Key Features to Look For When Buying a Tent for Camping

Are you going on an outdoor camping trip with friends? Are you super excited and looking forward to creating beautiful memories camping in the woods? Is it your first-ever camping trip? If yes, then the first thing you need to do is prepare a list of essentials to carry. 

One key item you may need is a camping tent. With so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming to find the right tent for your adventure. But don’t worry, we have you covered. 

We have curated this guide to help you navigate through the tons of options available. Read on further to learn about the key features to look for when buying a tent for camping. 

Camping with friends

Buying a Tent—Key Features to Consider

The Capacity of the Tent

First things first, consider the sleeping capacity of the tent. Select a tent model based on the number of people sharing the tent with you or the amount of extra space you will need for your camping gear or furry friend.

Please note that tent capacity is primarily based on the square footage and the number of sleeping bags that can fit in. For an instant, a two person tent will accommodate just two individuals. Hence, there will be very little storage space or elbow room.

Keeping this in consideration, it is advisable to consider a four person tent if two people are planning to share. This way, there will be ample space to store gear and spread out while sleeping comfortably after an adventurous day.

Tent Design/Layout

Over the years, the camping industry has truly come a long way. Now, campers have the widest range of outdoor gear and tents to choose from. Knowing what to look for in the essentials you want for your trip can make your camping experience memorable.

You can start by doing the legwork on items you want to item such as tents, gadgets, etc. Also, there are many sites available that provide reviews on these items like Outdoor Gadget Review and others. You can read reviews about a variety of items and make informed choices. 

Similarly, camping tents have evolved significantly too. Today, you can find tents in various designs and layouts to suit your privacy and storage needs. Some of the popular designs are the multi-room tents. They come in two and three room styles.

The two room style tent is separated by an inside of a tent wall with a zippered door, whereas the three room style tent has an added screen room thatcan be used for changing clothes or enjoying activities, in case it rains heavily.

Tent Doors

While you’re evaluating designs and layouts, make sure to consider the number of doors. Think about the number of doors you will need, including their orientation and shape. This will be helpful because when you’re camping with a group of friends, a tent with multiple doors will help you avoid climbing over one another for bathroom breaks at night. 

Strength and Stability—Poles or Air?

Next comes strength and stability. This is where you need to decide whether to choose between air tents and tents with poles. Also known as inflatable tents, air tents are the latest development in the range. Air tent is gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Featuring inflated beams instead of poles, an air tent is easier to install as compared to a tent with poles. 

Moreover, air tents offer equal strength and stability and have better wind resistance,making them a great option when camping in vast open spaces or near the coast.

However, if you prefer to stick with the traditional option, then make sure to choose tents with steel or aluminium poles. This is because these tents are stronger and offer extra strength and stability in comparison to tents with fibreglass poles. Tents with fibreglass poles are fragile. Plus, they can split and snap when put under pressure. That is something you don’t want when you’re out in the woods. 


Now let’s focus on the material of the tent. When shopping for a tent for your next camping trip make sure to select the fabric according to the season or weather forecast.

Select the flysheet carefully. Most tents nowadays have flysheets installed. This is the outer cover of the tent that protects campers from getting wet in case it rains. Flysheets are coated with a waterproof layer. They are available in polyurethane (PU) and polycotton. 

Polyurethane offers superior waterproofing, while polycotton has excellent breathability. Polycotton makes an ideal choice in temperate climates.


Ventilation is yet another factor to keep in consideration. This feature is key to lowering the risk of condensation from building up inside the camping tent. Condensation is an issue when the outdoor temperature is cooler than the temperature inside.

Besides this, ventilation is all-important for excellent airflow inside and out, especially when camping in summers. Tents with a roof vent are ideal. You can open it at night for much-needed air circulation and the elimination of condensation inside the tent.

LookOut for Extras—a Home Away From Home

If you want a little bit of luxury, don’t forget to consider the extras to make camping a comfortable experience. For example:

Tent Footprints/Groundsheet

It is like a made-to-measure tarp/groundsheet that can easily be pinned under your tent. It is added to provide an extra layer of insulation to keep the tent warm on the inside.

Additionally, it prevents the bottom of the tent from getting ripped or scratched on the ground. Moreover, it is also great for keeping out insects and bugs. 

Tent Carpets

These are just like tent groundsheets. Tent carpets are also insulators designed to keep warmth inside the tent. This may feel over the top for some people, but for those planning to camp out for a week or more, a little bit of luxury wouldn’t cause any harm.

Rear and Front Storm Anchors

It is good to have a tent with guyout loops, but even better to have a tent that features rear and front storm anchors. These loops are located on the outside of the tent’s body and designed to attach guy lines. These anchors secure guying on both ends, thereby reassuring you that your camping tent will not blow away into the distance. You also won’t have flapping fabric during high winds.

So, start your search today and find a tent that meets your camping needs so that you can enjoy your outdoor trip to the fullest and not miss home.

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