Bevel Cutter

The bevel cutter is preferred for jobs that are frequent but not delicate and therefore require a durable and hard-wearing tool. They are commonly used as cable nippers and can be applied to domestic and industrial use from hard steel wire to soft copper wire. 

Working from heights End cutter

This range of tools has been designed to provide safety and time efficiency when working at heights such as on wind turbines, nuclear power plants, telecommunication installations, and offshore platforms.

They feature bi-material grips, a long lever arm, and an offset axis, with a cutting edge suitable for all types of wire.

The Facom SLS model uses an attachment device to prevent falls and features a crimped rotating cable solution with an ergonomic design and material that is resistant to chemicals.  

Long Reach End Cutter

This is a lightweight end cutter that is ideal for delicate jobs or jobs in hard-to-reach places. It is ideal for manipulating soft wire such as guitar strings or aluminum and is used in shoe repair, automotive work, jewelry making, floristry, and other arts and crafts.

An end cutter is a versatile tool that comes in a variety of designs and can be locking, adjustable or non-adjustable. Insulated handles allow protection and a comfortable grip in most models.

Check that your model is VDE-insulated for electrical work. End cutters are available at any good componentry store.

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