Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender, Being a bartender is one of the coolest professions in this world. The amount of creativity and skill has to match just perfectly like the right quantity of alcohol blends in a cocktail.

Meeting new people and experiencing cultures and mixing some of the most spectacular cocktails that can woo people are the best perks which the bartenders carry throughout their life next to the money they make.

Galaxy Training Australia is one of the top names that can be taken while talking about the genuine RSA online [Responsible Service of Alcohol] courses in Australia.

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

The practice of undergoing RSA training is mandatory in all the States and Territories of Australia. Galaxy Training Australia [GTA] helps people reach out to their dream of pursuing a glorious career in the F&B industry.

GTA will now act as an eye-opener for all the ambitious ‘bottle-openers’.

 Being a bartender is definitely not an easy job. It requires standing for a long time, till long hours. Getting hands dirtied and cleaning the mess up without any help.

Dealing every day with intoxicated patrons or ruckus from the regular customers – all these with a smile put up on the face. Sounds easy eh?

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Working till the wee hours of the day can knock down your biological clock and work typically for around 12 to 14 hours a day with very little break irrespective of holidays or weekends…now that’s called a JOB!

These are just the basic requirements which the place where you desire to work would expect from you. A few other expectations would be quick learning skills, a socially friendly individual and a problem solver who comes in as a hero during any crisis.

This is the reason why some bars and pubs hire bartenders on a trial basis prior to appointing them as permanent employees. This gives them a clear picture of their new hires’ abilities and skills.

Bartending jobs are not just mixing alcohol and making it look colorful by infusing some flavors into it. But it includes various technicalities and some vital fundamentals which must be understood before getting into the big picture.

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Passion is one part and practice is another. Getting both these elements to go hand in hand will fetch any bartender a good amount of experience which would make him/her go places and explore new worlds of Mixology and Professional Bartending.

Travelling the world is equivalent to the attainment of Nirvana for the senses. New people and new cultures are like the dopamine that gives a kick to our life, makes it yearn for more. Bartending is one profession where tequila meets travel and cocktails catch up with the culture.

Visiting various venues of the globe which have various kinds of exposure to culture, livelihood, and food makes you celebrate each day as a festival. But traveling also comes with a cost.

The cost of living differs from country to country and the lifestyle changes, at times demands more currency than planned. How can a traveling bartender cope up with this stress?

Is there a way how a bartender can save some extra bucks? Is there a way how a bartender can work harder and smarter? Here are some of the best practices of saving money while traveling as a bartender:

Brush Up your PR Skills:

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Groom up, present yourself well and stay confident about your work and skill set. Meeting people and letting them know about what you do and what all you can do matters.

Possessing a poise that shouts out your persona with grace is the key. Overdoing might cause a blunder. Roll some marketing skills up your sleeves.

Get Some Tips from Veterans:

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender, Bartending is all about exploring new avenues to improvise and innovations.

Taking creative inputs from the biggies in the field by observation and constant curiosity will build up your dexterity in different dimensions.

Accepting the Facts:

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Nothing comes easily without hard work. Cribbing about late-night shifts, getting frustrated with the crowd, non-willingness to clear the clutter over the bar counter is not the sign of you being sophisticated.

It’s just a sign that you have chosen the wrong profession for yourself. More work promises more money. More money means much more savings.

Stay Courteous to Earn More:

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender, Being nice to the patrons will promise you more earnings in the form of tips.

There are many of them in this world who think it is rude to leave the bar counter without paying a generous tip to the bartender.

It is also a routine followed at various countries to tip the serving bartender or the waiter a good sum of money depending on their service and the quality of the food and drinks.

Upgrade Skills, Uplift Moods:

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender, You might be working in the same destination for more than a week where some customers might pay regular visits.

During such times, serving them with the same drink or practicing the same drink mixing trick routine may look lame.

Set out on a bar-hopping journey to learn a few tricks and pleasant skills to upgrade you. Setting a benchmark is good, but becoming a benchmark is anytime best.

Saving Money for Saving’s Sake:

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender, At times we tend to push ourselves so much into work that we forget the life we have outside work.

Then one day head out to spend a hearty amount as a result of self-pity and consolation. This has to be managed well to keep your treasure-chest hail and healthy. Spend, yes… spree no.

Save Money When You Travel As A Bartender

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