12 Beach Things You Can and Should Do to Entertain Yourself

Many people’s beach vacations consist of reading, sunbathing, napping, drinking, soaking up the sun some more, and an occasional stroll to the sea to drift around in the shallows or do many beach activities.

These are undoubtedly relaxing ways to unwind from the stresses of daily life. But if you stick to only these conventional beachfront activities, isn’t there a limit to how much you can do before you become a sun-baked, beach-couch potato?

How about spicing things up to make your beach vacation one you’d remember for a long, long time?

Beach things

Here are 12 fun things to do when you visit the beach  

#1 Go Swimming 

You didn’t think we’d leave swimming out, did you? Nothing compares to the sensation of stepping into the sea. If you’re feeling courageous, you and your kids can paddle in the waves or perhaps attempt swimming! 

Make a game out of jumping over little waves near the shore or seeing who can get into the water the fastest.

You don’t have to spend all day playing in the ocean. Even a few quick dips during the afternoon can help boost activity levels.

#2 Go Surfing

One of the most iconic beach activities is surfing. Starting the day with a surf session not only gets you set for an energetic day but adds a lot of oomph! to your overall beach vacation experience.

If you’ve never surfed before, that’s not an excuse; you can always learn. Usually, there are people in coastal communities that offer classes to teach you the fundamentals.

You’ll be smashing the waves in no time after you’ve mastered them. 

#3 Build a Sandcastle 

There’s a lot to be said for going out and getting dirty with the kids. Participating in activities that appeal to a child’s sense of imagination and creativity, like building sandcastles, is an excellent way to keep children occupied during the summer vacation months.

But, whether or not you’re on your beach activities with kids, you can still have a splendid time building mini castles on the sand.

It’s not only fun, but it’s also creative and can help you bond with friends. Owners of Beach stores will gladly set you up with all of the necessary equipment for creating your mini castle masterpiece.

If you’re friendly enough, they might even give you some helpful tips for making your creation stand out from everyone else’s.

#4 Go on a Picnic 

By now, you can already tell that not all beach activities have to happen in the water. There are simple pleasures in going on a picnic with friends and just taking in the wonders that nature offers. 

Packing a beach picnic is a terrific way to make the most of the picturesque destination, especially if you’re on a budget.

You may make an easy homemade lunch with sandwiches or order a meal from a local restaurant. Just remember to bring a blanket or towel with you and clean up after yourself when you’re done.

#5 Have a Bonfire Party

Bonfires are a great way to spend time with friends and family. And beaches make cool spots to hold bonfires. However, make sure that the beach activities where you’re going allows people to make fire because the majority of them don’t.

That said, it’s a lot of pleasure to have a lovely fire blazing on a cool night. You can have a party for friends and family where they can listen to music, talk, dance, roast marshmallows, and just have a nice time. 

Check out Beachfix.com for lists of wonderful beaches you can visit in the U.S.

#6 Go Canyoning

With a canyoning excursion, you can truly immerse yourself in nature. It’s a sport that involves navigating ancient waterways that have carved deep canyons through mountains and rocks over millions of years. 

To begin your expedition, you’ll typically travel deep into the woods and hills, following the stream through tight gorges, down sheer cliff walls, and over waterfalls. It’s an opportunity to view pristine, untouched nature that you wouldn’t usually see. 

Canyoning isn’t for everyone, though, because some of the corridors are pretty tiny, which isn’t ideal if you suffer from claustrophobia.

Of course, safety comes first and depending on the area, wetsuits, helmets, life jackets, and other equipment will be provided for this unique and inspiring sport.

#7 Engaged in Wildlife Watching

Is swimming with sea turtles, seeing wild horses, and lazing out in the sun on a beach with penguins on your bucket list? 

Animal enthusiasts can mix crystal blue waters with unique wildlife views and interactions at several beach activities worldwide. Some of these creatures are accustomed to large crowds of people flocking to see them every day, so don’t be surprised if they approach you for a few strokes! 

Just remember to interact with them in a responsible and cautious manner, and don’t forget to bring your cameras. These cute creations are photogenic to a fault!

#8 Go Hiking

Another way to maximize your beach experience is to go hiking. Many beaches have surrounding hiking paths that can be used to get to or from the sea.

This hike provides excellent exercise, and the water is ideal for cooling off afterward if you feel exhausted from the trip. The best part is that you will enjoy some stunning vistas while being immersed in nature!

#9 Go Jet Skiing

Riding a jet ski safari is an incredible experience. Wind will be in your hair, and sea spray will be on your face as you ride these powerful boats.

Many rental locations along the coast offer guided excursions where you can either tear it up on an adventure tour or explore at a more leisurely pace. 

Although there is a minimum age for driving, it can still be a fun family activity if children ride in tandem with an adult.

You may require a boat license for general hiring depending on where you are, but you won’t usually need one if you’re attending a guided tour. Before making a reservation, double-check the prerequisites.

#10 Search for Historic Sites

Many beach activities are located near areas that hold significance to specific points in history. These places are marked with monuments or signs, often found in the most unexpected locations.

Keep your eyes peeled for military batteries on the water, historic lighthouses, and old battlefields. This is another excellent chance for you to take pictures because these locations are known for attracting many camera-toting vacationers!

#11 Go Fishing

Fishing is one of the absolute beach activities to do at the beach. No wonder some people have stuck to it for years.

Picking up a hobby like fishing could help you both escape and bond with people. But we’d say the best part of it is that you just might catch yourself dinner if you’re lucky. 

#12 Window Shop at the Small Seaside Shops

Most beaches are situated in beach towns. Wonderfully, many of these towns are charming and worth exploring—or at the very least taking a walkthrough.

Along the shore in these villages, you’ll usually find a slew of small shops. If you ever decide to take a break from the water and sand, spend some time browsing these shops.

While at it, don’t forget to stop for a sweet treat!


Traveling to a beach for a vacation is a great thing. You’re always going to have fun at the beach—even if your adventures are limited to sunbathing or swimming alone.

It’s just nice knowing that there are plenty of things for you to do while you’re living it up at your destination. If you hope to accomplish the most out of your summer break, it helps to make a list beforehand so you can check things off once done!

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