Parvati Parvat

In this post we would like to cover you with Parvati Parvat, if you are also looking to explore this Parvat then this post is for you. Parvati Parvat is located in Himachal Pradesh.

Beginning at the joining of the Parvati stream escorted by the Beas river. The Parvati Parvat passes on the east side, directing a mountainous basin.

Trekking in the Himalayas ranges, is every observed as a great destination to have the benefit. Himachal Pradesh is flaming accompanied by a stunning view of natural scenic beauty in the frozen mountains. 

Parvati Parvat Trek

Parvati Valley trek is described as an average to difficult trek. The parvati Parvat is over an height of 15, 000 feet. It will be a cowling trek with a withdrawal of more than 85 kms in one week. This trek has many complicated zones.

How to reach parvati Parvat:

The closest Airports to Parvati Parvat are Chandigarh International Airport and Kullu Manali Airport. And, then you hire local buses or hire local taxis to reach Parvati Parvat. 

Pin parvati pass trek:

The Pin Parvati pass trek is the hardest. There are several difficult zones on this pass trek such as it is a hardest trek that is over 95 km and holds a high elevation of over 15, 000 feet.

The Pin Parvati Pass is an adventurous dare for some experienced hikers. It is a lengthy journey which offers hikers a great adventure and scenic beauty. The happiness of passing over more than 16, 500 ft.  

Pin Parvati Pass trek gives the bulk of picturesque wonders, starting at the forest and lush green grasslands of the Parvati Parvat to the vicinity  of Spiti Valley. The keen distinction in countrysides, society, flora and fauna. Publicly scale towering to Pin Parvati Pass, the bird’s-eye vision of the Parvati and Pin Valley is remarkable. 

Closest of Pin Parvati trek, as well learning the hot springs at Parvati Kund. The feel of a hot water springs is a great experience. 

Places to visit in Parvati Valley:


Kasol in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, it is a tourist attraction that is famous for its trekking chains. Kasol is well-known for its estate and amazing sights. 

Famous attractions to visit in Kasol: 

  • Kasol Temple
  • Katagla
  • Nature Park Kasol
  • Choj Bridge 
  • Hot water Spring 


The Chalal is a small town which is located in Parvati Valley. It has a stunning sight of ice-covered mountains, it is located at an height of more than 5,000 ft above the sea level. 

Famous attractions to visit Chalal: 

  • Bijli Mahadev Temple
  • Naina Bhagwat Mandir
  • Nicholas Roerich Art Gallery
  • International roerich Memorial Trust 
  • Dhakpo Shedrup Ling Monastery 


Tosh is popular for its dropout customs and lifestyle, it is an unique picturesque charm that Himachal Pradesh has. Tosh has dispersed towns over the dense green mountains and you can feel the reward of essence. 

Famous attractions to visit in Tosh:

  • The Fairy Forest
  • Rudranaag 
  • kheerGanga Waterfall Halfway


Kutla is a High elevation steppe that is encompassed by forests. At this time you can have the benefit of pure nature. It is one of the best spots for nature lovers. 

Famous attractions to visit in Kutla: 

  • Shimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary
  • Christ Church, Shimla 
  • Army Heritage Museum 
  • Naggar Castle 
  • Kali Bari Temple, Shimla


Kheerganga is a sacred spot escorted by very warm water springs and it is popular for its trek that gives stunning sights.  

Famous attractions to visit in Kheerganga: 

  • Debsa Bass
  • Bara Shigri Glacier
  • Rudranaag 
  • Parvati Parvat


It is hugely popular for its powerful traditions and dutiful trusts and it is well-known for trekking. The trekking way of Malana is embellished with rich plantations.  

Famous attractions to visit in Malana:

  • Jamlu Rishi Temple
  • Chanderkhani Pass
  • Magic Valley
  • Kasol Bridge 
  • Malana Dam 


Rasol is a town elevated upward in the hills with a picturesque vision that occurs with the whole trek, the series is precipitous and escorted by magnificent sights. 

Famous attractions to visit in Rasol: 

  • Rasol Pass
  • Malana Gate

Closest hotels in Parvati Valley:

  • The Hill Side
  • Royal Castle 
  • Nomads Hostel Tosh
  • Perkup Hostel
  • Treebo Trend Woodward II Kasol
  • Jungle Hostel By Whoppers 
  • Olive Garden Classic 
  • I Love Kasol Hostel & Rooftop Cafe
  • Moksha Riverside Resort
  • Hakuna Matata – by Timon & Pumba
  • goStops Kasol 
  • BabyLon Resort


  1. Where is Parvati valley?

Parvati valley is located in Himachal Pradesh. 

  1. Why is Parvati valley famous? 

Parvati valley is famous for trekking. 

  1. How much does the Pin Parvati Pass trek cost?

Pin Parvati Pass trek costs are more than 30,000 INR. 

  1. What is the distance between Kasol to Pin Parvati pass?

More than 50 km is the distance between Kasol to Pin Parvati Pass. 

  1. What is the distance between Parvati Valley to Manali?

Approximately, more than 2 hours is the distance between Parvati valley to manali. 

  1. What is the Parvati Parvat height?

Approximately, 6633 feet is the height of Parvati Parvat. 

  1. What train services are available in Manali to Parvati valley?

Yes, train services are available in Manali to Parvati Valley. 

As we mentioned in this post about Parvati Parvat, we hope this post finds you well. Do not forget to share your amazing experience with us.  

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