Ideas For Travel-inspired Home Decor

As homeowners, you are obsessed with finding new and different ways to decorate your homes. A home is a place where you see yourself living for several years to reflect your personal living style.   

Everyone is a traveler in today’s world. You can be a seasoned traveler with a complete list of travel destinations that you have not explored.

So, the best way to express your love for traveling is by decorating your home with a travel theme. Travel home decor can hold on to the beautiful memories for a bit longer time.

It can also bring in a vacation feel or look to the home. 

Here are eight travel-inspired home decor ideas:

1.  Go for a World Map     

World Map Decor


Whenever you are not traveling, we think about traveling according to your preference and budget. Hanging a world map will make you stand towards it for a minute and makes you think about the next destination.

You will think about your experience and travel by making beautiful memories out of it. A World Map can be in any form, from simple paper to wallpaper.

However, it should be big enough to cover the entire wall of the room giving the room a travel feel. If you want to add a more original sense to the decor, opt for map canvas, as it is readily available online.

2.  Display Postcards   

Postcard Decor


Postcards are the easiest things to bring back from any trip, as they are light in weight and pocket-friendly. In addition, hanging postcards of the places one has visited will add a vibrant feel to the decor space.      

With white and black themes, Vintage postcards will add a timeless touch to any space. You can frame them easily by using wooden pinboards, string hanging, small collages, clipboards, etc.    

3.  Opt for a Time Zone Clock         

Time Zone Clock Decor


Time-Zone clock will add a feeling of connection with the entire world sitting at home only. It gives time to different countries worldwide and sounds helpful for people who have relatives in other countries.

These clocks are easily available in markets called international clocks or watches. But one can opt for cost-effective options by placing simple clocks in wood, glass, plastic, etc., in one single frame.

They show the time of different countries with one’s preference.   

4.  Travel Magnets 

Travel magnets are another way to give a home decor travel feel. As they are easy to carry and low in cost. You can place these travel magnets on a fridge, closet, or door in the hall. 

You can use steel metal mounted frames with paint to match the décor. Use the collection of magnets to give a travel feel to space. Travel magnets can make any corner of the home look colorful and eye-catching.   

Nowadays, they are available in many forms like wooden, acrylic, ceramic, plastic, etc, depending on the need or theme. The use of more colorful magnets will pop out the space.

5.  Globe Display  

Globe Display


Globes are a classic representation of love to travel and the easiest way to decorate space.  Adding a globe will shift one’s focus to travel and explore different parts of the world.

There are different types of globes structures that we can use to decorate our homes depending upon the color scheme. Some of them are hanging globes, snow look globes, glass globes, wooden globes, etc.

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They will add a statement look to the decor. Placement of the globe in any form looks attractive when placed a little higher from the floor, like on long tables, study tables, etc.

It will attract the person as soon as they enter the home.   

6.  Tablemats and Coasters   



Location-specific table mats and coasters are a simple and inexpensive way to personalize a home decor with a travel theme. When any person visits your home, you will offer something to drink or eat.

Anything placed on a specific theme mat or coaster will attract the guest and add a style to the entire home. In addition, it will spark the conversation around the dinner table about special trips and their experiences over the years.   

You can also consider adding tropical wall art like these to complement table mats in the dining room.  

7.  Travel Inspired Throw Pillows      

They are a great conversation starter for any company as travel is something that interests everyone. In addition, it is a fantastic way to incorporate travel themes into the home decor without much effort.

They are available in so many varieties like whites, butterflies, word, outdoor, and customized pillows. Airport-named pillows work wonders for travel themes as they are low in cost highlighting the travel theme.

You can throw pillows on sofas without any doubt and play with colors while choosing pillows and mats. In addition, you can make designs of monuments, figures, worship idols, artifacts, etc., to style the space. 

8.  Small World Monuments    

Placing small monuments collected from different countries or cities will add a travel feature to home decor. Every place has a famous monument. Adding its small memorials will add a vibrant feel to the room.

One can choose a dull corner to place different monuments on it, as they add an artistic feel to the decor. They can be of various forms like metal, brass, ceramic, crystal, glass, wood, etc.

You can place small monuments of Buddha, a statue of liberty, pyramids, taj mahal, etc., as they are most talked about.  A small corner of the home allotted to them will be an eye-catcher for anybody entering the house.

They give a warm feeling to guests.   


Incorporating a travel theme into home decor will take you down memory lane and revive the emotions experienced during those trips. In addition, those who wish to travel will influence them to start traveling and exploring different places.

All these ideas, if incorporated well, will definitely add some glimpses of a travel look to the home. It also makes a home a more travel-friendly and colorful place to live.

Travel themes add a different vibe and give your space a more experimental look so that one can try different themes in the future.

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