The Best Passport Pouch to Keep Documents Safe While Traveling

A passport pouch is a very important thing, from this you can easily carry all your travel or other essentials safely. A passport pouch holds all your documents, cards and much more. In this post we would like to share with you some of the passport holders that can help you in travelling. You can easily buy the best passport pouch online, from this post. 

The Best Passport Pouches for Travel are: 



It is the best travel pouch for passports which helps to protect all of your documents from unauthorised access scans. In this you can carry very easily and it is ideal for travelling or any type of business trips. It is made up of water-resistant material which is used to secure all the documents from water. 

Size: ‎23 x 13 x 3 cm

Colour: Grey 


It is a Passport pouch leather and it is a multi-used. This wallet has two compartments to keep money securely and comfortably. It has a special feature that comes with an interior pocket which helps to keep your jewellery and other small things. 

Size: ‎13 x 2 x 24 cm

Colour: Brown 


Nisun Travel Passport

It is a passport holder and it has 3 pockets where you can keep your personal documents. Also, it has a mobile compartment where you can keep your mobile phone while travelling. 

Size: ‎12 x 3 x 23 cm

Colour: Black


AmazonBasics Passport

It is a travel organiser that comes with internal pockets for keeping passports, tickets, money, and many more essentials. It comes with durable zipper closure and RFID blocking which help to secure all the documents from any scans. 

Size: 26.04 x 13.97 x 2.54 cm

Colour: Black


Pramadda Passport

It is a passport body pouch and it has multiple uses. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. It is compact and perfectly fit in any small place. It is best for any type of travel. 

Size: ‎ 22.86 x 17.78 x 8.89 cm

Colour: Choco Brown 


Trajectory Passport

This bag is durable and convenient which makes it the best Passport pouch for travel. It has many pockets where you can keep all your travel essentials. It has alloy zippers which are strong and smooth. 

Size: ‎3 x 13 x 23 cm

Colour: Black

Warranty: 2 years Warranty 


Vogard Passport

This passport pouch can hold many cards. This passport cover comes with an interior RFID blocking shield which helps to prevent personal account information. It is very lightweight and compact, which is best for travel. It is an ideal for business trips. 

Size: 14.8 x 1 x 11 cm

Colour: Grey

The Clownfish

Clownfish Wallet

It is a perfect passport carry pouch which helps to keep all travel documents. It has multiple pockets and it is very handy and easy to carry when travelling. 

Size: ‎11.5 x 4 x 24 cm

Colour: Dark Brown 

Warranty: 1 year Warranty 


Destinio Passport

This passport pouch is made from leather that provides a rich feeling. It comes with a unique feature: it has a sim card slot which is great to keep different sim cards when travelling. It has smooth and durable zippers which are comfortably open when travelling. 

Size: 17 x 11 x 2 cm

Colour: Navy Blue 


 Hammonds Flycatcher Passport

It is a travel pouch for Passport and comes with advanced RFID blocking technology, blocks electronic signals to keep your identity protected in travelling. This pouch is very easy and comfortable to carry all the required things in just one wallet. 

Size: 20 x 12 x 2 cm



WildHorn Passport

It is a RFID passport holder which blocks RFID signals. In this you can carry all your valuable cards or passports. It is the best travel pouch for a passport. 

Size: 9.5 x 14 x 1 Cm


Warranty: 6 Months Warranty 

DailyObjects Passport Pouch 

DailyObjects Passport Pouch 

If you are looking for money and a passport pouch then this passport holder is one of the best options for you. These types of passport covers are very easy to carry out and comfortable in travelling. It comes with an extra feature, it has a back pocket which is used for keeping other small main accessories. 

Size: 21.59 x 13.46 x 2.54 cm

Colour: Blue 


Elica Passport

It is a blackberry passport leather pouch with magnetic lock and it provides better grip. This pouch comes with scratch Resistant material which is very safe and keeps your pouch scratch-free. It is durable and convenient. 

Size: ‎18 x 7 x 4 cm

Colour: Black

Wolfano WD passport pouch 

Wolfano WD passport

This pouch is made up of the best material which protects your portable from scratches and damages. If you are looking for the best hard shell case for an outer HDD then, this is the great option. 

Size: ‎10 x 2 x 2.7 cm

Colour: Black 

Junket Store

Junket Passport

It’s the perfect fit for your passport and all travel documents. It is made of leather. It helps to protect your passport from rush and damages while travelling. It is very lightweight and it has a slim design that can be easily fit into bags or small places. 

Size: 21 x 20.6 Cm

Colour: Gold 


Merecer Melhor Passport

It is a travel pouch for passports and money. In this you can carry all the small travel essentials with passports. It is one of the best passport pouches and it is convenient. This passport cover is made of leather. 

Size: 12.5 x 1.5 x 22 cm

Colour: Black

Warranty: One year warranty 

House of Queens

House of Queens Passport

This Passport holder is both for men and women. It comes with an amazing design which helps you to organise passports and all essential documents while travelling.

Size: 14 x 20 x 1 cm 

Colour: Black

Warranty: One year warranty 


Mai Soli Passport

It is a slim or sleek passport pouch which is both for men and women. It has a compact size which can easily fit inside the pocket. This MAI SOLI passport holder is very lightweight and it is best for travel. 

Size: 13 x 23 x 2 cm

Colour: Brown 


Electroprime  Passport

It is a blackberry passport pouch, it allows you to hold all passports and cards while travelling or home. It is one of the best passport pouches which is available online. 

Colour: Multicolor

Amz Gear

Amz Gear Passport

It is a travel document organiser which comes with two separate zipper compartments. It is a great choice for business trips. It comes with an adjustable strap. It is very lightweight and compact. 

Size: 3 x 8 x 18 cm

Colour: Black 

Zero Grid

Zero Grid Passport

This passport has RFID Blocking feature which helps to secure all documents from RFID radiation and any scans. These types of bags or holders are must for travel.

Size: 19.05 x 14.48 x 0.25 cm

Colour: Grey 


Blowzy Passport

It is a large bag for keeping all your small travel accessories. It is one of the must buy items for travel. It is ideal for men. 

Size: 29 x 10 x 20 cm

Colour: Black 

The Bling Stores

Bling Stores Passport

It secures your travel documents from any type of theft Or damage. This passport holder comes with an unique design and it is very compact in size which easily fits into pockets or small places. 

Size: 29 x 10 x 20 cm

Colour: Black 


Walnew Passport

This travel wallet which is durable and lightweight. It has RFID  block features which block RFID radiation and protects all documents. 

Size: 17.78 x 0.51 x 15.24 cm

Colour: Black 

Bluesmart Passport Pouch 

Bluesmart Passport

This passport  holder comes with a bluetooth location tracker that constantly updates the Passport Pouch’s last known location.

It is built with water-resistant materials and it has unbreakable zippers and RFID blocker which blocks any type of document scan. It is the perfect accessory to protect all your travel essentials

Size: 2.03 x 10.92 x 15.75 cm

Colour: Black 

As we mentioned in this about Passport pouches, we hope this post finds you well and helps you to choose a passport pouch according to you. Do not forget to share your travel experience with these our recommended passport holders with us. Thank you so much for your valuable time to read this post. 

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