9 Essential Tips for a Solo Beach Vacation

Many people find solo travelers bewildering. But traveling by yourself offers a sense of liberation that cannot be compared to group vacations.

You can be as selfish as you want without worrying about keeping up with someone else’s itinerary. A solo trip is also a great way to connect with yourself and make new friends. Moreover, navigating everything on your own is an excellent confidence booster. 

Beach Vacation Tips

Are you planning to go on your first solo beach vacation? In this post, we’re sharing our top tips for a stress-free trip. Let’s get started. 

#1 Pack Light

The more stuff you pack, the more difficult managing luggage becomes. It would be best to pack as light as possible. After all, you’re going on a beach vacation. You don’t need much clothing anyway.

Stick to staple pieces that can be easily paired with anything. Also, remember to pack flip-flops or beach-friendly sandals.

#2 Bring a Waterproof Bag

A waterproof bag is a must-have for every beachgoer. It will keep your phone and other belongings safe from water damage. If you get a small waterproof pouch, you can even take it in the water.

#3 Don’t Take Valuable to the Beach

Losing the keys to your hotel room or a sentimental piece of jewelry is the last thing you want. Instead of taking the keys with you to the beach, it’s much safer to leave them at the front desk. As far as precious jewelry is concerned, you’re better off leaving it at home.

#4 Protect Your Phone & Have Backup

Your phone is one of the most valuable things for a solo vacation. From searching directions to making reservations, your phone serves a crucial purpose. So you can imagine how disastrous dropping your phone in water can be.

To prevent that, make sure your phone is protected with a waterproof case. We also suggest printing out important contacts and directions, so you are well prepared.

#5 Take Spray-On Sunscreen

One downside of a solo beach vacation is not having anyone to apply sunscreen on your back. And you obviously can’t ask a stranger to do it without coming off as creepy. That’s why spray-on sunscreen is your best friend. You can easily apply all over and avoid getting burned.

#6 Swin Near Lifeguards

When you go swimming in the ocean, stick to areas closer to lifeguards or local authorities. If none of those are present, swim in close vicinity of other beachgoers. This way, you have someone looking out for you if you get caught up in a riptide.

#7 Hide Your Belongings

Going for a swim as a solo traveler can be tricky. What if someone takes your stuff? One option is befriending a family who can watch your belongings while you take a dip.

You can also try clever hacks for hiding your things in plain sight. Some examples include using an empty container of sunscreen or an old book for storing cash.

#8 Catch Up on Reading

People often wonder what all you can do on a solo vacation. Well, anything your heart desires. If you are going to a quaint spot such as the Outer Banks town of Corolla, you can unwind on the beach with a book. You can participate in watersports, go on hikes, shop until you drop, and so much more.

#9 Keep Friends & Family Informed

While going offline and being present is a great way to unwind, you should keep your friends and family in the loop. You just have to update them about your plans for the day and let them know when you get back to the hotel.

You can also download Find My Friends on your phone, so your loved ones can easily locate you.

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