Why Nepal traveling should be your next destination?

Ever dreamed to be in a place that is surrounded by mountain panorama in all directions? Ever dreamed to be standing in a land full of colorful Rhododendron in subtropical forests?

If you are planning your next vacation anytime soon; Nepal traveling should definitely be on your bucket list let us explain why?

New facilities are emerging

Nepal has been developing its infrastructure. In the last decades, almost all tracking trials in Nepal were camping type. There are many great hotels and tea houses on the famous trekking routes like Everest Base Camp Luxury trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Langtang Valley Trek, Manaslu Trek, and Ghorepani Poon hill Trek.

So, despite being a third-world country, Nepal traveling has many luxuries one can enjoy. After Covid-19 Nepal has also improved its safety major, for the tourist. The travel agencies are doing their best to create a safe and clean environment for vacations in Nepal.

Nepal Travel

 Nepal is very affordable

Nepal is in fact one of the world’s best and yet the cheapest destinations for backpackers. It’s unbelievable that you can find the rooms at higher altitudes for less than $5. In Kathmandu, the food is very cheap i.e. a meal costs you about $3 to $4.

A tourist can live a comfortable life in Nepal with the daily expenses of $30 to $40 only. Even the luxurious stay and good restaurants are under budget. So if you are planning a luxurious holiday, Nepal traveling could be your next destination.

The trekking route might a bit expensive as you have to hire a guide and Portal. Also, the food at higher altitudes is expensive. Even then it’s cheaper than most other countries in the world.

 There is so much to see

Nepal is not just about the mountains and difficult trek in the Himalayan terrain. Obviously, the hike to the mountains of Nepal had its own perks.

However, there are many other fun and thrilling activities one can enjoy during their Nepal traveling. In includes

  •  Luxurious helicopter flight to Everest base camp and Annapurna Base camp with a landing
  •  Mountain flight above the world’s tallest Himalayas ranges
  •  Exciting white water rafting with swift-flowing perennial rivers of Nepal
  •  Rock climbing the High Hill
  •  Bungee jumping at some of the deepest Georges of the world
  •  Skydiving at Everest and Pokhara
  •  Paragliding from Pokhara and Godawari

Nepal is also equally popular for sightseeing tours to cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Lumbini. Also, there are new villages such as Landruk, Siklesh, Ghale Gau, and Raina’s, home-stay destinations. You can book all these tours in Nepal with Himalayan Masters.

Witness the vast geographical diversity

Despite being very small, the geography of Nepal traveling differs greatly from 65 m from the sea level to 8848 above the sea level. The lower planes (Terai) are rich in tropical forest and make a great destination for jungle safari and bird watching.

The lush hills in the middle region contribute to making a great view of waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. The mountains region is equally beautiful with the icefall and Glacier lakes along with the high peaks. And beyond the mountains, you can see the see semi-arid landscape in Manang and Mustang.

The biodiversity of flora and fauna including some of the rarest mammals in the world like Himalayan yak, snow leopard, and red Panda is interesting.

 Very pleasant culture

While the world is full of Chaos of modernization the culture of Nepal is still intact from the world. There are 124 ethnic groups in Nepal, all believing in different cultures, traditions, and languages.

Thus, Nepal traveling can be claimed as a live Museum of unique customs and traditions. During the visit, you can wear one of the classic dresses of Sherpa and do a beautiful photoshoot or you can just learn to cook some unique recipes and make your trip even more fruitful.

If you are traveling in the right season you might also get to celebrate one of the great Nepalese festivals as Dashain Tihar and Holi.

 To find peace

With almost one-third of the world population going to a different kind of mental sickness findings piece as been a really difficult job. Many wise souls have to immerse themself in the mountains to find peace and salvation.

You might remember this shooting of Doctor Strange where he found the highest form of energy within the mountains of Nepal. So if you are also looking for a break from all the choices of life and seeking a rejuvenating holiday Nepal can definitely be your savior.

Don’t rush during your visit to Nepal, let your soul rest and feel the presence of mother nature within these mountains. Manaslu Circuit Trek can be ideal for these kinds of tours.

Discount and Offers

The travel industry of Nepal faced a great loss due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. For more than two years, tourism has been greatly affected. And now with the hope to improve the crashing economy, the hotels and travel companies of Nepal are offering unbelieve discounts and offers.

For example, The cost of Paragliding in Nepal has now dropped to half compared to what it was before two years. Similarly, hiking package like Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek, Ghorepani Poon hill trek, Manaslu, etc by Himalayan masters has also become cheaper.

So, this is a great time to visit Nepal.

Final words

So if you enjoyed reading this article and think of Nepal traveling anytime soon then remember to contact Himalayan Masters to organize your enjoyable stay in Nepal.

We will also be happy to organize all kinds of trips and treks to Nepal. Also, you can contact us for any general inquiry.

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