Best Family Road Trip Destinations in the U.S.

The United States is a world-known country when it comes to unforgettable trips. Having all that incredible beauty, which varies from state to state, the U.S. attracts visitors, especially the adventurous ones, who like to challenge themselves and just have fun. 

The families aren’t the exception! A good family trip would get the members closer and distract them from the routine. If you use a rental car or already have yours, it’ll be a great benefit for you.

Thus, your trip will be comfortable, you’ll be able to view some hidden gems there together, which we’re going to introduce to you in this article. This type of traveling you can pick up even for your honeymoon, especially if you are in love with road trips and enjoy it fully.

Pacific Coast Highway, California

A truly legendary place that offers stunning views. This marvel hugs over 600 miles of California’s jagged coastlines and goes north across Washington and Oregon. The road justly deserved one of the most astonishingly picturesque roads in the world.

It takes around 9 hours to drive to the end, however, here you shouldn’t hurry, but slowly savor the beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway.

It is best to come here in the late spring through fall due to the perfectly suitable weather. If you can ride just one highway – we strongly advise choosing this. Your family would be thrilled!

Pacific Coast Highway, California

The Big Five, Utah

Or “The Mighty 5”, is considered to be one of the best places for active family recreation! This region contains 5 national parks:

1. Arches National Park

The park is adjoining the Colorado River and is known for its more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, and enormous balanced rocks. Delicate Arch, the most remarkable one, is situated on its territory.

Arrive early enough to enjoy the vivid colors of the sunshine on the features. 7 seater van rental would help you not to skip such an opportunity. The brighter the light, the bolder the colors!

2. Bryce Canyon

You may be confused, though the name tells it’s a canyon, it actually isn’t! A majestic gathering of natural amphitheaters with its colorful hoodoos, which made it quite distinguishing, – that’s it.

The diversity of rocks’ colors here will provide you with remarkable views! Try to get to the Peekaboo loop here to witness the full panorama. Even if you don’t have a couple of hours to dedicate to the hike, you still can enjoy the scenic drive!

3. Zion National Park

It is difficult to describe the grandness of Zion National Park in words! The unique terrain with all the monoliths, buttes, rivers, and mountains wouldn’t leave you indifferent!

Moreover, the park has plenty of life zones with uncommon animals and plants. Fall is the best season for visiting the park!

4. Canyonlands National Park

The park is a perfect recreational destination. As a rule, there are fewer visitors, so you can enjoy the quietness at most of the points. The ideal time to visit this park is in late spring and early fall.

During this period, the air temperature in the park isn’t too high, and the weather is sunny and pleasant. It is important to check the weather forecast before going to the park. T

he area is suitable for mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, and four-wheel drive. Rent a 7 seater car to experience the breathtaking landscapes altogether! 

5. Capitol Reef National Park

In this park, you can go camping and bicycling. It has lots of trails and beautiful spots to go breathe fresh air and bring your family. Like the previous one, it’s not as busy as other parks like the Arches, Zion. Avoid hiking back at sundown, you may get lost!

Capitol Reef National Park

Niagara Falls, Ontario, New York

A group of three gigantic waterfalls, one of the continent’s most famous spectacles, is about as wonderful as nature gets. It’s located between New York State and the Canadian province of Ontario.

Horseshoe Falls, also known as Canadian Falls, is the largest of its waterfalls, and it extends to the Canada–United States border. Here you can experience the behind-the-falls tours, as well as go over falls in a barrel, and even walk over them on a tightrope! 

The most famous view of Niagara Falls is on the Canadian side, so If you want the genuine Niagara Falls Experience, – visit that side.

Once on the Canadian side of the falls, don’t miss a chance to see the popular town of Niagara on the lake with plenty of awesome places: stores,cafés, and new viewpoints! 

Niagara Falls, Ontario, New York

Florida Keys, Florida

Want some family relaxation trip? Then proceed to Overseas Highway – U.S. 1 to the Florida Keys. This archipelago is especially popular among fishing and yachting fans. The most southern island – Key West, is known for Ernest Hemingway’s house, which is open to tourists! 

The area has specific plant and animal species, some found nowhere else in the U.S. Don’t wait, witness fully a tropical paradise, where both oceans came together, with a 7 seater rental! Sandy beaches and crystal clear water are waiting for you!

Also, there are lots of art museums and restaurants. Don’t forget to reserve swimming with dolphins in advance.

Florida Keys, Florida

Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park is a small statutory town, which lies along the Big Thompson River. It is the base camp for amazing adventures for your family!

Many living creatures are living there: regal elks, mule deer, black bears, bighorn sheep, and coyotes! In addition, the park has lodging, and different events enough to make our best you escape from the routine!

The Stanley Hotel is situated on its territory and is known as a source of inspiration for Stephen King’s bestselling novel “The Shining”.

A park is a must-stop place, no matter is it your destination or you’re just passing through. Watching lovely mountain scenes while driving sheer granite walls won’t leave you indifferent! 

Estes Park, Colorado

We hope that our list helped you to experience some remarkable places and completely recharge your batteries there! Hopefully, you will enjoy your trip and spend your time with much pleasure. 

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