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We all want to be able to appreciate all of the tempting views that a city has to offer without having to sacrifice our hectic lifestyles. For my wife and me, Mumbai was one such city. We intended to move to Mumbai before getting married.

Last year, I received a job offer from a huge corporation, and we felt this was our chance. We started exploring for apartments to buy in Mumbai right away, and after a few weeks, we came across Sethia Pride.

The Sethia Pride was precisely created for a premium lifestyle and is breathtaking. Every moment is consolidated by its quiet surroundings, distinctive landscape design, well-chosen facilities, and open places, providing tranquillity every day.

Here’s how I discovered Sethia Pride 

My father was hesitant to send me to Mumbai by myself to work. So, in search of a suitable community for me to reside in, dad phoned every relative & friend he knew in Mumbai.

He finally reached my aunt after about 20 calls, who had relocated to Mumbai with his wife and family about ten years earlier. She informed me that she was already a Sethia Pride resident and that it is an ideal alternative for a young boy like me because it gives all of the amenities & security that I require.

After she emailed him the Sethia Pride brochure & read all the Sethia Pride reviews, my father instantly purchased a flat.

Sethia Pride Price and Amenities I really Adore 

The structure oozes richness and exclusivity, from the vast double-height lobby to the exquisite apartments. The panoramic views in every direction bring the outdoors straight into your living area.

The price starts from 1.43 crores. Mine was only Rs 2 crore when I purchased it. Some of the Sethia Pride amenities are:

  • A range of indoor activities, a specialised sports area, a cycling and jogging track, a gymnasium, a basketball court, a badminton court, a swimming pool, an aerobics room, and a volleyball court will keep you fit.
  • The residences in this project are all built following Vaastu principles.
  • The well-designed children’s play area, gardening, spa, saunas, planting trees, steam room, terrace garden, yoga/meditation area, and other amenities will help you feel at ease.
  • Feel secure with 24-hour security, maintenance workers, internet/wi-fi, intercom, service lifts, 24-hour CCTV, a fire-resistant structure, fire sprinklers, power backup, and a firefighting system, among other things.
  • Enjoy the ecologically friendly components of the project, such as rainwater collecting, water saving at the wastewater treatment plant, water storage, and solar energy.
  • Engage in discussions with others and host parties at the community centre or a separate party hall.

3 Reasons Why I Will Recommend Buying a Property at Sethia Pride 

1. Location Advantages 

Sethia Pride is conveniently located near public transportation, commercial areas, schools, & hospitals. One of the major advantages is its convenient location:

  • Poisar Metro Station, WEH, and Kandivali Station are all within walking distance.
  • Thakur Shopping Mall, 101 Growell’s Mall, and DMart are only about 4 minutes apart for malls and shopping requirements.
  • Cambridge School, Thakur Public School, and Thakur College of Engineering are all less than 5 minutes away in terms of educational institutions.
  • Hospitals like Sanjeevani Hospital, Esic Hospital, and DNA Speciality Hospital are around 5-7 minutes away.

2. Reputed Builder

Sethia Infrastructure was created in 2000 and has grown fast since then, becoming a go-to for consumers looking for fairly cost, high-quality real estate.

They have completed on time over ten different types of projects, including housing, commercial, and industrial construction.

3. Amenities I Love

Sethia Pride is set to be a fusion of traditional elegance with cutting-edge design. A distinguished aspect that commands attention in its surroundings. The interplay of massive blocks, sharp edges, and soaring glass are interesting.

The security and tranquility of your home are unequalled. Sethia Pride will feature approximately 20 facilities. Each unit benefits from adequate sunlight and circulation. 

Kandivali is an awesome neighbourhood and truly cosmopolitan like any major city in the world and I am so happy that I bought a property in Sethia Pride. If you are searching for properties in Mumbai, you can refer to for verified information about the project.

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