7 Day Trip-Worthy Beaches Near Houston, TX

Houston is renowned for offering an incredible combination of wetlands, forest ecosystems, and beaches for all those outdoor enthusiasts. You must drive a few hours from Houston and enjoy beaches near Houston, and the mesmerizing natural wonders with your loved ones! 

Indeed, Houston does not possess any beaches of its own, but it is a gateway to some fabulous shores. These beaches are so close to the city that they are only popular as beautiful Houston beaches.

With summers being harshly hot across Houston, many seek refuge in day trips to beaches. Here are some day-trip-worthy beaches near Houston, TX, that can offer perfect options to enjoy your days in the lap of gorgeous waters and marine life!

Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach is a place to be when you wish to spend your day in the company of your family without any disturbance. Located just a short distance from the East beach, Stewart has been renowned as one of the best beaches for families. 

The place offers exciting amenities and activities to keep you engrossed for an entire day. Equipped with umbrella rentals, courts for beach volleyballs, visitor showers, and a playground for children, the shore attracts ample visitors every day.

Sylvan Beach Park

Are you seeking a beach to relax and forget the hustle of city life? A perfect solution would be Sylvan Beach Park, offering a mesmerizing beach experience. Due to facilities, such as picnic tables, a playground for kids, no seaweed on the beach, and clean benches, this beach is renowned as a family picnic spot. 

Boat ramps, white sand beaches, skate parks, and fishing piers are other services offered that add to the comfort zone on the beach.

In addition, the beach has an app that allows you to download your favourite music to add ecstasy to your beach visit. Also, this beach is located at the closest distance from Houston. You can reach here within 30 minutes of travelling from Houston. 

Surfside Beach

best beaches near houston

Another magnificent beach near Houston is Surfside beach. Endowed with a pristine shoreline, the beach is highly recommended for spending a day with your loved ones. Surrounded by trained lifeguards, the beach offers comprehensive services that can make your stay on the beach comfortable.

Restrooms, showers, and even ramps for the disabled are some facilities offered on the beach. The beach’s reputation as autism-friendly makes it different from other shores.

Thus, you can easily find many resources to make the beach experience memorable for autistic people. You can also indulge in boating, fishing, accumulating seashells, and shopping at exotic souvenir shops by the beach.

Seawall Beach

Another popular beach destination near Houston, TX, is Seawall Beach. Just a one-hour drive from Houston, this is one of the busiest beaches of the day.

Ample space available for the visitors to relax, clear waters, and a calm environment are some of the divine features of the beach. 

Also, many satisfactory restaurants within walking distance of the beach make it food heaven for all the foodies on the beach. Swim in the clear waters or sit and enjoy the shining sun; there would be no disturbance on the beach.

Bolivar Beach

Situated at a mere distance of around 90 miles from Houston, this beach is worth the time spent driving. Located on the Bolivar Peninsula, the beach offers great experiences and memories of a lifetime.

All those nature lovers who adore long walks on the beach, this place is your ultimate destination. You can even enjoy the company of beautiful bird species during the long walk on the shore.  

Seahorse Beach

Seahorse Beach is one of the mesmerizing beaches located on the Bluewater Highway. Families and groups of friends frequently visit this perfect place to enjoy a splendid beach day.

The beach endows a great stretch of soft and shiny sand which is flawless for making sand castles. You can easily rent boats and fishing rods to enjoy a day of quiet and calmness.

Enjoy the pristine sound of waves while closing your eyes and spending the day on your beach chair!

East Beach

A beautiful, scenic shore, The East Beach is located on Galveston Island’s eastern side. It is just one hour from Houston and is renowned as one of the area’s brightest and most busy beaches. 

The beach offers many outdoor activities for the entire family, such as beach volleyball, dune making, etc.

Final Words

There are many beaches around Houston. The need remains to select the perfect one per your requirements and the facilities offered. Also, these beaches are much closer to restaurants and souvenir shops, adding to the place’s tourist value. Happy Vacationing!

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