14 Weekender Staples: Consider for Road Trip Packing

Road trips feel spontaneous and adventurous, but they actually take lots of things like road trip packing, planning, and preparation to do it right.

Besides the essentials, like a suitcase full of clothes, your car’s insurance information, and maps for the journey, there are many other must-haves that can make the drive more enjoyable and maybe even save a call for roadside assistance.

Here are 14 weekender staples to consider for road trip packing. For safety, entertainment, and more, don’t leave your home without these items!

#1 Car Chargers

Never miss an opportunity for a fantastic photo on your Weekend road trip. Be sure to keep your phones, tablets, and more juiced up and charged at all times with a car charger. However, if you plan to use larger electronic devices that require an AC power connection, be sure to use a power inverter so that you don’t drain your car’s DC battery.

#2 Portable Air Filter

Keep your car smelling fresh and keep germs at bay with a portable air purifier. Designed to fit snugly into your cup holder, you simply plug this in-car HEPA air filter into your car outlet and let it create cleaner, fresher air inside your vehicle.

#3 Spare Tire (and Plugs)

Before you set out road trip packing, it’s always good to check your tire pressure and fill it up if needed. But how many people actually check the spare? In fact, how many people look at the spare to make sure it’s in good condition. You can even forgo the space and bring along an extra tire just in case, along with a tire plug kit to get by in case it’s just a tiny, slow leak.

#4 Emergency Kits

Be sure to bring emergency kits — both for you and the car! A first aid kit can keep you safe in an emergency, but a roadside emergency kit can help you perform basic maintenance on your vehicle or even save your life in a crisis. Well, a seat cushion for car gives you good spinal support which is more useful for long drives.

Roadside kits come with items like a battery booster, light sticks, reflective vest, rain poncho, warning triangle, whistle, window breaker and a tire pressure gauge.

#5 Paper Maps/Offline Maps


You never know when you might run into an area with limited cell service. Be sure to bring along a set of paper maps of the places where you plan to travel. Alternatively, you could also offline areas using Google Maps.

However, this won’t show you recent data like road closures in the event of snow or an accident. One convenient app is Maps.me, which allows you to download detailed maps offline, acting as a GPS.

#6 Extra Water

If you ever get stranded, you need to stay hydrated until help arrives. Even if you’re able to call for roadside assistance, you could be stranded for several hours. If this were to happen in a desert region, it could mean dehydration, which is life-threatening. So always pack an extra water jug.

#7 Basic Bathroom Necessities and Sanitizer

Rest stops aren’t always the cleanest and sometimes even lack proper amenities. In road trip packing, prepare ahead of time and pack an extra roll of toilet paper, along with some hand wipes, hand sanitizer and even soap, if you need it.

#8 Snow Tools

If you plan to travel in areas where there could be a dusting or blanket of snow, be sure your car can get out of it. Pack a snow shovel to clear your tire’s path if it gets stuck and an ice scraper to clean the windshield so you can see clearly. Be sure to carry proper winter-weather clothing, too, such as gloves and winter boots.

#9 Extra Blanket and Travel Pillow

Taking a road trip with friends and taking shifts? Keep an extra blanket on hand along with a travel pillow to allow someone to get a little bit of shut-eye. Blankets can even double as a picnic blanket or extra warmth if you were to get stranded. Sleeping in the car? Then get a sleeping bag instead.

#10 Travel Mug and Reusable Water Bottle

You can’t go wrong with an insulated travel mug. Take hot coffee-to-go or fill it up with a cold beverage. Either way, a travel mug can prevent unnecessary spills inside the car with a watertight sealable lid and reusable straw. The same goes for a reusable water bottle. Refill whenever you can and stay hydrated on the road.

#11 Day Pack

Don’t bring all your luggage up to the hotel room. Instead, use a day pack to carry the essentials like toiletries, pajamas, the following day’s clothes and your electronics.

Plus, having a day pack allows you to take items like sunscreen, water bottles and maps when you venture out on more minor excursions like a hike in a national park.

#12 Sun Protection

Speaking of sunscreen, be sure to pack proper sun protection. Even when you’re in the car, you can get a trucker’s tan from the driver or passenger window. Also, pack sunglasses, a broad-brimmed hat and SPF-rated lip balm in your road trip packing.

#13 Toiletries

Even if you think your hotel or Airbnb might have excellent amenities like toiletries waiting for you, it doesn’t hurt to pack your own. Plus, you’ll need your toothbrush anyway, so why not just go ahead and pack the toothpaste, too?

Don’t forget other basics like skincare and haircare products, along with a mini hairbrush to keep out those tangles from the rolled-down windows.

#14 Car Cooler and Snacks

Car coolers are perfect for road trip packing, keeping food and drinks cold for hours. Just be mindful about what you stock up on and stick to healthy drinks and snacks that can sustain you on long drives.

Avoid sugary drinks that will only give you a crash afterward. While you’re at it, pack an extra trash bag or two to collect garbage like wrappers and banana peels from your finished snacks.

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