8 Things to Do in Houston When You’re Bored and All Your Friends Are Busy

On top of being the biggest city in Texas, Houston is also one of the best cities in the US to live and explore. The city has everything for everyone regardless of age or gender.

There are many great sights to see and activities to try in Houston, making it fun to explore either solo or as a group. Houston’s historical museums, magnificent parks, an amazing food scene, bright and vibrant street art, hospitable locals, and lively zoos!

The city is also very safe for solo travel, even if you’re a foreigner. So, if your friends are too busy to enjoy this beautiful city with you, don’t sit bored in your house or hotel room.

Get out, meet new people, make some new friends, and try one of these 8 best things to do in Houston.

1. Relax in one of Houston’s high-end spas

A day of self-care (signature facials, luxurious robes, professional massage, etc.) is exactly what you need when alone and bored. Houston has exactly the spas you need for optimal relaxation and self-care. Some of the notable spas in the city include:

Hiatus Spa

This spa is best known for its signature Aveda tea and body glow services, such as the upgraded Turkish Delight. Their exfoliating and detox services are out of this world!

Milk + Honey Spa

This is where you go for signature facials in Houston. Do yourself a favor and book the 60-minute facial at their HydraFacial. It is simply amazing!

Yana Skincare

Book a micro-needling session here, and your skin will thank you for it.

Sanctuary Spa

This spa is best known for its Akasuri Scrub. For 60 minutes, you will be massaged, get a full body scrub, and get a Vichy shower treatment at this healing and relaxation sanctuary. Definitely an out-of-body experience!

Float Mizu

There is nothing to do here other than encasing your whole body in saltwater, relaxing your mind, and forgetting all problems in the world.

Massage Heights

Their massage is therapeutic and game-changing!

Fun things to do in Houston

2. Or book a salon appointment

Another way to pamper yourself is to book yourself into Houston’s upscale salons for a hairdo, manicure, or pedicure. If you need a nails manicure, check yourself into Paloma Nails or Q Nails salons, just to mention a few.

These things to do in Houston nail salons are eco-friendly, have the cutest décor you’ll ever see, and the nail polish formula they use is magical. Your manicure was still intact (no chips whatsoever) for over 5 weeks.

If you’re shopping for nice Houston hair salons, L’shear Hair Salon and Spa, Fizz Nail Lounge, and Ellie’s Beauty Salon are some of the salons where you can treat yourself to a glamorous salon day when in Houston.

3. Scope out Houston restaurants

With a ton of bustling and exciting restaurants peppered around the city, Houston is one of the fastest-evolving food towns in the US.

If you are a foodie, you have to explore the city’s culinary scene even if you’re all by yourself. Scoping a restaurant solo can actually be more fun and fulfilling than a group outing.

To get you started, here are some of the restaurants that are well-suited for a solo night out:

  • La Lucha- Best known for their fried chicken… to die for! The dining room is both stylish and comfortable. There is a corner that’s reserved for solo diners where you can have a hearty meal for one as you enjoy live entertainment.
  • Hando- This restaurant oozes the vibe of tightly packed sushi restaurants in Tokyo. However, what makes it stand out is the communal dining experience they offer. You will get a front-row view of the very satisfying sushi-stuffing process. Perfect for a single diner!
  • Truth BBQ- Their smoked beef, lean brisket, pork ribs, and tender barbecue chicken are the best you will ever taste!
  • B.B. Lemon- From their elevated comfort food to their rich cocktail list, everything in this restaurant is nostalgic! The experience here for a solo diner is a must-not-miss.

4. Immerse yourself into the tranquil of Discovery Green

Sitting on about 12 acres of downtown there are many things to do in Houston, Discovery Green is one of the most magnificent parks in the whole of Texas. There is a lot to see and do here when solo.

–          If all you want is peace and quiet, the park has tree-shaded walks that will lead you to a tranquil pond where you can sit and breathe some fresh air.

–          If you want to burn some steam, the park has jogging trails for that.

–          If you are into art, the park has just the art installations that you want to see.

–          For entertainment, the park has an amphitheater where live bands, musicians, and performing arts groups come to showcase their talents.

–          Discovery Green is also home to some of the most magical dining experiences you’ll ever see. There are many restaurants within the park that you can sample. If you crave a share of informal elegance, The Grove Restaurant will give you that.

This restaurant is made of glass, giving you a perfect view of the park and Houston’s skyline. If you’re craving fast-casual fare, you sure will love trying Chef Robert del Grande’s creations at The Lake House. The ambiance and peace that these restaurants provide are out of this world!

5. Grab a bike and explore the city

A bike, just like walking, will give you a closer look at America’s 4th largest city. Biking in Houston is relatively easy and convenient, considering that the city experiences mild temperatures all year round and has some of the most expansive bike trails in the world. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bike because you can always rent one for a day.

6. Spend a day in the bright and vibrant neighborhood of The Heights

Things to do in Houston include the most historic architecture, top dining experiences, and the city’s best antiques. Here are some of the things you should do in The Heights:

  • Shop for fashion items and artifacts, try local delicacies in one of the local restaurants or enjoy a show at Heights Theater.
  • Visit Fat Cat Creamery and Hugs & Donuts for the best ice cream and donuts in the city.
  • Enjoy some live music at White Oak Music Hall.
  • Visit the 3,000–square foot urban garden at Coltivare for some butternut squash pizzas, house-made pasta, or refreshing cocktails.
  • Check out Johnny’s Gold Brick, a throwback cocktail bar in The Heights, for some old-school classics.

7. Find serenity at the Japanese Garden in Houston

A stroll through the 5-acre Japanese Garden (or the Friendship Garden) in Hermann Park will leave you refreshed and ready to face life.

The garden that was designed by Ken Nakajima (one of the most legendary landscape architects in the world) is tranquil and peaceful for anyone looking to meditate, read, or escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The park’s design borrows a lot from the traditional Daimyo style. Its standout features include a stone Yukimi-style lantern, cascading waterfalls, and shaded stone paths & bridges. Serenity at its best!

8. Explore art, history, and culture at the Museum District

Museum in Houston

The Houston Museum District is a gorgeous downtown neighborhood that’s home to a handful of community organizations, museums, art galleries, and cultural centers.

It is entertaining, pedestrian-friendly, and perfect for a solo explorer. When visiting the museum district, be sure to:

  • Explore art, history, and culture at the innovative Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, the Lawndale Art Center, The Museum of Fine Arts, Station Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science, among other museums.
  • Eat at MF Sushi- an impeccably fresh sushi restaurant right at the heart of the district. Specifically, ask for the Omakase tasting at the sushi bar- delightful!
  • Explore the Houston Zoo, home to elephants, giraffes, monkeys, and more than 6,000 animal species.
  • Visit the Miller Outdoor Theater and cozy up for an entertaining (and free) show.

Final word

Who says you can’t have fun when you’re bored and alone? The 8 ideas above will get you started on fun things to do in Houston when all your friends can’t be with you because of other commitments. Now go ahead and have a good time and, while at it, try to create new long-lasting friendships!

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