How Did I Buy My Destined Solar Panel:7 Tips For You

I’m an avid fan of outdoor travel documentaries and road cycling vlogs, and the power of seeing the beauty and feeling nature gives me a break from the exhaustion of work.

I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, smell the mud and moss in the humid air, feel the sea breeze or the breeze from the valley on my face even through the screen, and it’s so refreshing to imagine such a beautiful scene.

I often fantasized about living like that, but the thought that I’d be stuck outdoors without electricity put me off. It wasn’t until later that I met a friend from China, Jiang, a vlogger who rides around the world, and I particularly enjoyed his stories about his travels around the world with his little dog Harry.

I asked him about it and he introduced me to the equipment that came with his bicycle, which carried two solar panels and underneath the solar panels was a trailer that Harry could lie in, with room for a few things.

“And these two solar panels will supply the electricity you need?”

“Yes, it’s perfectly adequate. While riding there is a solar panel that absorbs solar light and converts it into electricity, which is then stored”

“What about when you are resting?”

“When resting you can expand the two panels folded so that both panels are able to receive light and then generate electricity.”

“That sounds great, how did you get such a suitable solar panel?”

“I can give you some advice, but you still need to consider your own requirements.”

How can I got the most suitable solar panels for my needs?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I learned something about solar panels. Like you I’m terrified that I’ll stumble on something when I buy, so I usually do my research before I buy.

I’ve looked at a number of well-reviewed manufacturer websites and shopping platforms like Amazon, Best Buy and the Newegg, and I’ve even made reference to a number of unboxing videos of solar products on YouTube and Q&A’s on Quora.

I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information that came out at once, but after I calmed down I sorted it all out.

How did I get the most suitable solar panels?

I broke down the issues to consider into seven categories: power output, size, efficiency, cost, weather, brand, and installation. I will explain to you why you should consider these factors based on my experience.

Power output

Choose a panel with the right power output for the amount of power you need to generate. This experience comes from Jiang, who had to customize his solar panels once again because he didn’t consider this factor when he initially bought them.

Hence, the solar panel output was too high for the equipment on his car to take on. The power output of a solar panel depends on several factors, including the size of the panel, its efficiency and the amount of sunlight it receives.

On average, a typical solar panel can produce between 250 and 400 watts of power. However, the power output can vary considerably depending on these factors.

Many solar panel manufacturers offer different power options, so that the right power can be selected for the amount of electricity required.


Make sure the panels fit your needs and consider any weight restrictions. Consider choosing a solar panel that is custom sized to fit your needs.

I’ve seen many fellows on Quora buy products that don’t fit them at all because they didn’t take into account the size and weight of the solar panel, which is certainly an outcome none of us want to see.

So consider the factor of size carefully before buying, many manufacturers will offer a bespoke service or solution that provides the exact size just right.


Consider the efficiency of the solar panel when purchasing, higher efficiency panels produce more power per unit area. Because I am considering using them outdoors, the solar panels I included in my selection have a 22% or higher power.

The few solar panels I initially included were too low in power and may not guarantee my electricity needs.

Solar panels with high component power can maintain good power generation efficiency even when the sun is not very strong, which is one of the most important factors for me, as I cannot guarantee strong light every time I travel in the weather.


Price was my main concern, both in terms of the price of the panel and the warranty. I found out that China’s PV industry dominates the market by searching for data on Google.

In recent years the global PV module production centre has shifted from Europe and the US to China. China is the world’s number one country in the PV industry.

Now the majority of solar panels on the market are from China, so I also in the choice of brands from China on the first choice, because they are trustworthy in terms of price, module quality or product technology.


As I tend to use solar panels outdoors, I take into account the characteristics of the product, such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, salt spray resistance, etc.

I prefer to buy a solar panel that is durable and tough in the outdoors, and being too picky about the environment may not be convenient for me and add to my worries.

I watched many solar panel product review videos on YouTube and settled on a few that were more stable and waterproof. They did perform very well in the tests.

Brand reputation

Always choose a well-known brand with good customer reviews and support. For this reason, I went through many product reviews on shopping platforms.

I always believe that the quality of a particular product may be good or bad due to certain accidental factors, but customer reviews of a brand, whether complimentary or derogatory, brand reputation is definitely something that can only be built up over time.

Trust me, don’t be lenient with brands that have a bad reputation. Buying a product with a good reputation and a high repurchase rate will definitely help you avoid more “sinkholes”.


I’m guessing that many of you are like me and are not very practical. That’s why I take into account the ease of installation and whether you need professional help.

Most of the products I considered were portable solar panels that were simple to construct, install, and carry. Simple installation saves me more time to enjoy my own time, and products that are easy to install are generally quite easy to store.

Combining Jiang’s advice with the seven factors above, I ended up buying the Winner Bag, a portable solar charging bag from Sungold. I have a table of these seven factors and the Sungold solar charging bag is the only one that meets all seven of them.

The reviews on all platforms show that Sungold is a solid solar brand with good user reviews in both North America and Europe. I bought the Winner Bag TF-D-2*50W, which has a power output of 22% and a maximum power of 100W.

It consists of two 50W solar panels and is foldable, measuring only 615*550*32mm when folded, so it has a larger area when unfolded and can absorb more sunlight. And the price is very cost effective in its category, it is one of the highest quality products in its price.

What I like most about it is the charging bag carrying handle, which is perfect for carrying it outdoors as a mobile power source. Another factor I hadn’t considered before was the charging output connection.

This bag comes with two USB ports, one for 18W and one for 10W, which is super convenient. Most importantly, the Winner bag is perfect for outdoor use.

Very light weight and easy to set up, transport, hang and take down, I take it with me when I go camping, hiking, climbing, picnicking and hiking. I have never been anxious about the inconvenience of not having electricity since I bought it.

Good electrical support can really solve a lot of worries about outdoor activities, reducing the anxiety caused by electricity and at the same time bringing more enjoyable enjoyment.

Enjoy the coolness of a small fan in the hot sun, enjoy steaming hot food on a camping picnic, and charge your mobile phone, camera, computer and tablet at any time. Seriously, buy early and enjoy early.

The only thing I regret about buying the solar panel is why I didn’t buy it earlier. Now when I have free time, I go out to take in oxygen and enjoy the outdoors.

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