A Complete Guide To Renting A Vacation Home

As the vacation period approaches, you might want to look for ways you can make the most out of it. You could try traveling, hiking, kayaking, or anything away from your city, or even just look for a new place you can lounge in, so you can fully relax and take your mind off the things that make you stressed. With that, you’ll need Renting A Vacation Home to rest in and allow yourself to enjoy what the property has to offer. 

What Is A Vacation Home Rental?

From the word itself, a vacation home rental is a fully furnished property that allows you to stay during your entire vacation period, or how long or short you’d want it to be.

It’ll be like a new set of homes you don’t have to build for yourself but rather stay in during the holidays or summer. It’ll be a great place to stay, have fun, or let the site be your sleeping point when you need to go out and travel. 

Renting a vacation home can be fun as you’ll have a new place you can go to have fun, relax, and enjoy your vacation. You can even follow this link to check out amazing listings, look for beautiful properties you can rent into, and allow your summer to be truly memorable.

However, renting one isn’t a walk in the park as you need to be specific about what kind of home you’ll have. This way, you can ensure you’ll get the most out of your home and truly love what it offers.

Benefits Of Renting A Vacation Home

While there are plenty of vacation rentals, you could try going for a vacation home that can provide you with plenty of benefits.

Amazing vacation rentals

You’d be surprised to see how this type of rental would be better than booking a hotel room. To entice you more, listed below are some benefits of renting a vacation home:

Larger Space

One of the most popular reasons why people rent a vacation home is because of the larger space that it offers. Since you’re renting out a home, you can expect yourself to have a full house all for yourself.

This would be great if you travelled in large groups, allowing everyone to be comfortable during your entire stay. Moreover, it might also offer multiple rooms, allowing everyone to have their own privacy and avoid having a single room with multiple beds just to accommodate many visitors.


One of the biggest drawbacks of staying in a hotel room is that you’ll be disturbed during your stay. Not that it can provide inconvenience, but some people would prefer to stay where no one would knock in their rooms during their entire stay.

This is usually common in hotel rooms as housekeeping and room service tend to knock to provide you with their services. To avoid any interruptions, renting a vacation home can provide you with a disturbance-free ambiance as there would be no housekeeping or room service coming to knock on your door.

House-Like Amenities

Nothing feels better than staying in a place that feels like home. While a hotel room can provide a luxurious vibe, they’re not the best place to stay if you’re looking for house-like amenities, such as a full-sized kitchen, private pool, or living room. Luckily, a vacation home can provide all of those, allowing for a comfortable stay.

Full Privacy  

Depending on your vacation home’s location, you can enjoy full privacy and not let any neighbors see or hear any noise you’d make. It’ll be the perfect place to party, have fun, and just do anything you want to make your vacation worthwhile. 

Tips Before Renting A Vacation Home

While there are plenty of vacation home rentals you can see online, you shouldn’t book one right away just because they look beautiful. There’s more to see than its pretty façade. To avoid any possible inconveniences, listed below are some tips before renting a vacation home: 

Set Your Budget

Before you begin searching for any vacation homes, you should set your budget first to limit what kind of home you can have. Apart from the cost of the house, you should also consider the duration of your stay.

With that, setting a budget gives you a more thorough list of what kind of property you can rent out during your entire vacation period. 

List Your Must-Haves

As you’re renting a vacation home, you’d want to get the most out of it while enjoying every amenity as much as possible. However, each house is different; some can offer one feature that a different place can’t.

You should list your must-haves to ensure you’ll have a great time at your vacation home rental. This could include an outdoor jacuzzi, hammock, barbeque grill, or even the location and a spectacular view. With a list, you can limit your choices and ensure you’ll enjoy your vacation home as much as possible. 

Search Early  

Vacation home rentals are surprisingly always fully booked any time of the year, well, most especially during the summer and holiday period. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a home that finally fits your needs only to see them fully booked on your selected dates.

To avoid any frustrations and ensure that you get the best home, you should begin your search early. If you could book at least six months before, the better chances are you’ll have the perfect home for your vacation. 

Look For The Best Location

Choosing the best location plays an important role in looking for the perfect vacation home. This is an important factor if you’re looking for a place to stay while you go out and travel. With that, you should look for a vacation home near your needs.

Moreover, your location also plays with how your vacation home’s view would be. You could choose to have an ocean, forest, or mountain view, allowing you to be closer to nature. 

Read The Entire Contract

When booking a vacation home, people tend to get too excited as they’ll have a beautiful house all for themselves. But before you sign any contract right away, you should read the entire document first and see if they’d be something you’d be comfortable with.

Skipping to read the agreement and finding out about any certain rules after signing can put you in jeopardy as there’s nothing you can do since you’ve signed and agreed to the contract. To avoid any complications, you should read the entire agreement before signing.

Check The Deposit Price

Most vacation home rentals require a certain deposit amount before booking your home. This will help ensure that the owner is protected from any possible damage the renter might produce.

In cases you’ve caused damage to their property, such as vandalized walls, broken appliances, shattered glass, etc., they’ll be taking some amount from your deposit to pay for the damages. With this, you should factor in the deposit price to your budget and see if it’ll be something you’re comfortable with.

Moreover, also check the conditions of the deposit price and understand what you should meet to retrieve your deposit payment in full.  This can help avoid any confusion as both parties had made it clear about the condition of the deposit.

Ask About Housekeeping Schedule

Some vacation home rentals offer housekeeping to ensure your home is always clean. They can also help to provide that the hotel feels as if there would be someone coming to clean. To avoid being surprised by a knock on the door, ask if they offer housekeeping services and what their schedule is.

If you’re uncomfortable letting housekeeping come in every night, you can request a different schedule or choose to remove them at all. It might also help to reduce your rental cost, which is ideal, especially if you’re staying for quite a while. 

Try Negotiating The Price

Before you book a vacation home rental, you can always try to negotiate the price and ask for a lower fare. However, this might only be applicable and effective if you rent the place for a prolonged period, such as weeks or months.

But with the right conversation and tone, you should be able to get a good discount, allowing you to save money, which you can use for your other vacation enjoyment. Moreover, don’t expect all vacation home rental owners to cut their price upon request, as it might already be their limit on how they price their rental.

It’ll still depend on their decision whether to give you a discount or not. Nevertheless, there’s no harm in trying! 

Search At Various Platforms

The world of renting a vacation home is getting so popular that there are plenty of platforms offering them to various customers. To maximize your options and ensure that you get the best vacation home for your family or friends, you should search multiple platforms and compare the prices and accommodation it offers.

This allows you to find the perfect vacation home for the right price and ensures you’ve combed every possible rental out there.

Things To Know While Staying At The Vacation Home Rental

After booking your vacation home rental of choice, there are also plenty of things you should keep in mind before you enter through the doors.

This will help avoid any complications and inconveniences and allow your entire stay to be fun and relaxing for everyone. To help you out, below are some things you should know while staying at a vacation home rental:

Bring Your Own Kits

A vacation home isn’t a hotel that includes everything you need to ensure a luxurious and comfortable stay. All a vacation home can provide is entertainment, furniture, and appliances to help you move around well.

However, don’t expect it also to carry some of your consumables as you might need to bring them yourself. Ideally, you should have: 

  • Hygiene kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, toothpick, floss, soap, shampoo, and conditioner)
    • Toilet paper 
    • Kitchen Towels 
    • Garbage bag
    • Laundry detergent
    • Oils and cooking spices
    • Knife and other cooking tools

To avoid carrying plenty of items with you during your stay, you can always ask the owner what your inclusions are for your rental. Surprisingly, they might include those items in your rental, so you don’t have to bring one of your own. However, if those aren’t available, you can always carry them yourself. 

Ask For Sheets And Towels

Not all vacation rentals include sheets and towels for your stay, especially if you’re planning to stay for a while. To be sure, you can ask the owner if they include sheets and towels and how many sets they offer during your entire stay.

Alternatively, you can always bring one yourself if you’re worried about hygiene and if they’d be able to last your entire stay. You can choose to wash them in the washer if you’re planning to stay for weeks at your vacation home rental. 

Check The House Rules

House rules are generally laid out on your contract, but some people might tend to forget them once they go inside as they’re fascinated with the beauty of the entire home.

To avoid any complications and conflicts, you should recheck the house rules and see what things you can and can’t do. In most cases, the house rules are laid out on the center table of the living room so people can easily spot them inside the house. 

Photograph As Soon As You Enter

There are some instances wherein an owner might claim that you’ve damaged their property when in fact, they’re already damaged before you get there. It might be something they missed from their previous inspection or something had happened while you were away.

To have solid proof that you’re not at fault for any existing damage, you should take a photograph of the entire room as soon as you enter and be specific about any existing damage you notice.

You can send an email to the owner, attach the photos, and let them know about the condition of their home. You can even include a time stamp to ensure you’re being truthful about what you’ve observed. 


Renting a vacation home can provide you with plenty of advantages and give you the chance to have a great place to stay during your entire break. It’ll be the perfect place to relax and have fun while still enjoying its full-house amenities.

As you look for a vacation home rental, ensure that you read the contract, search early, and look at various platforms to maximize your options and guarantee that you’ll have the best home for your family or friends. 

While renting a vacation home can be quite tricky due to the number of things you need to keep in mind, allowing yourself to have a great place to stay would make everything worth it. That’ll help you enjoy the place and have a great time. 

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