The Ultimate Guide to Miami’s Best Clubs

Miami is most known for its pristine beaches, fantastic warm weather, and non-stop nightlife all over the city. Miami has earned this reputation as one of the most incredible capitals for enjoying the best nightlife in Miami’s Best Clubs.

You can also experience a mind-blowing skyline, some high-end hotels, and some luxurious shopping malls here in Miami. And when the sun goes down, that is the time when Miami becomes MIAMI. And then it shows its sultry beachside and the lost inhibitions where the entire world comes to let loose themselves.

Explore the best nightlife in Miami

The Miamis best clubs will make you have your rage-till-sunrise kind of nights. Here you get to try the cocktails from the best bartenders in the whole of America.

Whatever flavor you love, Miami will surely have it for you. Apart from visiting Miami’s best clubs, there are some other beautiful spots you can choose to stay in this magnificent city.

So if you are planning to visit Miami and enjoy its beauty and late-night fun, then scroll down the ultimate guide for Miami’s best club. Whether you are looking for some underground spot or ultra-glamorous music and dance experience, this nightlife city has it all covered. Below are some of Miami’s best clubs:

best hip hop clubs in miami


This is the first in the list of Miami’s best clubs. E11even is an ultra club along with a rooftop lounge too. This lively nightclub usually charges around $20 as an entry fee 24/7.

Moreover, one can expect to pay around $1500 for bottle services on special occasions or weekend. You can also go for the VIP service by making an online reservation.

Location: 11 street between Miami Ave & the 1st Ave.

El-Patio Wynwood

This is not just like some random club. It is undeniably Miami’s best club which is famous for its Latin music, salsa, and much more, which rules over the moonlight hours. They charge $40 as the entrance fee, which can vary on weekends. They welcome a casual chic dress code and stay opened till midnight.

Location: 167 NW  23rd ST. Miami FL. 33127

Club Space

Club space is like a pillar for downtown Miami’s nightlife. This has a vast dance space and an open-air patio with a spectacular light show the whole night. The entry fee ranges from $ 20 – $ 40, depending on the event.

Thus, always be ready to lose this amount to groove in this club. Moreover, they have three options for the bottle service that can charge from $350-$1000.

Location: 34 NE 11th Street, Downtown Miami, Florida.

LIV Miami

You would have seen this name on TV, as LIV Miami is one of the most famous in the list of Miami’s best clubs. Men have to pay $ 80 per person to enter this exclusive nightclub, and girls pay $ 50.

The minimum bottle service can charge around $1000-$1500 excluding resort tax and tip for a 6 membered group. So just dress up your best and enjoy spotting the celebs in the VIP section.

Location: 4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33140


Mr. Jones falls under the upscale and Classy list of Miami’s best clubs. This is known for its booming sound system and intimate interior. Mr. Jones is like the “it” spot to visit in Miami Beach. For an entry into this club, ensure you are on its elite guest list and expect to lose around $500 in this club.

Location: City Center area near the Ritz-Carlton at 320 Lincoln Road, Miami.

Treehouse Miami

If you have luck, you can find superstar electronic artists playing when you visit the treehouse Miami. Those heavy sounds, and the intimate space, make it a perfect spot to spend the evening for.

This club charges a cover of $20-$30 and has different prices for bottle service. Moreover, you can easily purchase ticket for their sprawling shows online.

Location: 323 23rd Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Live it up in Miami.

Miami knows how to give a good time to its visitors. And it lives up to its reputation of being the country’s best nightlife city. Miami’s best clubs are the main reasons why people visit this fantastic city. So even if you get hangovers at night, Miami’s coffee shops are waiting for you the next morning.

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