Best Travel Options for International Tourists to visit China

Are you planning for travelling to China?

If yes, you need to first apply for a China visa and then find the best travel option, i.e. by air, by water, by road, or by train.

It is one of the first decisions travellers need to make when visiting a foreign country like China. Like all the other countries, you cannot travel to China without a Visa.

So, the first thing you need to do is secure a Chinese visa. You can check the visa requirements for visiting different cities in China as some cities don’t need a visa.

For example, if you only want to go to Macau, there is no need to apply visa to China as people from nearly 100 countries can visit this city without a visa.

But if you want to travelling in China to different locations, make sure you apply for a China visa well in advance.

No matter what type of travel option you are choosing, without a visa, you will not get entry. The visa application process is pretty simple. You can do it from an online website as well.

Apart from visa application, you also need to look for the best travel options to visit China. If you are confused between different modes of transport, follow this guide.

In this article, we will show you the best travel option to visit China. It will help you to make the right choice considering your budget and time availability.

Best Travel Options to Visit China:

When it comes to travelling to China, you can either visit the country by air travel or go by road, sea or train. Here is the information about travelling to China using different travel options.

Travelling by Air:

The first and the best travel option available is by air. Most tourists use this travel option when travelling to China. The first thing that you should know about travelling to China by plane is that there are flights that leave for this part of the world almost every single day. 

Flights for China are available from different parts of the world as it is a well-known country. There are various airports in major Chinese cities. There is Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing. Then there is Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Shanghai.

Apart from that, other airports like Hong Kong International Airport, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, and Xian Xianyang International Airport are also available in China for air travel. 

Out of all these airports, the one in Hong Kong is very popular. You can travel to 180 different places from this airport. Once you reach the airport, you will find public transport as well as private transport to reach the hotel. There are nearly 100 airlines that provide China travel options. You can either take a direct flight or connecting flight, depending on your location. 

Booking tickets in advance can help you get the cheapest airfare possible. Plan your trip in the offseason to get cheaper tickets. You can book tickets online as well. Make sure you carry the flight ticket as well as a Chinese visa when travelling to China via flight. Also, try to reach the airport early to avoid long queues. 

Travelling by Road:

Many people are not really aware, but it is entirely possible to travelling to China by road. People are so used to travelling to China by airplane that they don’t even consider this option. However, if you have a car, this travelling option is also available. 

China shares the border with 14 countries. Some of the countries are India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North Korea, Pakistan, Myanmar, Russia, Vietnam, and Tajikistan.

If you are living in any of these countries, you can travel to China by road. However, you cannot travel from India due to political issues. 

But, you can still travel from Pakistan. The Karakoram Highway will take you from Pakistan to China. Apart from that, you can easily travel from Nepal as well. In fact, many tourists choose to enjoy a Tibet tour from Nepal by overland.

It connects to China via Tibet and Vietnam. You can also easily travel from Myanmar and Laos. If you have a car, you can easily travel by road. However, you will also get buses for transport and cars for hire. 

Travelling by Train:

It is one of the most affordable travel options to reach China. As China has many neighboring countries, you can easily travel via train. Train travel option was once available from India to China, but it is closed due to political reasons. 

But, there are many other countries from where you can easily travel to China by train. Kazakhstan is one such country that allows train travel to China. You can also travel from Russia via the Russian Trans-Siberian Express. However, it takes one week to complete the journey. 

The best train travelling option is available from Vietnam. You can take the train from Hanoi to reach Beijing. There is a daily overnight train available between these destinations. Make sure you check the train availability and book confirmed tickets. You also need a visa to China when travelling by train.

Travelling by Sea:

China shares a maritime border with many countries. Some of the countries are Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. As China shares a water border with these countries, you can easily travel to China by sea from these countries. 

You can take a cruise or opt for ferry services when travelling to China by sea. The ferry services are available from Japan and South Korea. If you are living in these countries, you can take a ferry instead of train or air travel. If you have some extra money with you, it is best to take a cruise instead of a ferry for a luxury experience. 

However, this travel option is only available for people who have more free time and who don’t suffer from seasickness. Make sure you search for the best travel option and read all the guidelines before you book your ticket. You will also need a Chinese visa for travelling to China by sea. 

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