What It’s Really Like To Freelance and Travel?

What It’s Really Like To Freelance and Travel

As a freelancer, you’ve probably thought about travelling and working. Is it possible to freelance and travel and achieve success at both?

Well, nothing is stopping you because freelancers don’t have a definite schedule to work with anyway.

However, before you pack those bags, make sure you have your finances in order. How you manage your money will determine if this experience will be a success or not.

Freelance and Travel

When you’re on the road a lot, you need to find ways to be sustainable without spending too much. If you do ghostwriting jobs, make sure you have regular clients and sufficient pay to support your new-found lifestyle.

This can be scary, but you should not shy away from doing it. Besides, writing in different parts of the world gives you a new perspective, which boosts your work’s originality and uniqueness.

The process will not be all smooth sailing, but it will be one for the ages. Here is how you do it.

1. Get your Finances in Order

Freelance and Travel

This might not seem like a big deal to you because you’re not used to catching the bus every morning. There is a lot of money that goes into commuting, let alone traveling the world.

Before you set out to see the world, ensure you have all your finances in order. Travelling and freelancing are only fun when you can enjoy the new places you visit.

As you know, you can hardly experience a new place if you don’t have money to spend. If you need to save before you leave, do so so that you don’t get stranded in a new place.

It is better to have no money and be at the comfort of your home than be penniless in a whole other country.

2. Don’t Change your Working Time Zones

Freelance and Travel

Since clients you work with have gotten used to working with a specific time zone, you should not change this.

Carefully chose the places you travel to so that you don’t end up messing up with your workflow.

Ensure that you plan your expeditions in advance so that you don’t struggle to complete an assignment while you’re jet-lagged.

3. Have an Itinerary

Freelance and Travel

Since you’re seeing the world as you work, your traveling should not be only about working in different locations. Make sure you make time to explore the new places you visit.

Otherwise, it would be such a waste to travel to places in the first place. Get out of your way to ensure you interact with locals and visit all infamous tourist sites.

You should also work on finding new clients in the new places you visit so that you can grow your earnings.

4. Have Fun

Freelance and Travel

Working and traveling is all about having fun. Make sure it is responsible for fun by striking the perfect balance between work freelance and travel.


Freelancers can easily travel because they don’t have a defined working schedule. This is good for your creativity because you get to work in different environments.

Ensure you have responsible fun by striking the perfect balance between work and travel.

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