Bokor Hill Station

While visiting in Bokor Hill Station Cambodia, it is not enough to visit only Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.

You can also head to the riverside town Kampot in the south direction if you are looking for the proper relax.

I have chosen the same to visit there and enjoyed its atmosphere and architecture a lot. I have also organized some day trips to spice up my stay there.


Where is Bokor Hill Station?

The place, Kampot is not much far from the town, and it is the mysterious place of Bokor hill station.

Bokor hill station is situated in Cambodia.


The place is atop the Bokor Mountain that has French colonial buildings 37 Kilometer west of Kampot in Southern Cambodia.

Visiting Cambodia

I have moved on to the little town of compose. In this little town, there is a hill which is not too far from the town is called bokor hill.

Enterprise Many GEOs

On top of the mountain, an old French town is there. In this old French town, there is an abandoned casino, and we took a little scooter on rent and checked out generally at this scooter.

I did not drive there in Cambodia because people at the place are very crazy. This is a very small town.


All the way is like the mountain road, which is very curvy. There were not many cars on the curvy way to match with an accident.

I think the way is very safe. We were literally in the clouds. The food was delicious, and I have enjoyed the local atmosphere, outdoor and seaside adventure in Bokor National Park.

Everything, where I had experienced, was very close to each other. I spent three days here, and the place has won my heart.

Is Bokor Hill Station Haunted?

Once it was a rich resort town that was built by the French Colonists. It was instead constructed in a tragic way.


Before its construction was finished, a massive number of workers died here. It is situated at a height of 3438 feet.

The strange thing about this hill station is that, throughout its macabre history, it has been actually abandoned twice. That’s why Bokor hill station is also considered as the haunted place.

Firstly, it has happened in the year 1940. The second time, it happened in the year 1950.

There lives no one, and if anyone comes to live there, they also leave the place soon. I have even seen the signs of fighting there.


How to get to Bokor Hill Station?

You can visit there by yourself with your family or friends, or you can also join any organizational trip to the place.

I have visited there with my friends. From the center of the Kampot, it is around 15 km to enter the Bokor hill station.

After entering, we prepared for the ride up to the hill. It is a wonderful scenic ride to the mountain by motorbike. The roadway is very good.


We have taken bikes on rent. We have also entered the Bokor National Park with our motorcycles by paying Rs 40/- per bike.

Bokor Hill station Weather and Best Time To Visit

The temperature during the months of summer, from May to July remains 25 degrees.

During the monsoons, due to heavy rainfall, I have visited here and in the surrounding park.

On bright days, you can also spot the Gulf of Thailand from here. You can best visit here in the months from December to April.


Although if there is no rain in these months, even then, the temperature remains 20 degrees.

Bokor Hill Station Kampot

There are all over picturesque streets in Kampot. Most of the streets look the same as they were 50 years ago.

We have even included Kampot on our trip to Cambodia. I also found some new buildings in the center of Kampot.

I felt like Kampot is a vast time machine that took me to thousands of years back in history.


This place is famous for the pepper plantations which are taken by all the good restaurants of the place.

Best Places to See in Bokor Hill Station

You can visit many places to see in Bokor hill station like I have visited Damnak Sla Khmao, Le Bokor Palace and Casino, Popokvil Waterfalls, Wat Sam prove Pam, 100 Rice Fields Sacred Meditation Area, and Lok Yeay Mao Monument.

Buddha Statue

This hill was not our final destination, and we also went to Buddha’s statue. This statue is very great.

As it was the time of the new year, so there was so much celebration going to happen there.

People were coming here to give gifts to the Buddha. Besides the Buddha thread, we have seen an abandoned house, and we went to check it out and see what really it is.

We directly turned to the corner. It was like a city full of five different buildings. It was like a paradise, and I loved it very much. The house beside the Buddha statue was very cool.

According to my, they were preparing the home for renewing it to make something like a resort. We felt fortunate to visit here.

I am very excited to see this renovated place of how this new hotel or resort looks like at the side of the Buddha statue.

It is going to be a fantastic view of how the abandoned casino is going to look like. It was so creepy and ominous if we look it from the top of the mountains.

Bokor Hill Station Church

An old church was even much creepier. From the top of the church mountain, it was the very nice of view around the place.

We all were up in the clouds. The place was very crowded as it was the time of the new year.

Image Credit: Bokor Hill Station

I do not know why we call it casino because it is an unfinished building and there are no such activities like the casino.

However, still, it was a pretty cool building. Then we have joined a fun party and danced a bit there.


After enjoying the party, we came to the waterfalls, but there was no water because it was a dry season. There were all over the rocks in the waterfall.

I looked a unique carnivorous plant there about which I have read on the internet. This plant is found only on this mountain in Cambodian and nowhere else.

All kinds of mosquitoes and the buds fly through this plant, and then they get trapped.

I have never thought that I will ever see the carnivorous plant in the wild.

This my best day ever that I have spent with these plants on the mountain of waterfalls.

You will love to visit here, and will get to know about the history of French colonists.

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