Bullet Baba – Om Banna Temple (Jodhpur), History, Location

Om Banna or Bullet Baba

Bullet Baba a.k.an Om Banna is the most famous temple in the state of Jaipur, Rajasthan. And if you thought Om Banna or Bullet Baba is a temple of a mighty warrior or a god, then it’s wrong! It’s NOT a temple of any god or any mighty warrior.

It’s a temple of a regular rider who died in an accident. Yes! You read it right. It’s a temple built after a “human’s” death.

Bullet Baba History or Om Banna Story

bullet baba motorcycle mystery

Call it as you may- om Banna temple or bullet baba mandir. The story behind the construction of the Om Banna temple is as eerie as the name of the temple.

Bullet Baba, whose real name was Om Singh Rathore, died in an accident on December 2nd, 1988.

While he was traveling from Pali to Chotila, he lost control of his bike and hit a tree, where he died instantly. His bike fell into a trench.

The next morning, when a local reported the incident to the police station, they took the bike to the police station. But the next day, the bike was reported missing from the police station and was found at the accident spot.

The police again brought the motorcycle to the police station. But, this time, they chained it and emptied the fuel tank so that whoever stole it last time won’t be able to steal it again.

Despite their attempt at preventing the bike from moving/stealing, the bike disappeared from the police station again and was found at the same spot. Locals said that om Banna’s motorbike kept returning to the same spot where he died in the accident.

No matter, how many times the police tried keeping the bike in their possession it was always found at the same spot every other day.

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Om Banna Temple

Bullet Baba
Bullet Baba

Image Credit: Clément Bardot – Wikimedia Commons

This incident attracted the population residing there. The people saw it as a miracle and soon started worshipping the bike. Soon, a temple was built in a memoir of “Om Banna” and his bullet after being convinced of the miracle.

The term “Banna” in the name of “Om Banna” is known amongst the Rajput of Rajasthan as a boy or newly-wed groom. The temple is also called a bullet baba temple.

Enterprise Many GEOs

Om Banna is of no doubt is a made-up god by the people. But the temple is just like any other temple.

The temple became widely popular; they had to relocate the shrine a few meters away from the highway due to its increasing amount of visitors every day. The bullet baba temple also has a full-time priest.

Om banna bike
Om Banna bike

People believe that one must pray to om Banna for a safe trip before they start moving. Some even stop just to have his blessings for a safe journey, and those who do not do so likely to have a dangerous journey or, as the legends say so.

The bullet is covered in a glass box. It is believed that the bullet baba’s spirit helps suffering travelers.

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