Best Place for Midsummer celebration in Sweden

The only place to should pop up in one’s mind when thinking about the Midsummer celebration in Sweden is Dalarna because no place on this whole planet celebrates midsummer like Dalarna. Dalarna is stationed around Lake Siljan.

The landscape of this place leaves everyone stunned and mesmerized. One thing that we can assure you is that once you celebrate midsummer in Dalarna, you might start considering moving to Sweden from USA.

The memories of that midsummer celebrations will be carved into your brain for a lifetime. Isn’t that incredible?

The midsummer in Dalarna traditionally revolves around celebrations. Experiencing that traditional celebration has its own charm and ravishment. The sightseeing of cottages with white doors is a treat for the eyes.

Those cottages are red because it represents their culture and traditions. By Midsummer celebration, the people welcome summer’s happiness to their lives.

They are cherishing the beauty of nature, the gleaming flowers, greenery, and the clear sky. Furthermore, we will discuss that why celebrating your midsummer in Dalarna this year will be the best decision you have ever made in your life.

Celebrate Midsummer

The Decorations

Everything is decorated with multi-colored flowers. Girls also adorn their hairs with a wreath of flowers, and it looks fabulous. The whole place looks like heaven during a midsummer celebration.

You can’t have enough of that alluring and prepossessing scenery. All the decorations will refresh your soul, and you will feel like that you are breathing peace. Sounds like a  perfect break from hectic schedules, right?

The biggest decorations take place at the maypole. All the people get together to decorate the maypole with fresh flowers and make it look like the most beautiful thing in the whole world.

Traditional Costumes

Everyone wears traditional costumes to indicate unity at the golden period of the year. The traditional costumes are extremely beautiful and extravagant.

Even if you are not from Sweden, and you are visiting Dalarna especially for the Midsummer celebration, you should wear the traditional costumes because we know already that you will be mesmerized by that experience.

Also, experiencing the culture and traditions of other people along them is a perfect thing and is a lifelong experience. That memory always remains the most special one and will stay with you forever, no matter what. Isn’t that incredible?

Singing and Dancing

Midsummer Singing

All the people gather around the maypole, which they have decorated with love and care on the midsummer eve. The purpose of that gathering is to sing and dance together.

The best part is that people play the violin, and the sound of the music that plays is a gift for one’s ear. You will never experience such good violin playing anywhere else in the world.

 So, if you are lucky enough to have the chance to experience it, you better not miss it because sooner or later you are the one who will regret it.

Sing and dance with all the people, and forget about all the tension that is going on in your life. After all, everyone deserves to be happy without worrying about anything during midsummer. Such a beautiful and captivating time of the year, isn’t it?

Traditional Food

Apart from traditional costumes, there is traditional food as well. The best part about the midsummer celebration in Dalarna is the fact that all the people celebrate it together as a family.

People interact with each other and get to know each other. In short, all of them share their happiness with each other on this special occasion.

 If you haven’t tried their traditional food, this is high time you should try it because it is utterly delectable and toothsome. The flavors are rich, which makes their food mouth-watering.

One thing that we can assure you is that you won’t be disappointed after having the traditional food. Who knows, it might be your most favorite thing from the midsummer celebrations in Dalarna?

Also, no celebration is complete without toothsome food, and the people of Dalarna know very well that how a celebration is done in the most perfect and enjoyable way.

The Lake Siljan

Last but not least, lake Siljan will have a lot to offer at the midsummer celebration. First of all, no one can underestimate the beauty of lake Siljan. One falls in love with its beauty at very first sight.

You must be wondering that how the celebrations incorporate Lake Siljan? Well, there is a church located at the shore of this mesmerizing lake. During midsummer celebrations, people sit in boats to visit that church together.

Also, the boating is only done on special occasions like midsummer celebrations, and one must not miss that chance. We hope that now you know why the celebration of midsummer in Dalarna is the best thing to experience.

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