8 Blunders Most First Time Fliers Commit

Congratulations, you’ve booked your first flight-ready to travel through the magical world of clouds. But, before you start with packing your stuff, here we put forth eight blunders most first-time fliers. So, let’s find out.

Tips for first time fliers

#1. Not Seeking Help to Overcome Anxiety

No matter how many deny it, just about every flier has flying anxiety, and the best way to conquer that is to enrol for an interactive fear of flying program. Typically, it covers all the necessary knowledge and practical tips to help you deal with your anxieties and concerns. 

You’ll receive pro relaxation tips to try before the takeoff. 

No clinics, no classes or seminars, take online classes from the comfort of your home. All the knowledge you get will ensure you have a memorable first-time flying experience with complete confidence.

#2. Not Calculating The Security Check Time

At most airports across the globe, getting through the security takes a long time, even hours. 

There are several complications in the airport security area. Always have a cushion time in case the security checks take longer than usual. So, arrive early at the airport to avoid getting late for boarding due to security. 

#3. Forgetting Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are like a lifesaver on the flight, especially for first-time fliers. Although the hearing is affected on aeroplanes, you can still easily hear a screaming baby a couple of seats back.

This makes it hard to have a deep sleep, and thus headphones become so indispensable to let you have complete peace of mind during the flight.

#4. Over Packing Your Bags

The first time you take the flight or up are a first time fliers, you probably want to bring everything with you. Most fliers are apprehensive on their first air travel and pack way more than an average traveler. This results in serious over-packing. 

Bringing in more with you not only causes big hassles of carrying the baggage but also contributes to potential extra fines. Besides, you won’t have much room for shopping-in. 

#5. Bringing Banned Items on Plane

There are several items that you can’t bring on a commercial flight because of strict guidelines and restrictions. It would be much less of a headache if you do a little research well in advance and make sure you don’t pack them in your luggage. 

Bringing banned or questionable stuff would slow the process of airport check-in or find yourself in more significant trouble. 

#6. Not Packing Your Snacks

Forgetting some quick snacks is perhaps the worst thing to do on your first flight. It will make your journey uncomfortable, especially if you have anxiety attacks. 

Whether you are a fussy eater or have a sensitive stomach, then you’re better off packing your personal snacks. Although, you do get food in the flight. 

#7. Passport Not Up To Date

You’ll need certain documentation for an international flight; these include your passport and visa of the destination you’re travelling to. Most first-time travellers are not updated about the technicalities involved with international travel to certain countries. 

For instance, many countries want your passport to be valid for at least six months; otherwise, it would be considered expired. 

#8. Not Knowing the Flight Accessories

There are several add-on services, that most first-fliers are unaware of. Because of this, passengers are unable to avail the carrier’s hospitality and extra services. For instance, with Visa Mastercard, you may get lounge access. 

So, if you’re flying for the first time, then you must visit the official website of the airline and know all the odd-on services included with the booking. 

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