12 Innovative Ideas to Preserve Your Travel Memory

12 Innovative Ideas to Preserve Your Travel Memory

In our life, we experience a lot of moments that we want to cherish forever. We want to preserve these memories for a lifetime and innovative ideas to preserve your travel memory.

For instance, we love to preserve the memories of our marriage, graduation day, or other special occasion using pictures. Similarly, travelling is also an important part of life.

If you love to take trips, and they are often, you must be buying souvenirs or take pictures to keep the memories of your adventure alive.

Innovative Ideas to Preserve Your Travel Memory

Buying souvenirs like magnets or shirts or little shrines are cool, but for a travel junkie, it can be a nightmare. Why? It is because if you buy things from every place, you would require a storage area to keep them.

Be honest, how many of you keep these souvenirs in boxes in your cupboard or garage?

That is what I am talking about. Travelling invigorates us and brings us peace and serenity. You don’t have to preserve your memories from an adventure of a lifetime through photos or souvenirs only.

There are tons of ways to keep travel memories alive. These methods will ensure that you use all your photographs and magnet instead of sitting in a box.

Let’s take a look at 12 innovative ideas that can help you preserve your travel adventures forever.

1. Create a Travel Blog

Create a Travel Blog

Innovative ideas to preserve your travel memory, One of the best ways to use your photos and preserve your memory is to create a travel blog. It is like journalizing your whole trip.

It is not easy to write every day in a journal while travelling. So, start a blog that focuses on where to travel, how to travel, unique places to visit, food to eat, and so on.

It will preserve your memory by adding photos and writing your adventure down. Also, but if you work hard on your blog, you can actually make money from it. Moreover, people will certainly read your blogs if you provide them with good travelling tips.

2. Collect a Unique Souvenir

Collect a Unique Souvenir

Buying chocolates from the places you visit is getting old because you can import to. Pebbles or magnet are great souvenir ideas, but how many magnets can you place on your fridge right?

Why not get something unique which is famous in that country? India has a great collection of handicraft items like spices, wooden artefacts, and so on.

You can get a miniature spice collection that you can place in a cupboard or other artifact that you can use too.

Another great souvenir item is collecting maps, stamps, postcards or shells. They don’t take much space and you can jot down notes on what made that place special.

3. Photo Poster of Yourself

Photo Poster of Yourself

Self-love is paramount! So, if you have a perfect shot of yourself from your trip, don’t let it go to waste. Enlarge the pictures and frame it and hang it over your bed.

Also, you can create a poster using that perfect shot of yourself using the Canva. A self poster sounds cool, isn’t it?

4. Make a Scrapbook

Make a Scrapbook

Innovative ideas to preserve your travel memory, Your travel scrapbook is not only about the amazing pictures you took. It is about jotting down all the adventures you had.

You can write about people or places or food that inspired you. To create a travel book, you will have to take a good and durable scrapbook with you on your trip.

Whenever you see or visit a place or indulge in an adventure that you know will stay with you forever, write in your scrapbook.

Collect some stamps, or receipt from your favorite food place or so on and paste that in the book after you come back home.

Also, print out some amazing pictures from the trip and paste them in the book too. Dedicate two-three pages for one location or trip as per your taste.

5. Send a Postcard

Send a Postcard

You don’t have to send the same old boring postcards that have been in the market since eons. You can use sites like simply cards or daily postcards to customize your postcard.

Add a picture of yourself or your family or the amazing destination that you always wanted to see. Send it your place from the place itself, so you can see them first thing when you reach home. You can make a postcard using these sites on your mobile or website.

6. Memory List

Memory List

A memory list is similar to a shopping list or ebook that you can create on your mobile phone using Canva. The notebook can be specific to travel memories only.

In this, you write in short what made you fall in love with that place. The best food you had or the worst spot or which adventure activity you took part in it and so on.

Agoda WW

You can even share it with people who went with you so that you can reminisce about it later.

7. Make a Memory or Shadowbox

Make a Memory or Shadowbox

Innovative ideas to preserve your travel memory, A shadow box or memory box is a display box made of glass that you can use to store some of the best souvenirs from your trip.

The best thing about it is that you can hang it like a photo frame. So use your best picture or pebbles or stamps or coins, and put them in a glass box together to honor a memorable trip.

8. Collect Sands

Collect Sands

Innovative ideas to preserve your travel memory, We take a handful of sand from the endless landscape of awareness around us and call that handful of sand the world- Robert M. Pirsig.

Sand is a true souvenir as it smells of the place and is a perfect way to preserve your memory. If you like this idea, collect sand from the places you visit, if possible.

There are tons of ways to display this sand. For instance, you can use the sand to create jewelry like a neckpiece, or you can display it in small bottles and keep it in your showcase.

9. Video


You can also create a video memory of your trip. Choose the best photos and videos from your trip and merge them into one. You can post it on your social media or keep it on your computer.

Whenever you feel like revisiting your travel memories, you can view that video. You don’t need to have a special storage place for it as well.

10. Leftover Money

Leftover Money

Innovative ideas to preserve your travel memory, Usually, people can save some money on their trips. You can look at them even years later and reminisce about your travels.

Also, if you feel like it, you can use some coins or small bills and put in your memory box or glue them in your scrapbook.

11. Create a Playlist

Create a Playlist

Another great idea to remember your travel days is by creating a playlist. Make a list of all the songs that you listened to while traveling to a particular destination.

Next, make a playlist on Spotify or YouTube and listen to it anytime. It will bring back a lot of memories and the fun you had when the tune was playing in the background.

12. Print Short Square Photos and Hang them in Your Home

Print Short Square Photos

If you have a Pinterest account, you must have seen crafty ideas about using prints in your home. Print your best photos and hand them using a string in your home or use lights over them to light up a corner of your room.

Tell me some of your best ideas to preserve your travel memories.

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