5 Best Indochina Tour For Lifetime Experience

Southeast Asia has everything that can assault your senses on the first visit. The ancient scent mixed with the busy rhythm of city life will bring you a second-to-none experience. Don’t know where and how to start your Indochina Tour? Pick one of our suggestions below to get a suitable Indochina tour for you. 

Best of Vietnam and Cambodia 15 days

You have never been to Southeast Asia countries before and are looking for a sightseeing free-worry tour? Vietnam and Cambodia 15 days itinerary is for you. The journey will bring you across Vietnam – the snaking S-shape country and move to Cambodia by speed boat. 

Your journey will start with the city attractions and hidden alleys of the Hanoi Old Quarter. Then, you will keep moving to Halong Bay – the World UNESCO Heritage, where you can spend time on the junk boat to witness the stunning seascape and amazing nature-blessed caves.

Ancient Hoi An town is the next stop for you to have a leisure walk and feel the relaxing lifestyle. 

Your  Indochina tour will continue with vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, lush green vegetation, and mighty waterways of the Mekong Delta before heading to Cambodia. The country will welcome you with the journey back to the earliest traces of its historic religious culture and the unskippable famous Angkor complex.

Though the trip is not as long as others, the itinerary is well organized to ensure you can experience the most highlighted destinations of the two countries. $1300/pax is an affordable price for tight budgets. The tour is also suitable for adults, couples, and families with kids.

Highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 3 Weeks

One of the best Indochina tour packages we’d like to recommend to you is the itinerary to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in 3 weeks.

The trip is longer than the previous one, so there are more places for you to visit. You can witness the ancient relics and, at the same time, the developing rhythm of the three countries.

Besides famous destinations such as the inspiring Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia, breathtaking Halong Bay, and rustic Mekong Delta in Vietnam, gorgeous Thailand’s diverse culture and beauty are added to the visiting list.

You will be surprised by the historic palaces and temples wrapped inside the modern edges of Bangkok city. The ancient royal architecture of the fabulous old capital – Ayutthaya- will take your breath away.

The package includes sightseeing, activities to interact with locals, time to explore the culture and history, and relaxation.

You can also find it a little bit of a soft adventure which is suitable for young adults and seniors. With the price of around $2300/pax, you will have a wonderful three-week trip and will be amazed more than you expected. 

Still, considering? We are sure you can find your Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand trip at

Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos Odyssey 20 days

Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Odyssey in 20 days can be one of your best Indochina tours. The three neighboring countries share things in common but, at the same time, are unique. The ancient temples, hustle cities, untamed jungles, and exotic cultures are all you can expect to experience on the trip.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are the two must-visit cities to feel the metropolitan pulse of developing Vietnam. Immersing yourself in the authentic grandeur of Angkor wat and its surrounding temples in Cambodia is the next plan on your journey. Besides, the peaceful ambiance of Luang Prabang is what you’re going to explore and be satisfied with.

There are many heritage sites representing Lao’s diverse ethnic culture. You can have a chance to understand more about the lifestyle of ethnic villages. Traditional food, folk song, and dance are brought to you like a warm welcome.

The well-planned itinerary for 20 days to the three countries in the Indochina peninsula is one of our best Indochina tour packages that will surpass all your expectations. You can live out your dream of getting closer to Southeast Asian history, culture, and nature and have unforgettable memories with just $2500. 

Vietnam Cambodia Thailand at Glance 14 days

If you have quite limited time but still want to explore more destinations. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back with our Indochina tour to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in 14 days. 

The theme of the tour is culture and nature. Therefore, you will be able to witness the most stunning landscapes in Vietnam, such as Halong Bay and Mekong Delta. In Cambodia, Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm Temple will impress you at first glance with their incredible architectural structure and stunning view.

Thanks to the well-organized plan, it’s possible for you to visit one more country. Bangkok city buzzes with life, and Ayutthaya preserves its history traces, promising to give you unforgettable moments.

The tour is offered at an affordable price of around $1800, very suitable for young adults and those who travel alone.

Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia & Thailand Discovery 21 days

Last but not least, it’s our Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia, and Thailand tour for 21 days. If you want to explore most countries on your Indochina trip, why don’t you consider this option?

There are cultural-focused activities such as visiting the ancient pagodas and colonial-era sites to help you understand more about the history and spirit of Laos. In Cambodia, you can taste their exquisite cuisine and interact with Khmer local people.

It’s also a wonderful tour where you can explore different sides of Thailand and learn about its history. Besides, it’s a lifetime moment when you can wander and relax in the charming Hoi An city with your partner!

$3300 is not an overpaid price compared to what you can gain after the trip. As it provides a unique joyful experience, some tourists even wish the tour would be longer than just three weeks.

With our itinerary, we promise you a dream come true journey with the whole scents, colors, and sounds that you’ve never tried before. 

Feeling excited now and want to jet off to the area? Book your desired Indochina tour with BestPrice Travel! If you still don’t know what itinerary to choose, let us arrange the best one that suits you. The wonderland is now waiting for you! 

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