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Egypt may have experienced political instability in the past, but now it is one of the most booming tourist hubs. Millions of people all over the world come to bask in all its glory and wonder. If you are also looking to visit Egypt as a US citizen, you are in the right place.

Egypt Visa For US Citizens

Here is your complete guide to applying for an Egypt Tourist eVisa as a US citizen. So, if you want to visit Egypt, keep reading.

Egypt Tourist eVisa

Many countries have started handing out eVisa. They make the process simple and convenient because you don’t have to go to an Egyptian embassy in your city.

All you have to do is sit at home, fill a form, and the visa will be delivered via email.

Egypt has also started giving out Tourist eVisa to US citizens. Whether you need an Egypt Tourist eVisa for one week or thirty days, you can simply apply for it online.

Don’t understand how to go about it? Here is everything you need to do:

  • Fill out the online application form
  • Pay the visa fees which can cost around $100
  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months
  • Processing may take five working days
  • If your visa is accepted, you will receive it via email

Yes, all you have to do is follow these five steps, and you will receive your Egypt eVisa in no time. Of course, there is much more to it, which brings us to our next point.

Validity Of Egypt Visa for Us Citizens or Americans

An Egypt visa for US citizens is a document that will allow you to enter the country and travel within. That is why you need to print it out and keep it with you so your identity can be validated once you arrive.

We recommend you keep two copies so that you don’t lose them when you are travelling in Egypt.

Now, the validity of your Egypt Tourist eVisa is ninety days from the date you have been issued the visa. However, you will only be allowed to stay in Egypt for a maximum of thirty days.

You have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t extend your stay beyond the limit that has been granted by the authorities.

You can also get a multiple entry Tourist eVisa, however, that will cost you more than the single entry visa. So, you need to first decide how you are going to be traveling, and then apply for the visa.

Once you do, you will get it in no time and you will be traveling Egypt with ease.

If you a Cultural lover you can do many things to do in Egypt.

Required Documents For Egypt eVisa

You can’t travel without filling in the correct information on your online application form. That is why whenever you decide to fill your online application, you need to keep the relevant documents with you so you can fill out everything correctly and you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting your documents.

The online application of the Egypt Tourist eVisa will require you to fill out details such as name, address, passport details, etc. However, you will need to show a few documents when you arrive as well. You have to prove to the authorities that you are legally entering Egypt so you don’t face any problems.

Here are the documents you will need to show on arrival to the relevant authorities:

  • Travel itinerary
  • Egypt eVisa printout
  • Passport (should be valid for six months on arrival)
  • Hotel bookings and places you may be visiting

All of these are strict requirements, and if you fail to show these on arrival, you may not gain entry. So make sure you keep these documents with you at all times. Besides your passport, you can make copies of everything so you have backups in case you lose a copy.

Apply For Egypt Visa Online

The process to apply for an Egypt Tourist eVisa has never been easier for US citizens. All you have to do is take out a few minutes of your time to fill the application form and you will receive your visa via email in a few days. The best part is that you will not have to visit the embassy.

If you plan on visiting Egypt for business, you need to show your company’s letter on arrival as proof. Even with this, you can only stay up to 30 days in the country. Remember that if you exceed the duration of your stay, you may be deported, required to pay a heavy fine, or you will be forbidden from traveling in Egypt again. That is why you should only stay for the duration of your visa.

Here is the fee guideline for applying for an Egypt eVisa:

  • Single entry eVisa costs $25
  • Multiple entry eVisa costs $60
  • The standard processing service fee is $30

It is recommended that you create an eVisa application at least a week before you decide to depart from your country. That is because you will get the eVisa in five business days so you have to leave a room for two days to get everything in order before you depart.

Before traveling to Egypt, you have to understand that for many people it is a challenging country to explore. However, when you know the right things to do, you will encounter an experience you won’t find anywhere else. There are many things to learn and explore, and you can do it all in Egypt.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to an Egypt Tourist eVisa for US citizens. If you want to explore Egypt then you can do it now from your home. What are you waiting for? Fill out the application form and start applying.

Once you do, you will receive your Egypt eVisa within a week and soon your dreams of visiting the pyramids will become a reality. 

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