West Virginia Penitentiary photo

A Ghost Adventures Haunted West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville

West Virginia PenitentiaryThe West Virginia Penitentiary is a Gothic-style prison located in Moundsville, West Virginia. Was now withdrawn from the prison and it got operated from 1876 to...
Gettysburg Battlefield pics

A Ghost Tours of the Gettysburg Battlefield Pennsylvania, United States

Gettysburg BattlefieldYou would get centrally located in Gettysburg Battlefield with a stay at Quality Inn Gettysburg Battlefield.The hotel steps from the Lincoln...
Mel’s Hole

The Strange Mystery of the Mel’s Hole, Ellensburg Washington

Mel’s HoleMel’s Hole has become famous because of an interview of Mel Waters with Art Bell on the American radio show. Mel Waters claimed that he had found...
Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum images

A Ghost Adventures Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Haunted House

Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum gets also named Weston State Hospital. It is also the place visited by many of the people all around the world because of the place to be famous...
Hippie Tree pic

Hippie Tree: A Haunted Location Traverse City, Michigan

Hippie TreeThe hippie Tree stands for its fusion or combination through the art that it bears.It resembles the culture of the area impressively....
Eloise Asylum

A Haunted Tour of the Eloise Asylum (Psychiatric Hospital), Michigan

Eloise AsylumEloise Asylum was a mental hospital in Michigan which gets now closed. It gets situated in Westland, Michigan.The tour this site provides...
Sedona Vortex images

A Mystery of the Sedona Vortex: Tour, Hike, Location

Sedona VortexSedona Vortex is the place of red rock temple which is visited by many of the people all around the world.It gets...
Pine Barrens pics

Hidden History of Pine Barrens Ghost Towns in New Jersey

A deserted place with abandoned railroad trails, brick walls in the middle of the forest, a casual walker walking past this road would be stunned to come across this situation. A closer...
Lake Michigan Stonehenge photos

Under Water Stonehenge Found in Lake Michigan

Discovering a building underwater would seem highly unlikely; however, there have been numerous stories that relate to this concept- the concept of finding a lost city under the water. Similarly, scientists have...
Basin Park Hotel

A Tour of Ghost Adventure Basin Park Hotel: Ghost Stories, History

You obviously do not want to be awake at 4 am for no reason, as long as your mom doesn’t call you out for school/college. Since you’re on your ‘holiday’ trip and...

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