Weekend Road Trip Checklist

Weekend road trips are refreshing and full of adventure. It may be just a weekend, but the fun and activity can give you energy for a whole month. Unlike vacations, a road trip checklist is about the journey, not the destination.

Hence, you need to plan your Road Trip well. It will save you the agony of being stuck and missing opportunities.

One of the things you need to plan for is accommodation. You can save on your hotel accommodation by using the Hotels.com coupon.

Or suppose you’re feeling extra spontaneous and looking for a unique adventure. In that case, you can use a campervan to make your road trip experience more fun and memorable. 

Unlike a usual car, a campervan offers a great sleeping arrangement and a huge space where you can stretch your legs, eat and take a rest anytime. And so, if you’re looking for a hassle-free and less costly road trip adventure, you may check out a New Zealand campervan trip or wherever you may want to go. 

On the other hand, it’s important to know there are still many things to do to ensure a great weekend road trip. With that, here’s a checklist for having an enjoyable road trip experience. 

Essentials you need for your weekend road trip

License and Registration

They are the most vital paperwork you need before jumping into the car. Ensure that your license is valid in the places you will be driving to during the weekend. Otherwise, you may end up in huge legal trouble if you’re caught driving without a valid license.

To add, it’s also important to carry a copy of the car registration which proves that the vehicle you are driving has legal ownership. It can be yours, or it may belong to a friend or family friend.

But whoever it belongs to, you should have the vehicle registration ready before road tripping. That way, you can rest knowing that you’re driving a legally registered car throughout your destinations. 

Road Trip Packing

Car Manual

Whether driving your car or a rental, do not forget the manual in the road trip checklist. It contains information about the car’s maintenance and safety. It is also great for troubleshooting. It has all the answers you may need about how some of the equipment in the car work.

But aside from bringing a car manual, you should also find the time to have your vehicle maintained before your scheduled road trip. You can hire an experienced mechanic to inspect your car for you. 

For one, they can help you check the tire pressure and tread to avoid problems, such as flat tires, under-inflated tires, and over-inflated tires. You can also have your wipers replaced and windshield wiper fluid replaced. You can also ask them to inspect the engine and the fluids necessary to ensure your vehicle works properly.

Car Insurance

If you get into a car accident, your car insurance financially protects you. Many rental agencies will offer it at an extra cost. However, it is mandatory to drive with some form of car insurance.

The type of basic insurance you need depends on the state. Do your homework before you get on the road.

Car Essentials Pack

These include a spare tire, roadside emergency kit, jack, flashlight, and multi-tool. The road trip checklists include an emergency kit that should contain jumper cables, warning triangles, two light sticks, a window breaker, and a gas can.

The list is not exhaustive. However, the roadside emergency kit contains items to help you if you run into trouble.

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is among the first things you should pack. If you are making your own, the recommendations are:

  • A pain and fever reliever
  • An anti-inflammatory
  • Pepto Bismol for heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach upset
  • Imodium for traveler’s diarrhea
  • An antihistamine to treat allergies
  • An antacid for stomach upset and heartburn
  • Antibiotic cream to protect wounds from infection and speed up their healing
  • Bandages
  • Antiseptic
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors

The above road trip checklist is not exhaustive, but it has the essentials.

Personal Electronics

These include your phone and its charger. You can also carry a camera with its charger. A camera takes better photos than a phone. The recent ones can also upload your photos and videos directly to your social media.

Road Trip Planner

It consists of your map, a reliable GPS, and the itinerary. It will ensure that you keep on schedule and use the best route. The map is vital, especially in areas without cell reception. A backup map is essential on isolated roads.


Do not forget your clothes and accessories. Carry a pair of sunglasses, an extra sweater, toilet paper, your masks, hand sanitizer, insect spray, and sunscreen. Do not forget a snack for the road and entertainment.


The above road trip checklist is not exhaustive. Still, it will give you an idea of what you need. Do not forget to carry reusable water bottles and your documents from home. These two are essential. Weekend road trips are so much fun! Take in the scenery and make great memories.

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