5 Caravan Items You Need for a Secured Camping

Camping is such a wonderful activity if you know how to handle the issues coming with it. Lots of people love camping, but only those capable of tackling all the challenges they’d be facing when going into the great outdoors.

Those who prefer going to a place and simply turning on the TV will not love camping. This activity is for those who love spending time mounting and unmounting, installing caravan items, enjoying nature and fixing problems that may occur.

However, even these problem fixers won’t enjoy a camping trip if they don’t have the right equipment with them. Sometimes the campsite is far away and without anyone surrounding to help or provide the needed materials and equipment, so campers need to find their way out.

If you don’t want to experience a tough time and fully enjoy the time spent in nature, you will need some caravan items that will be a lifesaver in many situations. If you want to know what five things you can’t leave out on your next trip, keep reading and see more about this subject.

1. Hitch lock

The hitch lock is perfect for places with no camp manager, the place is wild, and you’re out there alone. The hitch lock is an item that is placed on the hitch handle and secures the caravan from being towed away. 

Using the hitch lock, you can enjoy freedom of movement without worrying that your vehicle is left unattended. You’re the only one with the key to the hitch lock, meaning it will surely be there when you come back. You never know if there’s someone around waiting for you to go on that hiking trip and step up to take your caravan away. 

2. Trailer tool box

Similarly to the previous situation, in which you want to secure the position of your caravan and keep it safe from thieves, you need something to protect your belongings too. Caravans are well secured, and it’s not easy breaking inside, but what happens to the caravan items left outside?

Tools, equipment, tech gadgets, and other stuff left in the open will surely be snatched by thieves if they see your caravan left unprotected. That’s why you need to install a trailer tool box. These aluminium boxes are locked and nearly impossible to break through, so your belongings are safe and secure.

3. Leveling ramps and chocks

Many people will ignore the importance of having a perfectly levelled camp trailer. To ensure safety and feel relaxed that your camp is perfectly levelled, you must use several caravan items to make your campsite even on all sides.

You will need a levelling ramp and chocks that will provide perfection on all four sides where the caravan is situated. This will ensure the caravan’s safety, and you’ll be sure that it won’t simply roll off while you’re sleeping. Additionally, measure if the level is perfect because you don’t want to feel like you’re camping on the hills at all times.

4. Ropes and ratchet strings

When setting the outside area of the caravan and installing the tent under which you’ll spend some time on the campsite, you want to use a lot of ropes and ratchet strings so that the entire construction doesn’t fly away when the wind blows.

Use ropes to secure all sides of the tent. Tighten them well into the ground using metal locks, and ensure safety by all means. Sometimes winds come unexpectedly, and they will blow everything away without warning. You don’t want this to happen; the only way to prevent it is with special equipment.

5. Ladder

One safety item that many campers will ignore, thinking they don’t need it is a ladder. The ladder will help you get on top of the caravan and fix the issues that might have occurred, but also help you install the entire construction around the campsite.

When trying to make a perfectly safe tent with all the ropes and equipment, you need a ladder to stand on top of the caravan, where you’ll tighten those ropes and ensure the safety of your belongings. Keep the ladder in the tool box if there’s enough storage space, or get a special ladder holder installed in the back.


These few caravan items and solutions will ensure safety and enjoyment on your camping trip. They might not be essential for your adventure, and you’ll surely be able to go and have fun without them, but if you do use them while setting up camp, there will surely be no surprise to ruin the trip.

Most of these items are fairly inexpensive. They are simple to use, and you don’t need any prior knowledge. On the other hand, they are extremely useful and will help you get things done the right way.

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