Attain China Visa, and Explore a New Experience in Life!

How to Get a China Travel Visa, China is the most favored nation in East Asia, famous for traveling. China has fascinating landscapes, and a splendid environment makes it a worthy destination to travel.

If you have any plans regarding China travel, the primary thing to pay close attention to is its Visa. Without a Visa, how you get into China. Taking China travel visa can be sometimes smooth and more comfortable.

On the other hand, sometimes it creates a lot of hassle too. I have applied for a different China Visa, but all the experiences were different.

How to Get a China Travel Visa

That is why; I am here to make your visa issue simple. Do the demonstrated details declare about How to get a China to travel Visa?

Read on thoroughly to make your process of taking Visa easy and comfortable ongoing. I hope the guide will be helpful to apply for Visa easily in your case. You can read also Best Islands in India for Honeymoon.

Get Your Visa in the Sorting Process

How to Get a China Travel Visa

China Visas are categorized into two categories, one is ordinary, and the second one is diplomatic. The travel visa considered in the ordinary section and named as Tourist Visa (L).

In the case of a travel visa, it is issued to those people, whose aim is to plan for tour and sightseeing in China. You can read also Romantic Indian Destinations For Honeymoon.

Omio Many Geos

To know how to get a tourist visa to China, it is important to submit proofs of travel, such as hotel reservation proof, flight confirmation tickets, and other requirements related to travel.

For tourists, all the entry systems are allowed, single, double, and multiple. In a tourist visa, you will get about 30 to a maximum of 60 days to travel. You can read also Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in India.

China Tourist Visa (L) Requirements

How to Get a China Travel Visa

For all the tourists, Via (L) is required. To avail the visa, requirements are:

  • Passport (Passport must contain at least 6 months validity left with one blank visa page)
  • Passport Copy
  • Two passport size pictures (Make sure to have recent pictures)
  • Form of application
  • Invitation letter (provided by tour agency)
  • Reservation proofs (Reservation of hotels, flights)
  • Under 18 minors ( If there s a minor traveling, it requires birth certificate, and passports of mom and dad)
  • From the origin of China ( in case, traveler’s birth is from China

What to do to get China to travel Visa (L)?

How to Get a China Travel Visa

To get a visa to China, make sure to have all the documentation and requirements. If you are done with your documentation, go to Chinese diplomatic missions, embassies, consultants, or the Chinese Visa Application Center.

In case there is no source in your country or destination to submit these documentations, you can contact any travel agency also. You can read also Top Hill Stations in India.

The visa agency will handle everything afterward on behalf of you. Don’t worry about the appointment. It is not necessary to fix a meeting.

If the Chinese Visa Application Center (CVACs) is not nearby, you can send an application or post to them to start working. You can read also Best Places to Go Scuba Diving in India.

How long to get China tourist Visa?

 China Travel Visa

To avail China Tourist Visa from India, it will take near about 4 working days. If you want it to happen urgently, pay extra USD 20 to get them working done within 2 or 3 working days. In case you want service within the day, pay USD 30 extra.

What requirements and cost US citizens cost to travel to China?

The China tourist visa requirements are:

  • Visa
  • Valid passport (If passport if expired, visa automatically get expired)
  • Valid visa to exit from China
  • Inform the police within 24 hours to arrive in China. Otherwise, you have to pay fine.
  • Do not forget to take the stamp of endorsement at the desk of immigration before departure. 
  • The Chinese Government does not allow offering consular assistance to the U.S. embassy. 

China Visa Fees

To attain China Travel Visa (L), it will cost you near about 140$.

I hope now you won’t face any issue about how to get a china travel visa. The demonstrated details above are helpful to let you know about the entire process.

So have fun over there with your companions. You can read also Best Snow Places in India


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