Hutchinson Library: The Haunted Place in Kansas, Address, Timing

Hutchinson Public Library tries to take the world to information and attempts to connect it to the people of our community.

It is a fun, educative and creative play center which not only provides you with lots of books to clear your doubts but also gives you an opportunity to communicate with others.

Moreover, the staff is also excellent, cordial, knowledgeable, and too friendly that will help you to explore many different options on the books.

Hutchinson Public Library

You will find a wide variety of various books there that you can select from. Not only book stores but there you will also find computers and computer stations. In the upstairs, there is a quiet area where you can go for a short meeting.

Moreover, there is also a delightful children’s place. This place is magnificent and beautiful for children’s activities and is a warm place having many other options. This Library is not less than a blessing for the interested ones.

Is the Hutchinson Public library Haunted?

Hutchinson  Library

Ida day Holzapfel is a former librarian who is said to haunt the Hutchinson Public Library. She died in a car accident. It got noted that she was going on her job at another library where it was her first day.

She had started working in the Haunted Place Hutchinson Public Library in 1915 and got died in 1954. She had left from Hutchinson library to work as a catalog librarian for the California library. However, on the first day of her job, a car accident killed her.

Hutchinson Libraryy

Her spirit had been spotted in the Hutchinson Public library many times, and even it has been found talking to a staff member in the basement of this library.

Many employees working in that library have heard some footsteps in the basement of that library. Moreover, now there are many rumors spread as if something is missing or misplaced then Ida Day had done this.

However, it has been found that even someone is alone in that library then they can see that spirit walking around or looking at books. You don’t worry because she is not so harmful and even she will not say anything to you.

Hutchinson Library Hours

Well, the library is usually open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Thursday. Moreover, from Friday to Saturday it is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but for Sunday it is from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. there is only cash was taken and a given process for payment.

There is a new make it and take it space in the basement which is ultimately fantastic. It saves much time of visitors and also to find a book in a fast way. Moreover, the librarians are cheerful and eager to help always.

Hutchinson  Library

With the great work of the staff and good arrangement and well-arrangement of books in the library, this public library had turned from one star to a five-star library.

This library is always open in its scheduled timings, and everyone can visit there at that timing. No one gets prohibited from going there.

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Hutchinson MN Library Activities

The Hutchinson Public library is a member of the system of Pioneer land Library which serves Hutchinson as well as other surrounding communities. There is an invalidating open area for children.

Hutchinson  Library

The books are arranged in a good way so that children can have complete access. There are many programs and events organized in this library. Many people love the new programs and wanted to become a part of this beautiful and awesome community.

The programs organized by this are proved impressive for child development and the playing area in the library which is one of the best places for rainy day outings. The kid’s section got decorated with new bright colors that attract many of the visitors.

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Hutchinson KS Public Library

Well, Hutchinson is the largest city and also a county seat in Reno County in Kansas situated in the United States. It locates on the Arkansas River. It is a small town but has a fantastic library with a good selection of books.

You can see whatever you want either you can read the newspaper with a cup of coffee either you can learn a magazine. Shelves are so well arranged which had made it so easy to find any book in the library.

This library has an outstanding stock of materials and gets fully furnished with many elements providing quickly to visitors.

Undoubtedly this place is so comfortable and relaxing for group meetings, personal readings, for reading a magazine, and so many activities can get done cheerfully.

Hutchinson Public Library Meeting Rooms

No preference applicable in this library. Whether you are just a member of the community or you are from a non-profitable group this library will provide you meeting rooms.

Hutchinson  Library

Generally, this library has three meeting rooms which are free of cost and are available freely for group use. Moreover, the best part is that catering is also available in these rooms.

The first room is the Auditorium. In this room, around 30 to 70 people can easily seat because it is 25 ft. X 60 ft. This room has extra tables and chairs which can get used anytime. This room receives well equipped with a podium, projector, and screen.

Moreover, if someone needs a microphone, laptop, i-pad, VHS, DVD, then this is available there. There is also an art gallery having different artists who display their art every month.

Second is Conference Room 1. It is 14 ft. X 22 ft. Around ten people can sit in this room. A chalkboard is available in this room. There is also an environment of silence so that the meeting can get done in a quiet place.

The third room for doing a group meeting in Conference Room 2. It is at 25 ft. X 18 ft. Around 20 people can comfortably sit in this room. This room also has dry erase boards that can be used for a meeting purpose.

So, this was all about the Hutchinson Public Library. It is a pleasant place, and the staff is so helpful who will always be ready for you whenever you need them. Activities organized by this library are beneficial for child development and will enhance their social activities.

This library has proven to be a cheerful place that serves much information through books, computers, and programs.

Moreover, since the last years, this place has improved its activities in a perfect manner that has made this library in a top list. So, what are you waiting for? Just plan and go there with your family and do not forget to take your kids there.

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