What makes a good static caravan?

Do you like the idea of having a staycation in the UK every year? How about staying in the most amazing location each time? If it’s your dream to own a holiday home, then there’s no better time to purchase a static caravan, and fully enjoy the time away from your hectic life.

But in order to make the most of your holiday home, you’ll want to ensure you’re buying the best caravan for you, suiting your requirements, and your vision of the ideal holiday.

Checklist of things to consider when looking at static caravans for sale

Static Caravan
  • The ideal layout

First, figure out the layout you’d like for your static caravan. Are you expecting to entertain many guests in your new holiday home? Then, perhaps a spacious lounge and dining area should be one of your top requirements.

Do you like to go away as a family? A four-berth caravan could be the type for you. Think about whether you’d like more space, and would therefore need a caravan awning included.

There are many questions to consider and various layouts available, depending on the brand or dealer. Take the time to visit the holiday parks and caravans in person, and imagine what it would be like to use them for your own holiday. Trust your instincts — you should get a feel for the layout, and whether it will suit your needs.

  • The perfect location

The UK is full of beautiful holiday locations — whether that’s embracing the natural beauty of the countryside, or relaxing to the sounds of crashing waves.

As static caravans are in a permanent place, choosing the right holiday park is vital to achieving your dream holiday.

And it’s not just the area the holiday park is situated, but the caravan site itself that should provide all the amenities you require. If you’re planning on going away with your children, then maybe look for a park which has evening entertainment, kid’s clubs or a crèche service.

On the other hand, if you want a couple’s holiday each year, you may want to look for sports facilities, such as tennis courts or a decent-sized pool.

The seasonality of the site is also another key factor. Some are open 11 months a year, whereas others limit this to eight months during peak times. You’ll want the holiday park’s opening times to match when you wish to use your new caravan.

  • Extra features

There are guaranteed elements that will come as standard in a static caravan, such as shower facilities, an oven, sink, fridge, and storage space.

But it’s always nice to have some bonus gizmos and gadgets, or even extra features included in the interior of the caravan. So, when looking for the best caravan for you, you may want to check if it has double glazing for those cozy nights in, for example — or perhaps it includes some state-of-the-art televisions.

When owning a static caravan, you may also be entitled to special offers and extra features from your chosen site. You could be invited to exclusive events or have access to free brunches, as a holiday homeowner.

  • Pet-friendly

If you’re a dog lover, then a pet-friendly holiday park will be the key to your dream holiday. Most caravan parks allow pets on-site, but on some occasions, some don’t.

So, if you want to bring your pooch along for the trip, it’s definitely worth checking. This also brings us back to the layout of the static caravan you choose.

If you want to bring a pet with you, then the best caravan will have the space to accommodate them. Don’t forget to see if there are any nice walks nearby as well so that the location of your caravan suits you and your pet’s needs too.


It’s always best to look around to find the right caravan for you, and not always buy the first one you see. Remember to look for luxury, design, and innovation.

Check out the holiday home in person, take a look around your chosen destination, and see if the caravan ticks all the boxes of our handy checklist.

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