Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Hair System in 2024

You’ve been noticing significant hair loss, thinning hair, and probably a receding hairline due to medical reasons or male pattern baldness, but you don’t know how to deal with it.

We can unanimously agree that there is no real permanent solution to hair loss. There are multiple medications and hair transplant options, but they’re expensive and don’t guarantee a complete cure.

That sadly leaves you with very few options. Instead of wearing baseball caps all the time or going completely bald, we have a better solution for you. Give hair systems a shot.

A hair toupee or a wig is an instant solution to all hair loss problems. It may not help your natural hair regrow, but who needs that when you can get a full head of high-quality natural-looking hair in a matter of minutes?

What is a toupee?

A toupee is a small wig or artificial hairpiece worn to cover a bald spot or areas of extreme hair loss. They are especially effective in covering male pattern baldness or excessive hair loss in the crown area.

Toupees generally refer to a hair replacement system for men, but nowadays, several women wear them too. As long as it’s adding volume and seamless coverage to your hair loss area, that’s all that should matter!

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What is a wig?

A wig covers the entire head providing full coverage from front to back and side to side of the scalp. They are especially suitable for those with medical conditions like cancer or alopecia but aren’t limited to them.

Wigs can also be used for styling and fashion purposes. Several women choose to use wigs to experiment with new hair colors and styles rather than causing irreparable damage to their natural tresses.

Women frequent wigs, but they are equally enjoyed by men too. Most men don’t require a wig as they can easily use a toupee for coverage in their crown that faces maximum hair loss.

Choosing a hair system can be overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time. So here are a few factors to consider before you make the first purchase:

Types of hair

Hair systems usually come in 2 types – synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair systems are made of acrylic or plastic fibres designed to mimic human hair.

They are cheaper but have an unreal shine, which can be a big giveaway for someone who doesn’t want to reveal that they are using a hair replacement system.

Besides, they are not heat resistant, so hair styling options are limited. To be fair, they come pre-styled and don’t always require further styling, either.

However, opting for a high-quality, 100% real human hair system is always advisable. Human hairpieces will give you a natural look and feel minus the unnatural shine. You can also style them in a ton of different ways to get the most visually appealing looks.

Types of base materials

When it comes to hair systems, there are three main types of base materials — lace, skin and monofilament. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, with certain bases being more durable while others are more natural.

You must remember that while everyone wants a long-lasting, natural-looking piece too, unfortunately, that isn’t possible as natural-looking bases are generally relatively thin.

The more durable bases are a little thicker and, therefore, less realistic. So you must choose what best suits your hair loss and coverage needs.

Here is a table for you to make an informed choice:


When selecting a wig or toupee for men, it is essential to get the size correct.

To do so, use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head for a proper fitting wig or the distance from front to back and side to side to choose a slightly smaller size for the base to ensure a comfortable fit and to avoid apparent discrepancies.


Wigs are more costly than toupees as they provide full coverage over the entire head and are more durable. However, toupees are more natural looking and cheaper but don’t have as good durability as wigs.

Initially, they will also require professional installments and styling with a few hair system supplies, ultimately increasing their overall cost.

Additional supplies

Most wigs don’t need adhesives for secure attachments. They come with an adjustable elastic fit that clings onto their bald or clean-shaved head. For added support, they have clips towards the nape of the neck to tighten the hair unit.

In contrast, all toupees must be attached with adhesives – glue, tape, liquid adhesives, etc. for a snug fit onto the balding area of your head.

Additionally, you will need alcohol-based sprays or solvents to safely remove the toupee and clean it before reinstalling it.

Some people also prefer to use a scalp protector before installing the hairpiece onto their heads. Using the hair system keeps your scalp clean and away from skin allergies.


When buying a wig or toupee for the first time, it is essential to consider your lifestyle. For individuals with an active lifestyle, their hairpiece will not last as long as those with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Thus, it is best to choose a more durable hairpiece if you are an active person. Additionally, if you live in a warm climate, you should opt for a breathable base like lace to keep your scalp cooler.

Whichever hair system you choose, they will need proper maintenance and care to last longer. Hair systems must be stored well, and wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners must be used to maintain their silky smooth look without damaging the unit.

You can choose between different colors, lengths, gray percentages, etc., to get precisely what you want. Even the slightest change in your hair can make a world of difference in your appearance, so go ahead and get a full head of hair to boost your looks and confidence.

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Have your best hair day every day!

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