Energy Saving Via the Internet

How do energy saving and the internet go hand in hand? What does the internet have to do with that? Well, at this point the internet is basically the driving force behind things like communication, security, automation, and even energy saving.

So to answer the question that’s on your mind right now, yes it’s possible to save up on energy, thanks to the internet. Here’s how:

How Smart Devices Can Help With Energy Saving

Smart devices feature technology that allows users to automate certain aspects of their home; like the door lock, the lights, and the thermostat too.

Users can cut back on energy wastage because of certain smart devices. We’re going to name such devices below, but for now, here’s how they essentially work.

The fact that smart devices are managed through smartphone applications, and connect to the home Wi-Fi network allows them to be accessible and manageable through our smartphones.

Given that you have around-the-clock access to the particular device from literally the palm of your hand, there is no room for carelessness.

These devices are managed through smartphones which contributes to the energy-saving bit. There are also several other features in some devices that help with energy saving.

One thing though, you need consistent internet connectivity in order for these smart devices to function as they’re meant to. If you’re not sure whether your internet plan can support these devices and your usual internet usage needs, contact Xfinity customer service or simply visit here to find out your options.

4 Devices That Can Help

Here are some examples of some commonly preferred smart devices that help with energy saving.

1. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat, as you would already know, can be managed through its associated smartphone app. These are some general features that could explain better how these devices can help conserve energy.

Firstly, as obvious as it is a smart thermostat can be controlled through smartphones – that means from anywhere, at any time. So what does that mean? You can switch the device on or off easily. It also means adjusting temperature settings with convenience.

Secondly, a lot of smart thermostats feature an eco-friendly mode, where the device can automatically switch to an eco-friendly temperature setting.

This usually happens when certain devices are programmed to automatically switch to a certain temperature setting when there’s no presence detected. Some are even programmed to switch off automatically to save energy.

2. Smart Bulbs

The easiest way to save energy is to swap out your ordinary light bulbs with smart ones. They might be expensive but hear this out before dismissing the idea.

Smart bulbs are LED, which means they utilize less energy as opposed to regular bulbs. With that, they also include features like auto switch on or off, based on motion detection. They’re also manageable from our smartphones and compatible voice assistants – so remote and voice-enabled control.

It essentially alleviates the problem of not switching lights off because of laziness or forgetting to turn the lights off before you head out of the home. Just use your smartphone, or call out to Google or Alexa.

3. Smart Sprinkler Controllers

If you think of energy in a wide terminology sense then a smart sprinkler controller also counts as a smart device that conserves energy. Not only by saving on electricity usage but also by conserving water.

It’s a struggle having to do all your home chores alongside balancing a social life, work, and everything else. Those that have lawns know the real struggle. Forgetting to water the garden or having issues with your sprinklers is a whole other ordeal.

Smart sprinklers allow you to control the sprinkler system from your smartphone. So even if you forget to switch off the sprinklers on your way out, you have to use your smartphone to switch it off.

With that, there are also features like setting schedules for the device to follow – a watering schedule if you will.

4. Smart Plugs

Probably one of the best smart devices out there has to be a smart plug. It’s your ticket to cutting back on unnecessary electrical usage!

A smart plug basically turns anything plugged into it smart. What does that mean? Well a smart plug, like all smart devices, is controlled by its associated smartphone app or a compatible voice assistant.

You can plug in your space heaters, lamps, coffee machines, phone charges – anything! And then switch the plug on or off with a single voice command or a tap on your smartphone. Easy!

Convenience at Its Finest

You have to admit, smart devices aiding in energy saving are the kind of convenience you never knew you were missing out on. The one thing you need to be wary of is internet connectivity.

When it comes to smart devices, the internet is a crucial aspect. Click here to find suitable internet plans for your locality.

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