8 Reasons Why Yacht Chartering is the Best Holiday Escapade During the Pandemic

Yacht chartering is the ultimate holiday escapade during COVID. The grand experience has everything you need and more to truly relax, unwind, and recharge.

The pandemic may have put a stop to everything but yacht chartering is one activity that you can fully enjoy without any fuss and hassle.

To fully understand why it’s the best holiday escapade during the pandemic, do read on as we listed eight of the many reasons why you should opt for a yacht charter holiday today.

Top 8 Reasons Why Yacht Chartering is the Best Holiday Escapade

#Reason 1: No crowds

You will not have to worry about social distancing if you’re on a yacht charter. You won’t also have to deal with crowds as you will be completely on your own with your yacht charter crew.

Regular holiday escapades are tricky as you’d still deal with random strangers here and there. With a yacht charter though, you can be sure that you won’t have to interact with crowds or strangers.

You can be sure that no one who may be COVID positive will be around. You will get to go to places that will only cater to you and your guests in a fully exclusive manner.

Yacht charter

#Reason 2: Safe Dining

Dining is very tricky during the pandemic. As the virus is airborne, no restaurant is 100% safe. Every shared indoor space is at high risk of being saturated with virus aerosols.

This makes dining not fully comfortable and risky. On your surf charter holiday, you won’t have to worry about such concerns. You can freely wine and dine with your guests aboard while sailing.

As everyone can easily undergo COVID tests prior to sailing, you can be sure that everyone is 100% healthy and well. Hence, dining will be a completely relaxing treat for all.

#Reason 3: You Have Full Control of Everything

You will be the boss of everything. Premium companies like Simpson Yacht Charter provide preference sheets and pre-sailing planning protocols to allow you to fully control every single aspect of your sailing holiday.

You get to decide the number of crew that you prefer and the kind of food that will be served. You and your guests will have your own personal chef! You can even request a personal trainer or an onboard masseuse.

From the bedsheets to the activities and number of guests, everything will be under your full control. If you want it, you’d get it! You can even request daily COVID tests just to ensure everyone’s safety!

#Reason 4: Pure Relaxation

Nothing is more relaxing and rejuvenating than knowing that you’re in a 100% COVID-safe environment.

As everyone will be tested and you will be far away from crowds, you will truly have precious days where you can totally forget about the pandemic.

As you will be in your own yacht and everyone on board is 100% free of COVID, you won’t have to follow any mask mandates or social distancing restrictions.

You can fully return to how life was before the pandemic. It’s quite an experience that you will truly cherish.

#Reason 5: Hassle-free Holiday Preparation

Your yacht chartering company will do everything to provide a hassle-free and fuss-free sailing holiday.

You won’t have to stress about where you’re going to eat or how you’re going to reach your destination because everything will be planned and executed on your behalf.

You will have a whole crew who will be entirely dedicated to providing you with everything you need. All provisions and preparations will be organized and executed for your maximum enjoyment.

#Reason 6: Water Toys

You will have access to water toys of your liking! You can jet-ski on any given day on your own or with your guests. You’d also have access to your very own dinghy that you can use if you want to do a little exploration on your own.

You will be the master of your schedule and activities. You can jet-ski all day without having to worry about a time limit.

As you will be with experts, you can also be sure that you’re always safe and guided at all times. If you’re after having a grand time enjoying different water sports, opting for a yacht chartering is simply the way to go on your next holiday!

#Reason 7: Pandemic Proof

You won’t have to worry about the pandemic while you’re on a sailing holiday. As everyone on board is COVID-free, you’d be free to party and relax in whatever way you want.

You can let go of all your worries and concerns regarding the virus as your holiday will be completely safe and free from any event or situation that can expose you to all kinds of dangerous aerosols.

ou can wake up smiling in the morning as you will have access to the fresh sea breeze first thing in the morning.

#Reason 8: Truly Carefree Holiday Vibes

A yacht chartering will have you sailing with a crew that will do everything for you. Sailing will be completely private and your guests are limited, so you can also be sure that everyone is 100% healthy and free from COVID.

You’d be free to do whatever you want without having to worry about getting sick or compromised. Everything will be prepared for you so the only thing that you’d need to do is to truly relax and enjoy.

Going through the pandemic has been tough for all of us. We all need a break. So please, book a yacht charter today. You know you deserve it.

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