Best bike trails To see fall foliage along The California coast

From San Diego in the south to the redwoods in the north, the California coast is well over 1,000 miles of spectacular scenery. The only thing better than viewing all this from your automobile is seeing it from the seat of an adult beach cruiser.

This style of bike is made for a day along the coast and at one of California’s many beach parks.

The bike’s look is great with eye-catching colour schemes featuring cream, plum, orange, green, navy and more. They are also made for comfort, allowing you to gaze around at the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the changing colours of the trees.

With cooler weather and fewer crowds, California in the fall offers some relaxing cycling at a variety of coastal state and local parks.

Trees such as Oregon ash, big leaf maples, black oak, buckeyes and more turn yellow, red and orange to accentuate the beauty of the coastline.

Best Parks To Explore

best bike trails in the world

With a women’s beach cruiser you’ll want to look for parks that have riding trails that allow for a leisurely exploration of the area. They are ideal for listening to the incoming surf as you cruise along in comfort, enjoying the sunshine and a pleasant breeze. These paths take you into some of the most colourful and exciting areas along the coast:

  • • The Monterey Bay Coastal Trail winds for 18 miles along the central coast
  • • The Marvin Braude Bike Trail begins at Will Rogers State Park
  • • The 24-mile Bayshore Bikeway begins or ends in San Diego
  • • The Cabrillo Boulevard Path is a popular ride near Santa Barbara
  • • The West Cliff Path offers views of cliffs, Santa Cruz and wild surf

Each bike path has its own features, with some offering more open views and others taking you into the heart of nature. They all provide excellent places to stop and enjoy a picnic or to read a book while listening to the hypnotic waves. Best of all, there are nearly limitless possibilities to explore on a bike.

Top Accessories To Take Along

Once you have the perfect, customized bike for your rides, you’ll probably want to accessorize.

On bike trails it’s nice to equip your ride with a bell so you can let people know you are coming up behind them. Mirrors look good on your cruiser and allow you to see if anyone is getting ready to pass you.

Baskets are almost a necessity for a beach ride. They let you bring your toys and food with you, as well as some extra clothing for the cool fall weather.

You also might want a snazzy water bottle to match the colors of your bike and to hydrate as you work up a sweat.

The right accessories allow you to have everything you need for each ride, enabling you to stay out for as long as you like.

Just look online to find ladies bike for sale. You’ll find a variety of quality bikes at affordable prices, from beach cruisers to electric bikes to hybrid bikes. Enjoy the stunning colours of autumn on a bike you love.

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